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Guardian Heroes
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Guardian Heroes Achievement guide

This is a guide on how to get all of the achievements For guardian Heroes for the sake of getting all of the achievements I suggest you play on normal except for the hard mode then play on hard. This way you unlock characters for arcade mode for that achievement, while unlocking the boss ahcievements.

Bark Like a Dog! 5
Give the Undead Hero a command in Story Mode.

Simply Just hit 2 times and this achievement will unlock

Align with the Sign 5
Find the Coliseum in Story Mode.

On stages 3,5, and 12 just have your hero in the top collum, and when you get to the end of the stage you will be teleported to the arena. The achievement should pop right away.

Vendetta's End 10
Defeat Kanon in Story Mode.

You encounter Kanon on stages 8,9,10,11,and 12. You need to choose only options 1-3 in order to fight him.

He can be really annoying to fight depending on who you choose.

What you want to do is at the start of the match hit and then right on the d-pad 5 times. This will select berserk mode for the undead warrior. Just hit again to set him in this mode for this fight. now what you want to do is mostly block by pressing . you shouldn't take much damage. if you get a opening you can use a projectile, but it isn't neccessary. Mainly the undead warrior will do most if not all of the work and, he should go down in no time. Just keep to the steps above and you can't fail.

Knighty Nite 20
Defeat Valgar in Story Mode.

To fight Valgar you need to make choices 3,2,5,3,2

When the fight starts put the undead warrior in berserk mode. He really isn't that hard block when needed, but you can easily get hits or combos in on him. He usually just concentraights on the undead warrior which makes him very easy to attack from behind. if your health gets low just defend and the undead warrior will kill him quickly. This is a good boss to path and final boss to do hard mode on.

Yep, Clowns Are Scary 20
Defeat Super Zur in Story Mode.

The best path to get use to get this achievement as well as get all possible characters is 2,3,2,2,2. This will pick you up 9 character especially since stage 9 is the only way to get macho, and gambo.

He is hard. Probably the hardest boss in the game since he always regenerates health. he has a powerful beam attack and he can glide across the map avoiding almost all attacks. His whirlwind attack can deflect most attacks. What you need to do is set the Undead warrior in berserk mode. You need to launch a projectile at him to keep him still. If you can manage to get him in a corner then you and the undead knight can pummel his health down a lot. That is going to be your strategy. You need to get him in a corner and just go wild. A barrier crush would be good here but if you are not the character that has that skill just do what ever hits the hardest.

He Just Got Bronzed 20
Defeat Golden Silver in Story Mode.

To get to this boss fight you need to go the following path 3,2,5,3,1

This fight may seem impossible since nothing you do or the undead warrior does any damage to him. First you just need the undead warrior as bait for his attacks. Then what you need to do is attack the gems above his head. This is the only way to damage him and you will do a lot of damage per hit. Just make sure the undead warrior is the bait while you are the attacker. It should only take 2-3 minutes to defeat him.

The Sky is Fallen 20
Defeat the Sky Spirit in Story Mode.

The path you need to take to fight this boss is 2,1,4,2,1

Since this boos fight plays out just like the Dirty Schemer achievement boss fight I will just post the strategy here for both.

First off this is a two part boss fight. The first thing you will need to do is set the undead warrior in berserk mode. The first part isn't as bad as the second part.his attacks are pretty standard you can opt in to attack him when the undead warrior starts hitting him to pull off a damaging combo to make this faster. But you will need to keep a good amount of health for the second part. if he is in your column he will dart at you so I suggest switching columns regularly. Now a flaw in his AI is if he was in the same column you were in he likes to follow you. You can use this you your advantage by jumping into a new column. Then when he appears in your column next to you his defenses will be down and you can really punish him. But other than that I suggest to block, and Let the undead warrior do the work.

Now for part 2 of the fight. This is where it gets hard since now he is stronger than before and he can do 2-3 heavy damaging attacks at once. You still want the undead warror in aberserk mode. But now you got to worry if the ground underneath you is glowing. If it ismove right away or you will get hit with w powerful tail attack. It also likes to use the same moves the exploding orb enemies use. He likes to fly and use his breath attack. So basically you are just going to block and doged his blue floor tail attack, and let the undead warrior do all of the work. Now if it is in the air you can do a air attack or just fire a projectile at it and it will go back to the ground,then the undead warrior will resume his attack.

Dirty Schemer 20
Defeat the Great Earth Spirit in Story Mode.

To get this bos fight you just need to follow this path 1,1,1,1,1

see The Sky Is Fallen for the boss strategy since they play out the say way

Or So the Tale Goes 5
Finish Story Mode in any difficulty.

You just have to finish the game once and this will unlock.

The Hero That Heroes Call 15
Finish Story Mode in Hard Mode without using any continues.

This one is a little hard to get. You just have to beat the game on hard mode with out using a credit. Basically no dying. I suggest using Han, and Going down the path in Knightly Nite The enemies, and that path will be easier. Plus you can use the exploit of quiting back to the main menu if you die/about to die. This will not nullify the achievement. But you will have to replay that stage again.

What you need to do is build up levels early in the game by killing the easy enemies. But when you get to the later stages you will basically just block the whole time while having the undead warrior going berserk. if you think you will die just quit to the main menu then go back to story mode and restart the stage. I highly recommend you pump all of you points to max out han's health first then strength for later. In the later stages you will just spam block and column jump. But on the last stage watch out for the barrier priests . They will trap you in a corner and barrier spam you. so when you are in the last stage always try to be blocking in the middle at all times to avoid barrier spam, and try to get in the healing pools so you can be healed. other than that take it slow. Also when using Han use all of his MP by pressing , this will net you free 35-48 exp and can level you up fast.

Another World Saved 30
Watch all the endings in Story Mode.

You get a ending after you defeat each of the bosses that have achievements. But to get the Unique karma based endings you need you had possitive karma to get ending 5(light) or negative karma to get ending 5 (darkness), the same goes for the third ending.

The achievements Knightly Knight, and The Sky is Fallen are the karma based endings You need a good -200 karma in order to get the darkness endings, this because the choices for those paths give you positive karma. It gives you between 10-50 positive karma per stage. To get negative karma kill civilains, or keep attaching dead enemies. You know you are hitting them when their body flys up in the air and and your hits say dead. It is easy to get negative karma with han and his attack that will be a regular swing/stab and keep a dead enemy in the air. Just keep doing this by the edge of the screen to rack up negative karma in no time. To get positive karma, don't attack civilains, don't attack a eenmy after they die, let enemies flee off the screen, and by making any choice.

Guardian Heroes 30
Unlock all characters in Story Mode.

If you followed the achievement guide you will have unlocked all the characters in the game.
Lego Batman 2: 100,000 Achievement points
TES V: Skyrim: 90,000 Achievement Points
Halo Wars: 80,000 Achievement Points
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Magna Carta 2 = 50,000 Achievement Points
Phantasy Star 2 40,000 Achievement points
Fallout 3 = 30,000 Achievement Points
GTA IV = 20,000 Achievement Points
Madden 08 = 10,000 Achievement Points

Achieved 100K GS on lego batman 2's 100% completion achievement

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About time someone put together an achievement guide lol. Not that one was needed, considering the various threads everyone made. Good guide though, thanks for putting the time into one.
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Miss Disenchanted
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Cool beans, though I can not help but think that you might have took info from the other threads and didn't want to give credit. Unless you actually started from scratch and did the guide based on your own play, without viewing ANY of the other threads.

If this guide had the character unlocking guide, i'd rate it 5 stars and say it's worth a sticky, butttttt.. good work.
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Originally Posted by Miss Disenchanted View Post
Cool beans, though I can not help but think that you might have took info from the other threads and didn't want to give credit. Unless you actually started from scratch and did the guide based on your own play, without viewing ANY of the other threads.

If this guide had the character unlocking guide, i'd rate it 5 stars and say it's worth a sticky, butttttt.. good work.
Agreed, i'm searching for the correct character unlocking guide. The one on TrueAchievements looks absurdly long and unecessary. I'm hoping I don't have to do that much for the achievement. According to that guide the requirements are quite lofty..
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Thanks for submitting this guide!
It will be posted to the front page.

The game does not have a Roadmap. If anyone decides to make one, please PM me or leave a message on my wall and I will get it up ASAP!

Cheers! and many thanks for your hard work
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