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Alpha Protocol
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Old 06-19-2011, 07:33 PM   #1
Fire Mage
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Game-Long Achievements, Ugh!

Alright, so don't get me wrong, I love this game. I've played through it twice back-to-back and enjoyed it immensely. It's so much better than what people give it credit for.

But I hate some of these easy to screw up, or rather untrackable achievements. One of the most recent games I played, Fable III, while it was not the best Fable game by any means, it at least tracked your achievements with progress counters, etc. I've played other games in the past that have done that as well, but I personally wish every game would do that.

It would be extremely helpful in games like this. I swear I never alerted a single guard in the given levels on my two playthroughs, yet no One With Shadows. I kept very careful track, but oh well I guess.

Besides that, I have to play again until I get the Hard to Read achievement as well, which granted, isn't the worst, but I'd rather not have to worry about any more. I figured I would've gotten it with Thornton, Inc., but I guess not. It would be nice to have a tracker of how many of each response you've given however.

Anyway, does anyone have a foolproof way to get One with Shadows? I'm going to run through on Easy with Veteran to hopefully make it quick, but I don't want to have to start the game over a 4th time. I enjoy this game, but I usually like getting 1000 in games all at once -- hence, playing Alpha Protocol for too long will make me get bored. :/



Well, nevermind anymore I guess. I did the two in Saudi and then the CIA Listening Post. I didn't get it so I jumped over to Taipei and did the Warehouse.

Thankfully, I finally got both Hard to Read and One with the Shadows at the end of the mission. Phew.
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Union 360
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I just got "One with the Shadows "by playing on Easy and I did these missions: CIA Listening Post, Taipai Warehouse, and Prevent Surkov's escape.

With stealth level up + brilliance ability, you can manage it pretty easily.

I've just got "No Time for Love" left to get and then it's 1000/1000 on this one!

Totally agree, I would rather have achievement trackers for any game, really. It's a pain to spend a whole game trying to figure things out. But once you played through AP once, you get the hang of all the choices. It's not as complex as it first seems. My first playthrough was probably 12 hours and then the ones after that have been less than 5. (Just blazing through the convos and missions).
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