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Astro Blasters Chapter 1 = no joy

The very last thing I have to do is that darn hidden Mickey in Astro Blasters Chapter 1. I'm not having any luck with the invisible mickey around the corner theory or the shoot the yellow robots behind the 2nd Giant Robot. (The one you don't stop for...)

I'm finding a few inconsistencies with the methods listed above so I was hoping someone can help clarify what I'm doing wrong.

Yellow Robots: The tips above say to take the path to the right after the sharp corner for a better chance at the Yellow robots. How does this make sense? After the first robot, you go through some tunnels, and at the very end just after the ring of 6 gold coins you make a sharp right and then the robot that you don't stop for is visible and the yellow robots are kinda left and behind him. If I then take the path to the right I immediately take a 90 degree turn and the robot and yellow bots are no longer visible. You then go thru some worm/snakes and meet the 2nd giant robot that you do stop for...

Q: wouldn't it make more sense to go straight after going around that first sharp turn so you have longer to shoot at the bots?

Mickey is invisible and /or behind wall: After passing the 6 gold coins in the tunnel area and making the sharp right turn where you then see the 2nd giant robot (the one you don't stop for...), why do i swerve left then right? When going around that corner it seems like its the wall on the left side of that turn that I hit if I don't swerve right. If I just want to get thru that corner without getting hit i usually stay centered and as the camera starts shifting for the turn i swerve slightly to the right. Now, if I take a hard right I will hit the wall ahead as my character starts to take the "right" path towards the worms/snakes.

Q: Based on my description above, where exactly do I do the swerve left then right?

Any help would be appreciated.
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