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Easter Bunny 00
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Lightbulb More tips for some Achievements

Ive been playing this game for a while now, and I thought I should share some of the faster ways ive been getting achievements. Although they are pretty obvious, its easier to look at this for match-ups.

For most, if not all of these, you will need 2 controllers. they will be designated by * next to the title.

Get points faster*:
This seems to be the fastest way i could get credits. Go to Battle Mode, then choose Custom Game. Just put the stock way up, I did 30 and i usually got 1300 points for each match. That being said, you could probably get more than 4000 for doing 100. I found 30 just right.
Choose Powerpuff Girls first stage, and as soon as Mojos Robot destroys the other buildings, just keep throwing them off the edge.
If you need a Synergy related achievement, such as Johnnys or Bubbles, choose them, and choose either Dexter or Chowder with your second controller (for achievements on using a certain assist against them) or use one of the match-ups listed below to get the most out of the fights (see Fast Fights). I recommend saving your credits until youre over 9000 for an achievement, then spend away.

You are awarded:
40 points per Kill
-20 points per Fall
1 point for every energy pickup

100 stock game, no deaths, only grabs, 1v1 - 4000 pts
*Thanks LoreEater for mentioning the points!

Synergy achievements:

You do not have to finish the match for them, and i would recommend going for them while grinding points. Just make sure you have enough lives to get the achievement, because assists are random. Choose a map, i used Fosters Second level. 2nd controller is not needed, but it will make things simpler.

Activated achievements-
All you need to do is activate them with a certain character. Use:
Johnny Bravo

Assist achievements-
For these you must use a certain assist against a certain character, they are:
Deedee against Dexter
Mandark against Dexter
Panini against Chowder

Kill related Synergy-
You must use a certain character, and amass kills while during the synergy. Use:
Father, 1 kill
Aku, 2 kills
Captain Planet, 2 kills


PTE achievements:
If you have enough controllers, i recommend using them. 2 is enough for most, but 3 and sometimes 4 is better. You only need 4 for one achievement, but it makes it easier. the characters to use are:

Captain Planet, 3 simultaneous knockouts
Toiletnator, 2 simultaneous knockouts
Dexter, 2 (simultaneous) knockouts
Kevin, 4 simultaneous knockouts (lasts for a while)
Jack, 5 kills AFTER activating, just dont die.
Billy and Mandy, 4 kills AFTER activating, just dont die.
Scottsman, activate PTE and activate Peppermint Larrys assist. Easiest with 2 controllers.

Tip from LoreEater: If you play the final stage in Samurai Jacks story mode, you can get PTE achievements easier there against normal enemies. I can confirm this works, as thats how i got Kevins achievement.


Fast fights*:
to get the most out of these fights, i will list who you use, and who you must be against. Start up Custom Game, put time at 10 seconds OR stock to 1, and choose Ben 10's first level. Simply pick them up and throw them off the edge. 2 controllers are needed and sometimes 3. this will only net you 40 or 80 points, so i dont recommend doing this for grinding points.

Bubbles, costume 5, against any powerpuff, 1 match.
Blossom, costume 5, against any powerpuff, 1 match.
Buttercup, costume 5, against any powerpuff, 1 match.
Him, costume 5, against any powerpuff, 10 matches. (2 achievements)
Mojo Jojo, against any powerpuff, 10 matches.
Aku, against Jack, 5 matches.
Jack, costume 5, against Flapjack AND Captain K'nuckles, 1 match.
Monkey, costume 5, against anyone, 10 matches.
Mac and Bloo, costume 5, against anyone, 10 matches.
Father, against Numbuh One, 5 matches.
Vilgax, against Ben AND Young Ben, 5 matches.


Story Mode achievements:
Although there are a lot of non-missable achievements in the story, there are a few that are missable, but attainable through level select. Ill try to the best of my knowledge to give you tips on how to get certain achievements.

Its hero time!-
Ben 10, stage 1
You must beat this stage in under a minute, while having Ben or Young Ben in your party. This one gave me quite a bit of trouble. What i did was played on hard, and hid near the lower left balcony. Buttercup will occasionally kill herself, while trying to kill you. Dont worry if you lose some lives, and every now-and-then, jump off the edge, but give Buttercup an opening to attack you while you fall. Sometimes shell charge off with you, and follow you all the way down.

Ben 10, stage 3
You must beat this level with Ben, without dying. I played on easy. Kevin will do a series of attacks, and eventually get his hand stuck in the ground. He has 3 attacks. One that sweeps the lower level, one that pillars into the sky, and one that shoots 3 balls of fire. The two flower platforms are your biggest friend here, camp on those until he gets close, and then jump to the other one. Make sure youre ready to block after you jump, because he usually shoots 3 fireballs after you land. When his hand gets stuck, swoop in like a hawk and give him hell. Once its unstuck, back to the flower. Repeat until hes at 50% health - This starts stage 2 in the fight.
There will be pink shields to hide behind for this part, use them! youll be safe as long as you stay behind them. When they shatter and appear somewhere else, either dodge roll your way to them, or jump to them. Dont walk, theres a chance you could be hit hard. When his hand gets stuck in the shield, attack! repeat this again for the other hand, and when his head gets stuck, jump to the first platform, jump upwards and do his up-standard attack.

Flapjack, stage 2
You must beat this stage in under 3 minutes, while playing as Captain K'nuckles or Flapjack. Ill look more into this one, if anybody has any tips for Adventure, please post them.

S.E.C.T.O.R. V.-
Kids Next Door, stage 1
You must beat this stage in under 5 minutes. You are forced to choose Numbah 1, and i would highly suggest Aku to be in your party as well. He has 4 jumps, plus his up-sig move. Keep pushing forward, and avoid all unnecessary fights. Dont wait for platforms to move across, with Aku you can make the jumps. There are a few parts where you have to kill enemies, during the first part, kill them and save the PTE for later on. At the end, when you must kill 10 enemies, use Akus PTE, Its very helpful during that last part. Just keep pushing forward, and save the PTE for the end. I cut it close with a time of 4:57, so this could be tedious.

Samurais Journey-
Dexter, stage 3
You must unlock Jack first, then replay this mission. I suggest playing on easy. There are 2 parts to this fight. During the first, avoid Aku until he either turns into a ram or a bird. If he turns into a ram, wait up on the upper platform for Dee-Dee to grab him, he will charge 4 times until she does. If he turns into a bird, he will sweep across the stage, alternating from the upper part to the lower part. just make sure you are on the opposite level that hes on. After 4 sweeps, Dee-Dee will grab him, keep attacking him until she lets go. Rinse and repeat.
Stage 2 is far simpler. There will be bombs on the left side, pick them up and throw them at aku. If hes hit, he will bow his head down, and thats when you should attack. Keep attacking, and when he lifts his head, go to the left side again and repeat. Eventually, the glass around a lever on the left side should break, activate that and Aku will die.

Billy and Mandy, stage 2
You must beat this level in under two minutes. I suggest playing on easy. You are forced to use Grim, and how i beat the level was by hanging on one of the 2 platforms on either side of the map, and doing my forward-signature move towards the outside of the level. Usually, Billy and Mandy will get hit and eventually fly out of the map. Repeat 3 times, and the achievements yours.

Like a Hoss-

Billy and Mandy, stage 3
You must beat this level with Hoss Delgado, without dying. Far easier than it sounds, you must only kill a few zombies in this level and the achievements yours. Keep your distance between the zombies when youre not attacking, and continuously do your forward-signature attack. its a Chainsaw that will deal a decent ammount of damage. After 2 or 3 hits, roll away. Although i did it on Hard, Easy would be a surefire way of getting this achievement.

Professional Hero-
Final boss, stage 1
You must beat this boss without dying. I used Captain Planet, and played on easy. Once you know his moves, youll know that hell mainly use a spiny move, and a forward claw strike. Whenever you know its safe to attack, do Captains forward-signature attack. Once you get him down to a low enough health, hell fly away and start to regenerate, and Father will start to fight you as a distraction. Jump in the air, and do his up attack on the boss in the background, and ignore father. Once all his tvs are knocked down, hell come back to fight. repeat the cautious forward-signature attack, and keep your eye on Father. Once the boss is down to a certain health, Vilgax will come out while the boss heals. Focus on the boss. When he comes back down, WATCH OUT. THERE WILL BE PITFALLS ON THE MAP. If you fall into them, you die. Captains Forward-signature move is now pretty much useless, and its not worth the risk of using. Attack with either standard attacks, or with his down-signature move while above the boss. It shouldnt take long for this part, but watch out for those pitfalls.

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I just plowed through this one myself, but I only have a few tips to add.

The achievements where you have to "score a knockout" with PTEs can be accomplished by defeating the enemies in story mode (I found the last Samurai Jack level ideal). I assume the ones that require you to use synergy attacks work this way as well, but going for those in story mode isn't nearly as practical as the method suggested earlier.

I found I needed to grind for points for only a short while, since I used the earlier advice and got most of the required while working on other achievements. Regardless, this is how the point system for custom games works (to the best of my knowledge): You are awarded points based on how many knockouts you perform, and deducted points for being knocked out. I recommend plugging in as many controllers as you have available in order to amass more knockouts per match.
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Easter Bunny 00
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I added those tips, and i also added some Single player tips as well. Thanks for the tips man! apparently i also hit the 10,000 character limit -.-
If i dont get around to making a Guide, its pretty much made for whoever makes it

I had to take some stuff out so i could bold some stuff on the list, so i moved my control scheme down here.


Just thought this might help too. I changed my controls around to make it easier to play, i used some aspects of super smash, and rearranged some buttons just so they were more convenient to hit.

- Grab/Pickup
- Attack
- Sig Attack
- Attack
- PTE Attack
- Shield
- PTE Attack
- Jump
- Switch/Catch-Up (Co-op)

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Have you thought about making a guide/would you like to co-author a guide with me?
I made the beat retarded so I'm calling it a slowjam

I've got time. I'm just waiting here to kill my oldest friend."
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Easter Bunny 00
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Gamertag: Demigod Of Hate
Originally Posted by mcnichoj View Post
Have you thought about making a guide/would you like to co-author a guide with me?
I ended up making a guide

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