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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
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Penguino Rojo
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Chaos Unleashed playlist issues

Ok, I have had a chance to play a few rounds, pop acouple achievements, see where things go.

First an issue, there are two playlists for exterminatus:
Classic, which is just the two maps that came with the prior free dlc
Chaos Unleashed, which has the ONE new map where you play as chaos AND the prior two free DLCs where you still play as an astartes.

So if you are looking for a public match, you will likely bounce between sessions before you find one you want.

Better option might be to set up a match with your friends, so it still counts as co-op and you have better control over the game. You would probably want to have your friends in your lobby before starting the search for a public game, otherwise you cannot get Heretic.

Some info on the matches, before you dive in. You are basically in a three way battle between Imperium, Orcs and yourself. Not all waves have Orcs. The biggest threat early on from the Imperium are the psychers.

Later, starting in wave 9, you get higher concentrations of space marines grouped together. Before this point, starting with wave 5, you will have two or three and they will drift apart easily. Wave 9 they tend to stay together. Makes wave 10 very hard. I have not gotten past that point yet. I should also note the Space marines, with the exception of the devastators, will use melee weapons. They are not as easy as Orc Nobs to deal with based on their load out (except the devastators, just avoid having two together so one doesn't nuke you with plasma while you are hacking at the other).

I'm afread I don't have any tips past wave 10, as that is as far as I have gotten so far.

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