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Thumbs down Fire Controller=Unobtainable Achievement

I've given this MP a try but despite all my efforts, even at kick-ass games where I've built a very high K/D ratio, I could never, EVER, come close to getting "Fire Controller" no matter what.

You have to get a 600-point score-chain. Good luck as the game ends before I even get even a quarter of the way there. I get to a hundred and then get picked off or by that curving bullet storm. You have to be lucky you don't get sniped or killed by that infamous ghost-bullet syndrome or curved-bullet-syndrome when getting to cover from enemy fire.

Finally, I got booted even after I managed to start 6/0 due to a connection error. I already knew what a piece-of-shit trophy "Fire Controller" is but now seriously, the achievement guides should list "Fire Controller" as 'Unobtainable'. This is ranks among the worst multiplayer trophies I've ever come across, and is probably as impossible, if not more so, than "I Am Bad Company" from "Battlefield: Bad Company".

I now think the achievement guide should instead list "Approximate time to 970" and list this trophy as "Unobtainable". I can't even get "Forward Spotter" but I'll just list that one as a huge pain but not impossible. "Fire Controller" however should absolutely be listed as 'Unobtainable' in achievement guides.

Great game and multiplayer but this trophy is absolutely unobtainable and this games server will shut down before I and at least 99% of all gamers can get this trophy.

In the end it's only a gamer trophy but it sure hurts to finally give up for good trying to platinuming a game due to one absolutely impossible trophy but when the time comes, "Medal of Honor" will bow out into retirement with 49/50 achievements. Fair enough for me.

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Yeah Im having a lot of trouble with it too. We should try to boost it. I doubt we can get enough people together to have our own game but I came up with an idea. One person lets the other person snipe them on a combat mission game...supposedly you get a lot of points if it is from really far away. It might work. But the amount of tryhards in this game could pose a problem. Its all I can think of to do. Send me a friend request if you want. xSavage Henry
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I've never gotten extra points for shooting enemies from extreme distance.

The points you get taking/defending objective points also counts though, as do the defensive support units you use if you have already used the offensive support at that score-streak.

It is still a huge pain in the ass though, because the games usually end before you can rack up that many points.
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