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Fans of the old Sonic games, opinion on this game?

Really just asking cause I'm really not sure how the fans (the people dating back to the genesis day's, who stuck with the franchise, hoping for a really good sonic game) recieved it and I'm kinda curious on what peoples opinions of it was.

Personally I really enjoyed it. Sonic's movement felt kinda overhauled he was slower to build up speed and such, but in replacement you had the homing dash which as well as destroying enemies, was good for a quick start up and some platforming.

Also I always found the old Sonic games had a good position on bottomless pits. They were rarely used until the late levels. Falling usually just resulted in a slower and usually more difficult path and this game seemed to adhere to that.

What I didn't like was the fact that most (probably nearly all) of the content was jazzed up versions of old enemies, sounds and levels etc. I think Sonic Team misconstrued what fans were asking for. I always thought what was being asked for was a return to the old formula (which they did) but they also mostly just recycled content as well, albeit slightly awesome-e-fied, possibly because they thought that's what fans wanted.

Anyway what's your opinion?
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Having played all of the Sonic games since the original on Genesis, I have to say that I did not enjoy this game as much as I thought I would. The changes to how Sonic moves were unnecessary IMO, and this changed several fundementals to the game that should never have been changed.

I agree that I think Sonic Team has a poor understanding of what the long time fans of the franchise wanted. I can't speak for everyone, but what I wanted was a sidescrolling platform game with similar mechanics to Sonic 1, 2, and 3, but with all new zones, enemies, and some other newer features that wouldn't interfere with the core gameplay. Unfortunately, it seems that Sonic Team just took it as fans wanting to see a remake of zones from previous Sonic games with a few twists. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it still could have been good had they not messed with the stuff that was fine to begin with. To me this game was a textbook example of a developer fixing things that didn't need fixing and hurting the overall product because of it.

I *think* the plan was to bring in new zones and enemies in Episode 2, but since there has been no word on that for quite some time, I'm not sure if it's going to happen now. Perhaps we'll get some word after Generations comes out.
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This game could have been a lot better had they just Sonic's movement alone. Nothing wrong with the homing attack, but completely nerfing the roll ability was a bad idea. There's also the whole "let go the the analog stick and lose all momentum" bit.

Here's hoping episode 2 is a lot better. At least this one used Super Sonic right though. Only ONE of the 3d games can say that.
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I thought the game was fine, but it could have used more content for the 1200MSP price tag. Fortunately you do get avatar items, a full suit like the Sonic suit would usually cost 400MSP.

I will say though that a lot of our memories of the old Genesis games are laced with our child hood memories. The old Sonic games have not aged as well as say the Mario and Megaman Games simply because the old Sonic games relied very heavily on technology and special effects.

Technology never ages as well as ideas ahead of their time.
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Oh hey how did I miss this topic! As a lifelong fan of Sonic that grew up on the classic Genesis titles, I had some pretty intense emotions about this game. I wrote up a summary of my thoughts and impressions on another forum when this game first released, I'll put it here in hide tags since its quite long.

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

To anybody that doesn't want to read that wall of text, my biggest gripe was easily the lack of level continuity. The fact that the game was played from a level select screen rather than natural level progression just killed me. You weren't playing the game, you were playing the levels.

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I really hated this game. Sonic has always been one of my favorite platformers and I couldn't stand this one. Probably one of my biggest gripes about it is that you HAVE to play as Sonic (unless anyone else has figured out different?) I've always hated playing as Sonic, so would always opt for Tails or Knuckles. I don't like the targeting system in the game, and some of the other stuff was just stupid hard. I lost 18 lives just trying to beat the second part of the final boss. I got three achievements in this game, didn't' beat the boss and I doubt I'll pick it back up. Really disappointing.
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This game is horrible. Sonic is supposed to represent speed but he moves like an anchor.
And besides, it's just a prettied up version of an old, almost 20 year game. Sonic is a relic from the past who simply cannot transition well into the present.
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