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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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DV Bastian
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Easily increase Speech, Sneak, and Pickpocket to 100

Hello everyone, I've posted a Skyrim Starter Guide with a few helpful tips and tricks, including how to get rich quick and level your Sneak skill up to 100 at the beginning of the game (with no enemies involved).

If you're making any guides of your own feel free to use any of my information, so long as you please give credit, or better yet comment on my guide/review.

Also, Webb seems to have nailed a lot of misc. stuff in his achievement guide so I'm just going to dump the rest that I found here in case it's of use to anyone. Cheers!


Amren - Whiterun / One-Handed - Common / walks near blacksmith path
Arcadia -
Forlund Gray-Mane - Whiterun / Smithing - Master / blacksmith at the Skyforge

Angeline Morrard - Solitude / Alchemy - ??? / Angeline’s Aromatics
Sybille Stentor - Solitude / Destruction - Expert / Blue

Balimund - Ripten / Smithing - Expert / Blacksmith in marketplace, male human
Grelka - Ripten / Light Armor - Expert / Armor merchant in marketplace, female human

Delvin Mallory - Thieve’s Guild / Sneak - Master
Vipir the Fleet - Thieve’s Guild / Pickpocket - Master
Niruin - Thieve’s Guild / Archery - Master
Vex - Thieve’s Guild / Lockpicking - Master

Ogmund - Markath / Speech - Expert
Ghorza gra-Bagol - Markath / Smithing - Common / Blacksmith area
Khayla - Outside Markath / Sneak - Common

Silda the Unseen - Windhelm / Pickpocket - Expert / Beggar woman by the blacksmith
Torborn Shatter-Shield - Windhelm / Two-Handed weapons - Expert / Bald bearded man by White Phial

Ma’jhad - / Lockpicking - Expert / Khajit encountered on the path leading from Anga’s Mill to Forsaken Cave

Faralda - Outside the College / Destruction - Master / will meet when gaining access to the college
Tolfdir - College / Alteration - Master / teaches first lesson in Hall of Elements
Sergius - College / Enchanting - Expert / in the Hall of Elements where you get your first lesson
Phinis Gestor - College / Conjuration - Expert / Usually near the Arcanaeum
Drevis Neloren - College / Illusion - Master /
Colette - College / Restoration - Expert /


Faendal - Outside cutting wood / Riverwood (can join you after you give Camilla the fake letter)
Lydia - Dragonsreach / Whiterun (she will become your housecarl after you become a Thane)
Uthgerd the Unbroken - Banned Mare / Whiterun (must slap her around first)

Aranea lenith - Azura’s Shrine (after purifying the star)

Brelyna Maryon - College (after enduring her experiments)
J’zargo - College (test his scrolls for him)
Osmund - College (do his sidequest)

Vorstag - Silver Blood Inn / Morthag

Horse - Any stable

War Hound - Stable outside Markath

Standing Stones

The Mage - Mage skills increase 20% faster.
The Thief - Thief skills increase 20% faster.
The Warrior - Warrior skills increase 20% faster.
The Lover - All skills increase faster than normal.
The Lord - Increases resistance to Magicka and physical damage.
The Shadow - Once a day you can turn invisible for an extended period.
The Steed - Carry more and suffer no movement penalty from armor.
The Ritual - Once a day reanimate nearby corpses.
The Lady - Regenerate health and stamina more quickly.
The Serpent - Once a day use a ranged paralyzing poison on enemies.
The Atronach - Absorb a portion of incoming spell damage and have a larger pool of Magicka, but it recovers more slowly.
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