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Shadows of the Damned
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XI Reborn II
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A Tip To Help With Getting All Red Gems.

Hey. So, like many others, I've reached a point late in the game (Act 4-3) and have realized that I will not have enough Red Gems by the end of the game to earn the 'High In Las Vegas' achievement.

Lots have already been "farming" White Gems earlier in the game, and therefore have collected enough to buy most of the Red Gems from Christopher well before the end of the game.

But for people so late in the game (such as myself) who have missed those particular "infinite enemy spawn" opportunities, I have found a solution.

Here is the strategy I used

In Act 4-3, you will soon encounter a boss battle with the 3rd Reaper. During this battle, her weak point is her head, and after 5-7 (depends how upgraded the weapon is in your game) direct shots with the Hot Boner, she will summon the darkness. The weak spot has been moved to her chest, but IGNORE THIS FOR NOW! About 5 seconds in, she will spawn 3 Demons from her body. Once they have spawned you may THEN shoot the Goat Head (directly above her near the ceiling). Then proceed to shoot each Demon with a Light Shot. By this time the Reaper will be readying her next attack (she only has two and they are easy avoided by rolling/dodging). Focus on killing the Demons to receive 3 White Gems from each (some may not spawn the gems but keep killing them and the majority will). Just keep an eye out for the Reaper attacking. It's not difficult, just time consuming. But if you want the achievement and are already this far in the game, I'd suggest doing this now to get it out the way. A good note to know also, is that the Reaper's attacks WILL kill the Demons, and they WILL still spawn White Gems, so don't worry about that. There is always ammo re-spawning around the room so you don't have to worry about that either.

NOTE: After this battle, there are 16 more Red Gems scattered through-out the remaining levels, I recommend refering to an online guide of some sort. So knowing that, try and calculate how many White Gems you need to fill the remaining slots, and maybe go a bit over in case you don't find all the hidden Red Gems. Also, there are still lots of enemies to kill further on in the game, so you don't need to necessarily get all the White Gems from these particular enemies. Do whatever you're most comfortable and confident with.

I hope this helps those that have progressed this far in the game and think they have no hope. It is still possible.

If there's any questions, post them below, and I'll help you the best I can.

EDIT: I have another tip for you, once you reach Christopher (this is still the same level), you'll notice on your left a long corridor with the Brain that you need to collect at the end. Once you get this, some crawling enemies will spawn (the ones that summon darkness by extinguishing the Goat Heads) and if you kill them they will drop 5-6 White Gems a time! So don't go through the door with the Baby's Head just yet, just wait in that corridor, have a Bomb prepared and once they walk into them, blow it up. Easy, effective, bullet-consuming way of killing them. There will be about 6-8 of these enemies, and you'll earn about 40-50 White Gems in total. It allowed me to get another Red Gem while I was there. Stick around till you know no more are going to spawn (I tried to make them spawn again by running back up the corridor, but no luck) then proceed through the door to finish the chapter.

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