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Fried Cola
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Stormrise Mission 3 walkthrough

ok, someone here helped me 1k this game and they're having trouble with the solo campaign because the controls suck so bad and mission 3 sucks so I figured I'd try to help them out.

If I had a vid capture device, I'd upload a walkthrough for the game. But I'll have to make due with what I have.

a few basic things YOU NEED TO KNOW playing stormrise:



A: This by far is the most annoying thing about Stormrise. This happens sometimes and isn't just but . The reason for it is that little yellow crosshair you move around the screen? Units you spawn will MOVE TO WHERE IT IS ON THE SCREEN WHEN YOU PRESS (A). In other words, it behaves the same way as if you selected a unit and are telling them where to go.

This is why dudes you just recruited run across the map and die like idiots. No the game doesn't tell you this. Yes it should. And yes, its inconsistant. And now that you know, now you know how to make it not happen anymore.

Tip: on a spawnpoint, you can move your cursor over a far away node or friendly unit icon while you buy units and they'll run over there once they spawn. It saves time and is really handy on certain missions.

Ordering around troops:

whipselect: don't use it if you can't help it. It is the WORST THING EVER. Never use it if you want to move around troops efficiently. Instead of using whipselect (more like wimpselect) to tell units what to do, DO ONE THE FOLLOWING:

from a unit you have selected (preferably your commander in a safe place), move your cursor over a unit you want to move and push (X). A big ugly yellow arrow will appear. Move the arrow where you want your unit to go/attack and push (A). USE THIS WHEN YOU WANT TO ATTACK SOMETHING WITH A BUNCH OF UNITS


select a unit, tell it where to go normally and while they're moving to position, move your cursor over other units and start spamming (Y). This tells other units to "COME HERE" to where you are.

other tips:

always group up 3 units if you can.

this game is set up in a dumb way. It has to do with how Stormrise is set up to assign and deal damage. Sending in one big tough expensive unit usually = disaster. Sending in tons of cheap weak units (especially footsoldiers) somehow steamrolls over enemy forces most of the time. The strategy in the linked video does indeed work wonders.

most missions are very linear and the AI is dumb as hell where it will obsess over controlling a node. So win by leapfroging your forces between nodes, and rallying them there as you build more as you push further into enemy territory.

keeping these things in mind enable you to play this POS because the tutorial doesn't tell you how to play this game RIGHT. Knowing how to move around your units without fighting the whipselect garbage is 90% of the game right there.
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Fried Cola
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Location: someplace that sucks
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I'd rather use a video cap device to record how to beat the mission, but I don't have one Hopefully I can give a good explanation here.

Chances are if you gave Stormrise a shot, the game went Mission 1: boring tutorial. Mission 2: easy. Mission 3: OMG hard, these controls suck, this game is garbage, I hate you, Sega sucks, die in a fire, eat a dong....

This is a guide to try and help people out with the third mission. If you can stick out Mission 3 and beat it, you can beat the game. Trust me. I'm one of the 2 people to 1k Stormrise and mission 3 of campaign is one of the tougher ones.

Ok, first off read the OP (original post) so you get a better idea on how to play Stormrise. DO NOT USE WHIP SELECT. DON'T USE IT! BAD! STOPPIT!

Mission 3 is pretty easy once you know how to move your troops around the battlefield.

- make 6 to 9 snipers and group them up (select one, hold (LB) + push (A)). Use them to fortify nodes only.
- everything else: footsoldiers. Group them all up (select one, hold (LB) + push (A))

notes: the enemy chokepoint on the map acts as a sort of conveyor belt for enemy forces + they'll send a steady stream of forces from there.


hopefully you can make sense of this map:

ok, your initial goal is to build as many foot soldiers as you can and put them all into groups of 3.


Send all the footsoldiers you have to take over all enemy nodes up until you reach the first choke point. Once you have it secured.


build up your turrets/nodes. Make getting more resource a priority. While waiting on those to build up, build 1 group of 3 snipers and have them hang out at the check point. They should do a good job of zapping enemies.


mission 3 is very linear. the first choke point acts as a sort of fork in the road. Going right will lead you to the main enemy forces. Left leads to a dead end with a few nodes and minimal resistance. Take a few groups of foot soldiers and use them to clear out that left area to take out the few enemies + take over nodes. You don't need to defend them, once the enemies are gone on that side, they shouldn't come back. Once you have what you need, send your forces back to choke point 1.


hang back a little and build up your forces. Make sure you have at least 2 groups of 3 snipers and a bunch of foot soldiers. If you're uncertain, have 9 snipers + make footsoldiers until you can't make anymore.


Spam the footsoldiers towards the spawn node marked on the map. Some of them might get zapped by the enemy controlled choke point 2 node, but its worth it because that spawn node is super important. Once you have it


The node you just took over, buy the spawn for it. If you have lots of footsoldiers left over from the assault, direct them to take over choke point 2. If not, use this spawn to make a bunch more. Make sure you have your snipers close by!


Spam your footsolders at the choke point 2 node to take it over. Once its taken over, MOVE YOUR SNIPERS UP to the position in this picture:

hopefully you can make sense of the pic. Ahead of the chokepoint 2 node is an outcropping. You can put your snipers in that area and they SHOULD be able to weaken/kill the steady stream of enemies without being shot at. You'll know if you've gone too far if they start taking damage. If they do reload your last checkpoint. Once you found a good place for your snipers, begin buliding up chokepoint 2's shields + turret (in that order).


select the nearby spawn. Move your cursor over the chokepoint 2 node + build all the footsoldiers you can. Begin grouping them all up into 3's. Once they're all out + grouped up, select your commander and move him to a position where you can see all your footsoldiers and the enemy node.


Move the yellow cursor over your units, push (X), and then move that big ugly yellow arrow that appears to point at the enemy choke point node. Do that with all your footsoldier units as fast as you can!

If all the footsoldiers died and didn't do anything (you stink): reload your save

If you didn't take the node but destroyed the enemy turret on it: GOOD!
If you took the node, but the enemy took it back. GOOD!
that turret was a major obstacle + destroying it should have broken their back.

begin building and sending groups of 3 footsoldiers to that node as fast as you can + send your snipers over there.

Once you have the enemy chokepoint well inhand


The rest of the mission should be real easy at that point.

Hope this helped!
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