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Old 06-15-2012, 02:06 AM   #31
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Just in case people still have trouble with this mission, specifically at the end when the two friggin mushas respawn along the knight gundam gang up on you in the main base.

You can avoid this.

First you have to make sure to empty the enemy's battle gauge to make the enemy commander appear. What I did was stand in front of the border of their main base to try to lure out the knight gundam out of the base. May take a few tries since its basically luck.

Its pretty much worth the effort, fighting 1 super powered ace is a lot easier than 3.

Btw I used Double X to complete it. Its air SP is ridiculous, destroys fields in one hit, even with one bar. 3 bars should be enough to kill any aces except for Knight
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Old 07-07-2012, 09:55 PM   #32
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Finally done it here to I used Domon and the Burning Gundam (as G Gundam is my favourite series and the 4th charge move does pretty good at decemating everything) oh, and Duo as partner

My tactic was to take the Forward base - Repair hanger (or whatever its called) - missle base, then from there take random fields till the main base loses its defences, then run in and take it, then start on the aces.

saving totally is key if you want to get through this without too much heartache
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Old 07-13-2012, 12:17 AM   #33
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Yeah, when I did this a while ago I din't have much trouble at all; did die a few times here and there but saving helped.

Not nearly as hard as Musou 2.
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Old 11-23-2012, 05:45 AM   #34
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It's really not that hard when compared to the 2nd game. I beat this mission in about 5-6 mins on my first try with the following setup: Kamille (Lv.48) with a near-maxed out Unicorn. I don't exactly remember what I gave Unicorn, but Kamille's skills were Ace Killer, Beginner's Aid and Final Sacrifice.

I used that for most of the challenge missions. The only concern is trying to preserve health, so be sure to save if you get caught by an ace pilot.
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Old 01-21-2013, 07:47 PM   #35
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Sp equipment for knight gundam can be obtained by doing the "never-ending battle" quest on hard and its called slate which powers up the boost u get after its special attack
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