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Thumbs up Most kills/service stars on weapons of each class?

Dear Battlefield 3 enthusiasts

Something came up on my mind as of this writing.

I'm curious to know how what weapon of each class do you have the most service stars with.

For me, the most service stars are with the following classes:

Assault: M16A3/M16A4: 4 service stars (And close to 5) 452 kills. The M16 is my favorite assault rifle in BF3 for obvious reasons. A close second would be the KH2002 (2 service stars) and the love/hate fest that is the FAMAS. The FAMAS is a strange gun. It has high damage and very fast rate of fire but low magazine capacity and a long reload time.

Engineer: M-TAR 21: 6 service stars. The M-Tar 21 is my favorite of the carbines alongside the ACW-R which I have 5 stars. The carbines are my favorite weapons in the game.

Support: PKP Pecheneg: 20 service stars (2000 kills). The PKP at least for me, is a human wrecking machine and I've literally rocked the enemies worlds even on matches where my team otherwise did badly. I also have managed to get 10 service stars (1000 kills) with the Type 88 LMG. I've generally had a love/hate relationship with the Type 88 and it has either been a pain to use or has been a beast of a gun on par with the PKP and M60E4. The M60E4 is another favorite because of it's incredible damage and capacity. I even have fun with the questionable MG36 as it seems to balance out between an assault rifle and an LMG.

RECON: For me, it is the SV98 but only because it was the only gun for a while and I neglected this class but I have a service star with the SV98, and the M98B. Both are great guns but my favorite sniper rifles are the L96, M98B, and JNG-90. I consider the SKS and MK11 Mod 0 to be battle rifles as opposed to sniper rifles. The M98B is my favorite overall because of it's high damage, and even it's low magazine capacity doesn't weigh it down.

On a side note, I have a service star with the .44 magnum. I generally am not a handgun fan and prefer primary weapons but the .44 magnum is just simply a beast of a handgun.

I wonder what you're favorite weapons from each class are and why you like them.
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Assault: AN-94: 115 SS. Easily the best assault rifle if you know what you are doing. I die a little on the inside when I hear people using this weapon on full auto or get killed by it and see it equipped with a foregrip.

Engineer: QBZ-95B: 167 SS. I think this is the most underrated weapon in the game. Its good at range and pretty decent in close quarters. It is also the only gun in the game that you can use with a heavy barrel and laser sight at the same time. I have converted most of my friends to using this weapon.

Support: PKP: 10 SS. I hate LMGs and rarely use them. Most of the time if I play support I will use the 870MCS (109 SS) or the PP-2000 (32 SS).

Recon: L96: 14 SS. I also dont use the recon class with snipers that much, if at all. I may bust out the recon class to put down a spawn beacon when opposite a base rape on metro, but thats about it.

Handguns: Magnum: 22 SS. My favorite handgun. The rex is a close second, but the ability to be fired faster usually leads to spamming and less accuracy.

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