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X-Men: Destiny
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Old 09-29-2011, 10:51 PM   #1
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Places to farm for # of enemies defeated, achievements.

This thread is for people to post places to farm for the The Goon Squad, U Mad, Bro?, Reinforced, Mechageddon and Purify the Purifiers achievements.

Cheevo already has a sticky post saying the the U Mad, Bro? achievement can be farmed on Challenge #7. Anymore farming help will be appreciated. Also would help if staff could sticky this Thread
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Goon Squad and Reinforced are best handled on the next to final mission (Sorry, mine is already sealed, so already forgetting things lol) since after Nightcrawler/Toad you fight a some MRD and an enforcer before Northstar/Pyro, and then during the Gambit assist you fight two more Enforcers and more MRD. It's a lot faster than the Quicksilver rooftop challenge. But if you need Purists more, than do the rooftop fight, have to beat up about 100 of them lol and an Enforcer. In that case use Forge's challenge, should be 15, to whack MRD.

For U Mad Bro use I think Challenge 7, the one before the icon of Surge on the challenge list lol. You can get about 5 out of it.

And for Mechageddon just use Challenge 11, icon is the Purists wings symbol. It'll be the last thing you fight and its a pretty quick and easy fight.

Outside of the top one, the other two locales were suggested by others in the Achievement guide thread, so I don't take any credit for pointing them out. Just passing it along since thats what I used.

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Old 09-30-2011, 06:09 PM   #3
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Also, you can farm Stalkers (Mechageddon) by loading up the last chapter, as one shows up on the rooftop you start on. If you are having problems, just lower difficulty to easy (make sure you have the difficulty achievements already or before you start a second playthrough. There are also MRD, so you can farm them, too.
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Old 09-30-2011, 07:57 PM   #4
Fang Ma Guo Lai
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Found a glitch for goon squad. This one isn't too hard without it, but with the glitch you can kill over 100 MRD in 5 mins.

Start the last mission but make sure the game is already on Xtreme. Once it starts, kill 1-2 of the mutated looking enemies. As soon as the portals with MRD show up, switch it to New Mutant. The portals will now spawn infinite MRD even after the X-Marker for the next zone shows up. Just sit next to one portal and go crazy. As soon as you kill 1 MRD, another spawns. I'll try to get a vid up on youtube of it soon.
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Kamen Rider
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Originally Posted by Saracin View Post
Goon Squad and Reinforced are best handled on the next to final mission
So, mission seven then?

After two playthroughs, I had Ten Enforcers done, so replaying mission seven a few times should finish that up.

Mission seven was an excellent spot. There are five Prime Enforcers during the level. Although, you need to be careful of other characters getting the kill, I lost two of them to Gambit and Juggernaut.

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