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Rise of Nightmares
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Complete Weapon Guide for "Weapon Master"

Since the other list isn't complete, and hasn't been updated in a while, I thought I'd post my own list, in the order they can be found.

Weapons in red only appear in that location. There are 39 total.

Act 0
1. Iron Pipe In the prison cell where you start the game.
Found throughout the game.

Act 2
2. Machete In the crypt, just before you enter the room where you interact with the first creature, you’ll find it next to a body on a slab to the right of the door.
Also dropped by the creatures that wear mourning clothes.
3. Survival Knife To the left of the first creature you investigate in the crypt.
Found throughout the game.
4. Knife Arm In the cemetery, dropped by the creatures who wield this weapon.
Found throughout the game.

Act 3
5. Scalpel After the survivor dies by getting chopped in half, go in door to the left, and you’ll find it on the counter to the left.
Found throughout the game.
6. Icesaw After the survivor dies by getting chopped in half, go into second room, and it is in the middle of the room on a table.
Also dropped by Chefs.
7. Brass Knuckles After the bathroom, to the right of the locked metal door in front of a gate.
8. Volatile Test Tube In the passage after the spinning blades, inside a crate under the stairs.
Found throughout the game.
9. Creature Glove Next to some lockers inside the room that has the electrified door handle. To get in, turn around the corner to the left from the door, break the box and pull the lever.
10. Stun Rod Arm After switching on the power, an enemy armed with this will appear.
Found throughout the game.
11. Bloody Chainsaw After you turn the power on, go down the ladder and follow the path. You’ll find it on the floor next to a spitter.
12. Vase After passing through the door which required power, you’ll see it in front of you and a little to the right.
13. Giant Tongs From the Vase, turn left and go down the passage. It will be on a rack on the left-hand wall.
14. Fireplace Poker On a counter to the left of fireplace in the dining room where Ernst takes Jane.
15. Meat Hammer You can find this in the first fridge to the left in the kitchen.
16. Shock Knuckles In the second wardrobe on the left inside the red-walled room with the fireplace.
17. Hatchet On the wall to the left after descending the ladder from the TV room.
Found throughout the game.
18. Stun Baton In the long passage with spear traps on the floor, it will be in the first crate on the left. Turn off the traps first in order to reach it.
19. Gold Test Tube Inside a wardrobe in the master bedroom, just before the dressing room.
20. Silver Hatchet Inside a crate in the cave with the piles of skulls, just before the ballerinas. Two more can be found during the fight with ballerinas.
Also found throughout the game.

Act 4
21. Acid Pump From your starting point, go upstairs and left towards the banshee. Behind her in the left corner is a room with this and several Volatile Test Tubes.
22. Power Saw Arm There are male creatures in the courtyard that will drop these.
Found throughout the game.
23. Creature Claw There are female creatures in the courtyard that will drop these.
Found throughout the game.
24. Hedge Shears After getting the Shed Key in the barrel by the fountain, face the mansion doors and look left. This will be inside a crate on top of a stone platform.
25. Meat Mincer While looking for the man-dog's heart, cross the pool of blood and climb the ladder. Go to the left and follow the path until you reach a crate which contains this.
Also found in Act 10-1.
26. Katana After giving the man-dog his heart, go back to where you found the Meat Mincer. This will be in the crate instead.
27. Bone Crusher In the room with the boss fight with Puppet Max and Monica, next to a bed.
Also found in Act 10-3.
28. Morning Star After you get Azoth, you will return to the scene of the puppet boss fight. This is found in a chest in the middle of the room.
29. Katara In the prison, go to the right, past the lever and enter the last cell on the right. This is in a chest.

Act 5
30. Reaper Scythe Between the first car and the first gate, in corner on the grass.
Also found in Act 7.
31. Bloody Metal Bat On the hood of the second car.
Also found in Act 10-3.
32. Drill Behind the second car.
33. Golden Hatchet Inside the left-hand crate next to the torch, just before you cross the water.
34. Bone Shears Inside a barrel across from an explosive crate, near the tower directly to the left of the altar.

Act 7
35. Chainsaw In the third hallway of blood, turn around, and you will see this on the floor on the left.
36. Yuli’s Blade In the ball of light during the boss fight with Viktor.
Also found in Act 10-3.

Act 10-1
37. Golden Knuckles Once you get outside to the cemetery, it will be directly across from you on a counter next to a wall and other brass knuckles.
38. Ernst’s Chain Once you get outside to the cemetery, it will be on the ground to the left of the Golden Knuckles.
Also found in Act 10-3.

Act 10-3
39. Sword After you pass through the first portal, turn around and you will see this lying on the ground.

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A million thanks! This helps so much more than any of the other threads.
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i agree thanks man!
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You can also get the golden knuckles in the crypt in act 2 towards the end of the level. After going down, inspecting the undead corpse and killing everything down there head towards the door to exit but instead go through the door on its right. You will be prompted to duck to avoid the shooting trap and then it is in one of the boxes you can wreck in there. I did this on the humane difficulty but I imagine it should be true of the others
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nice one for that cheers
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Just have to pick up and throw away to count?
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A little late but you can find the golden knuckles in the crypts in chapter 2 where you have to follow the girl down into. They are in the last door on your right when you are on your way back out. Just have to dodge the flying the spikes and smash the barrels to find them.
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