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story and lore of el shaddai?

anyone know where i can read up on it? don't have the game and currently watching online. some parts i don't get.
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It's based off the Book of Enoch, but it's not 1:1 exactly.

It's merely an inspiration.
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Squall Lionhart
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It's a multi-cultural, multi-religion exploration of Enoch, a character from the book of Genesis who was known as a man of great faith. He was the great grandfather of Noah, and in the game you are fighting to restore order in Heaven by purifying the fallen angels to prevent the great flood. According to Genesis, angels had descended to earth and were having children, known as Nephilim, with mortal women. This act of betrayal by the angels and men was so detestable that it inspired the idea of flooding the earth and starting over. I can't account for the non-Judeo influence, but this is the gist of the story (though I'm only halfway in).
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Fried Cola
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Originally Posted by ilold View Post
anyone know where i can read up on it? don't have the game and currently watching online. some parts i don't get.
what the others have said, El Shaddai is only loosely based on Old Testament/Jewish texts about Enoch, a mortal man who went to heaven before he died because God thought he was so cool.

Outside of looking up references to the things named in the game, I don't think there's anything that could effectively explain WTF is going on. Its very... incoherent? High on LSD perhaps?

It took me to chapter 5 where Enoch gets eaten, looks like he has giant boobs in the cut scene, an alien the game says is Methusela saves him, and a pyramid randomly appears to do a DBZ technique on a tentacled dild-I mean fire nephilim. After that I stopped trying to make sense of what was going on.

The Ishtar thing I don't even think is Judeo-christian at all, but I could be wrong...
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