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Achievement Help!

Any tips on how to beat the level the Library on Heroic without dying?
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1. Shotgun is your best friend. Combo that with an assault rifle for Infection forms or a pistol as a backup against Combat forms when your shotgun is empty. Rockets should be picked up and used quickly.

2. Keep moving. Never stop moving and limit backtracking or you'll be overwhelmed quickly. Enemies tend to spawn behind you, so it's best to treat this like a speedrun and get ahead of the enemies as much as possible.

3. High Ground is your friend. The level is filled with structures that allow you to get several feet off the floor. This protects you from Carriers and makes unarmed combat forms work harder to reach you.

4. Look up. When moving down hallways, particularly the ones with the blue-lit walls, the Flood will jump down from high up. Try to ambush them when they first land and are incapacitated from the landing.

5. Look for ways to skip the fighting. In the rooms with the enormous circular shafts, instead of taking the set path, you can crouch+jump over the angled platforms and work your way around, completely despawning the enemy and making it easier to wait while Sparky unlocks the doors for you.

6. Stay on the set path. In Anniversary the floor has guides to make your path obvious. Diverging from the path and going the opposite way down a hallway will result in infinite-spawning Flood.

7. Know your limits and absorb the damage. The infections forms are weak, slow, and popping one results in multiple dying, so conserve your ammo and let them bombard your shield until it's almost out and avoid them to let it recharge. Eliminating them is the key to getting Checkpoints.
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^^ Great tips! I just got this a little while ago. If you keep moving you'll survive a lot longer for sure. The only area where there's problems is when you get locked in for a short while waiting for the door to unlock.. But some grenades and good shooting all is well. The shotgun and assault rifle were my best choices. It's definitely a satisfying cheev!
Till The End
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on top of the great tips he provided the bandanna skull will help with this tremendously
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It also doesn't hurt playing through the level once on easy just so you don't get turned around on your heroic run without dying
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No problem

Never look back, throwing grenades to the wall next to you will always clear some enemies
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I know that in the room you enter after coming out of the tunnels that has a door on either side, if you go to the door that Spark is going to open and take a right and sit in that corner, none of the Flood will see you. (Wow that was a long sentence...) Provided you get there quick enough.
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