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Batman: Arkham City
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Obtaining CD Key after GFWL Killing Patch on Steam

Just a heads up, I'm doing this to try and get GFWL back on my Arkham City GOTY for the achievements. Before, you could unlock the achievements on both Live and Steam at the same time. I'm trying to get that working again, if possible, I don't even know if it is or not. Maybe someone could, at least, point me in the right direction.

From what I've gathered, you might be able to get it working again with a downloaded copy of the game that was before the GFWL killing patch, and placing it on Steam. Make Steam go offline, and after installing, or starting the game up, whichever, typing in the original cd key that Steam gave you and it should work.

Also, I can't restore my computer before the update simply because I don't have a restore point.

Is there somewhere on the computer you can locate the cd key that was given to you before the patch? Registry, some random file in Steam or GFWL folder? Could I try and harass Steam or MS over the phone and see if they could give it to me if possible?

I've been searching on and off for a couple of months now and all I can find are people complaining about their save files, or some other issue.

I've read somewhere that it should be in your registry, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Software, Valve, and it should be a specific "TestApp" folder, but I don't have the one that poster listed. I found several cd keys in different TestApp folders, but it kinda throws me off. I compared all my GFWL games I have on Steam, by clicking "View CD Key", to the keys I found in my registry. Four keys in the TestApp folders don't match with the games I have on Steam. Also, GTA IV, it's dlc key, Warhammer: Dawn of War II & Chaos Rising keys are completely different than all the keys I found in the TestApp folders.

So basically, I have four cd keys listed in the TestApp folders that I have no idea which games they go to, and GTA IV and Dawn of War II have completely different keys.

I know you can get a retail copy, which I have, and still get most of the Live achievements, but the Steam achievements won't unlock at the same time. Also, I'm not sure about the dlc working in the retail copy. As far as I can tell, you can't buy or download the dlc. I did stumble upon a post a few weeks back that stated there was a way to download the dlc via torrents and get them to work in the retail game. Dunno if that was true or not, or, if the achievements would even be obtainable after doing this.

I already own both the retail version of this game AND Steam's GOTY edition so it's not like I'm pirating or anything.

Sorry for the long post, thank you for any help you can give...maybe at least explain the random cd keys if possible.
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The GFWL shutting off and apparently getting rid of PC achievements has confused me A LOT. As I have logged onto GFWL and finished the rest of my Halo 2 achievements about a month or so ago and can still get achievements on Tinker (A Free GFWL Game).

I have thought about picking up a retail or steam copy of AC to 100% it again for the achievements but would they work as the other games did?
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Old 06-26-2014, 04:57 PM   #3
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If you have the DLC on your Games for Windows live marketplace purchase history it will let you redownload it. I just purchased a new retail copy off Ebay and started the Games for Windows Marketplace app on my computer and I had the 3 DLCs on my list and downloaded them and they worked. I got those from my steam purchase of AC back way before they patched it by entering in the key codes steam gave me.
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Old 06-28-2014, 07:08 AM   #4
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Having been stung by this, I can tell you in some detail what's possible and what you can do.

First things first - after extensively searching the registry and the Steam files themselves I could find no trace of the GFWL CD Key anywhere after they patched my copy. I don't think it's stored anywhere unfortunately. I bantered with Steam support about getting it back but they were extremely unhelpful. It left me feeling pretty annoyed with Steam as a service actually.

If you have access to a copy of the Steam game files pre-upgrade, these can be copied in place and it will run. I managed to supply my pre-patch files to a friend and they got it running. Steam MUST be disabled/offline, of course.

I accidentally ran Steam and ended up having the update forced on me. I had no other recourse at the time other than to go buy a (second) retail copy of the game. If you don't already have the DLC registered on your GFWL account, there is a European Game of the Year version of Arkham City that includes all the DLC.

You need to also do a little editing of the save file (advanced topic) in order to get it to work again with the new install (nothing serious, you need to add four bytes to the start of the file).

All in all it's been a very frustrating experience that has left an ashen taste in my mouth towards Steam and also towards Warner Brothers and RockSteady. Love the games, hate they fact they removed a feature of the game forcibly and without recourse, causing me to buy the game for the third time.

Edit: by the by, it's been officially confirmed that GFWL is NOT shutting down on July 1.

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