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Hex Blade
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No game for old men

I've rage quit on many games in the past but I've never ejected a game from my console and snapped it in half before until this game.

It wasn't that it was too hard. I've beaten Dark Souls and loved (almost) every minute of it. I can handle hard games.

But Shadows of the damned screwed with my head like no other game in the 30 years I've been a gamer. That's not true, there's probably lots.....but I never snapped a game disc before until now.

It's a shame because I actually liked the characters and story and the overall style of the game but the gameplay in places was just totally punishing and frustrating to play through.

There was so many sections of the game that I hated. The stupid chase scenes with your girlfriend, the annoying cyclops big boner level, the one hit death electric mini bosses. In fact, it was those that broke the camels back for me.

It was around level 5.2 I think. I just got to the castle, I was close to the end...but when TWO of the electric guys appeared in the castle courtyard and one hit killed me a few times and going back to a 10 minute checkpoint.....I snapped...the game wasn't fun for me anymore...I didn't care if I was near the end, I didn't care if I knew that I would beat the game eventually with a little patience....I'd ran out of patience, enjoyment and time for this game......I had had enough. I backed out to the dashboard, ejected shadows of the damned from my console for the last time and folded it in half until in snapped. At first I was angry with myself that I didn't see it to the end. But I now know that we all have a tolerance level. This game hit mine.

I even deleted the save file so as to put myself off re-purchasing it to try again.

Maybe it's my age but I've learnt to realise that if your not having fun with a game...stop playing it for something more fun. Don't just stick with it to the bitter end, life is too short.

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Different opinion here I never heard of this game but I seen brownman from roosterteeth going on about it and it only 4 quid in my local game shop so I thought I give it a go.

I think it's so much fun yeah the gameplay is weak the graphics are weak the gun play ain't even good but I had so much fun with it, and at the end of the day isn't that what games are for. I'm gladly making my way through a 2nd time and defo do the 3rd aswell.

But saying that I can easily see why it isn't for everyone
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Hex Blade
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It bugged the hell out of me to think that this game beat me. So a few days later, i went onto Amazon and bought a brand new copy of the game and stuck with it and eventually finished it

Its actually a really good game. Ill never snap a game disc in half ever again
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