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Earth Djinn
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Thanks for the guide, it helped me get a couple of tricky ones completed.
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thanks makes a easy game easier and im only half way though it and was finding it hard to get 1st place now i know to wait and upgrade my weapoens more cheers enty

hi im enty im pleased to meet u all.
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Originally Posted by Hyakotake View Post
Is there a good alternative place to get the 20 kills with Flame Bellows? I got first place in the proving grounds but apparently I was hit in the last section where I'm supposed to burn 20 without getting hit, and now I can't go back and retry :-(

Is one of the waves in one of the Who Knows Where levels usable?

I did the exact same thing and "accidentally" got first place on the Flame Bellows Proving Ground first try, and didn't know that this is the best place to get this Vigil.

So instead I went to the first first Who Knows Where and played until the wave with the popcorn machines from hell. I think it's like the 5th or 6th wave. I let them spawn as many citters as they possibly could (there is a max number that can be active), and then let loose with the Flame Bellows.

I also made sure to stand buy one or both of the popcorn machines so that when they were able to spawn more they would land right near me before the flame ran out. Both popcorn machines won't spawn a total of 20. I did it with 3 Flame Bellows upgrades.

I was worried I screwed myself on this one, but luckily this worked for me rather easily. Only took about 3 attempts. Hope this helps others in the same situation.
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How'd you know how many pieces of land you restored?
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Menders definitely requires YOU to be under 20% health when you shield block to kill the enemy. The OP is definitely incorrect. I wish someone fixes it.
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There are a few that are incorrect. And forget me last post, I found it.
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Old 07-06-2012, 05:01 AM   #67
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Thanks for the Guide gonna have to use this when i start up the game again
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Old 04-25-2013, 04:15 AM   #68
Undead Plum
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Yup it is most definitely YOUR health that matters. I went and did it in the shield challenge and you can't really knock down an enemy's health in that challenge without killing them, especially if you have that tonic equipped, and I got it when I was really really low on health.
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned this...In the shotgun challenge, I didn't actually destroy anything - just used the blast to herd the little spikey balls off the edge of the world. You can get it on the first go if you set it up right.
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Old 04-11-2014, 08:00 AM   #70
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There is quite a few typos in the guide. You might want to proof read it and fix them.
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Originally Posted by L0cke89 View Post
10. The Menders
(Bullhead Shield) Defeat a foe with a counter under 20% health.

You can do this in one of the Who Knows Where. To get the monster under 20%, just do it on a huge foe and slowly deal damage to him. When he has only a few bars left, just wait for the attack and block with at the right moment to counter.
This is wrong! I can confirm that YOU have to have less than 20% health to unlock
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Originally Posted by luis207 View Post
This is wrong! I can confirm that YOU have to have less than 20% health to unlock
I can also confirm this, for what little it's worth, as i've literally just done it after trying with the enemies health at or below 20%. It unlocked when i had less than 20% health and killed a weak enemy who had full health.

It's so annoying that some of them reset. I mean it's good that they all don't reset, but why just like 4 of em'? Especially the hardest one to get the 7 first prizes in the proving grounds. I did it specifically so i didn't have to do it on a new game, thinking it would carry over. Fucking joke!

Plus, while i'm here, on the off-chance someone reads this thread/post, where do you get the Idol that stops enemies dropping potions? It would be easiest to use that for the required vigil.

EDIT: Nevermind. I got the idol. For anyone else wondering, i got it as i built the Shrine in New Game +, along with all the others.

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