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Old 10-26-2011, 03:20 PM   #1
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The Max Gamerscore you can get in this game now - 26/10/11

I believe the answer is 840/1250. Considering the EA Servers are down for Fifa 09, I don't actually know if this is the case but seems to be with EA just closing down servers after like 2 years of it being online.

I was able to get 2 of the online achievements in August 2010 but at the time I didn't know about EA's trend of closing down servers. I was only able to get the Ranked Winner and The Gipson Curse achievements, both worth 10G each.

This royally sucks because I am unable to get the following achievements: -

1.) Duo-Hedgeidecimal
2.) The Venhola Ice
3.) Real World Winner (which was apparently impossible to get after August 2009)
4.) 1st Time Out
5.) A.Bell Fever
6.) The Poon Sang

I didn't talk about the Ultimate Team DLC because I'm actually confused by it because in the XBOX marketplace, there are 5 DLCs all FREE but they're called "Fifa 09 Ultimate Team - English/French/Italian/German/Spanish", I downloaded 2 of them some time ago and was wondering if all of them are actually the "Ultimate Team DLC".

The achievements for the Ultimate Team DLC seem to be mostly offline apart from 2, which are Online Tournament Mastery and Online Champion that come to a total of 65G. So if the rest of the DLC achievements are obtainable offline.....meaning an extra 185G.

That brings the new total to 840 + 185 = 1035G. I'll be able to get 1055G in the game since I have 2 of the online achievements and that the Ultimate Team DLC is free and still available to get on xbox marketplace.

I hope someone replies soon to tell me if I'm wrong.

EDIT #1:

All 10 achievements of Ultimate Team DLC are can't get them because you need the EA Servers to be alive but they've been shut down since Feb 2011.

That means the maximum gamerscore you can get for Fifa 09 is 840/1250 and in my case, 860/1250.

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Old 12-06-2011, 12:33 AM   #2
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Gamertag: JasonRVS
I only count 810. Here are the ones from the original 1000 that I thought were currently unavailable:

Director in the Making: 10
Real World Winner: 20
Ranked Winner: 10
1st Time Out: 10

A.Bell Fever: 20
Optimus Chung: 10
The Poon Sang: 20
The Venhola Ice: 20
The Gipson Curse: 10
Pictures Speak a Thousand Words: 10
Duo-Hedgeidecimal: 50

Which adds to 190, making only 810 available. Are any of the ones listed above still available after the server shut down?
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Old 12-13-2012, 08:28 AM   #3
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Optimus Chung: 10 G

This in not an Online Achievement and can still be Obtained On or Offline!

If you have Downloaded the Adidas Live Season DLC BEFORE it was DELISTED from the Marketplace or if you know someone who still has the DLC on his / her Console :P you can still obtain this Achievement legitimately.

so that's 820 Possible out of 1250 G

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