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The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile
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Old 04-10-2011, 08:18 PM   #1
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Gamertag: DarkSephiroth07

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Now that pretty many people have played through Samurai difficulty I want to hear their thoughts and tactics to help others, including me, to get through Samurai

Basic info could be like:

Most used weapons:
Most used magic:
Hardest part:
Enemie/Boss tips:

I have noticed that many prefer dishwasher for samurai difficulty but I pretty much prefer Yuki! Although I noticed that in dishwashers story you propably don't have fight against the first fallen engineer at all because yuki seemed invincible in that fight. (don't know for sure if Yuki only helps you in that fight if you don't kill him when facing her "nightmare" )

Achievement guide already has good starting pointers but lets see if we can find and make ultimate tactic for samurai!

So please post your tips for samurai difficulty in this thread

Thanks to Rep for this sick picture!

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Old 04-10-2011, 08:51 PM   #2
The Reaper0
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Gamertag: The Lavirix

Awards Showcase Road Map - Bronze   Achievement Guide - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Character: Yuki
Beads: Bat/Eye/Flower/Heart
Most used weapons: Convitcion/Kamakazi
Most used magic: The A/Y button ones.
Hardest part: Dragon/Last boss.
Enemie/Boss tips: Dodge and take your time, works for almost any boss. They can't regen, you can(with the right beads). There is a weakness for every boss and that usually is a pause in their movement when they attack or are just done attacking.
Achievement Guides:
The Dishwasher Vampire Smiles
Rush 'N Attack: Ex-Patriot

Do it proper or go home.

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Old 04-10-2011, 10:05 PM   #3
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Gamertag: li spider ii
This tactic/setup made it very easy for me:

Character: Dishwasher
Beads: Eye, Wine, Heart, Hacksaw
Weapons: Spike Hammer / Meat Cleavers (Both maxed out)
Magic: Heal (A) only, the rest is a waste imo.


Fully upgraded hammer+hacksaw does huge damage to all enemies. Dash + X will lunge the hammer and send enemies flying backwards to create space. The main combo you need though is XXY. It only takes 1-3 time to put them in critical/stunned state depending on enemy or boss.

If your in a tough spot use heal magic and while it is active you're momentarily invincible so use XXY to put enemies down. I used this a lot on bosses and makes it much easier.

The downside to this weapon is that it is slow and the dash evade is not great though I still use it on slower enemies. It also can't do a constant up dash. This is where the cleavers come in. While the XXXY combo for cleavers is also very good I prefer the hammer just for the power. I use the cleavers for the long and quick evade roll, then switch back to hammer. So get used to switching quickly especially for mobile enemies.

That's all there is too it really. Some other tips are max health/magic and if your low on health then heal before entering the fight area so the health stays if you die. Using it while fighting and dying will lose the item and your health is back to what it was when you entered. So don't use them then unless you really think your can win. Also don't by moon fish since 2 breads heal the same and is cheaper.

Using this setup I only died from samurais falling on me randomly or if the area is really small.
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Old 04-11-2011, 07:07 AM   #4
Shadowiii's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 108

Gamertag: Scand3licious
Character: Yuki
Beads: Bat, Heart, Eye, Hacksaw
Most used weapons: Starting sword, syringe
Most used magic: Heal
Hardest part: of the rooms gave me trouble, but honestly I only ate health twice. I hate the guys with the hooks for hands/chains. Literally, worst things ever. WHY DO THEY BLOCK SO MUCH.
Enemie/Boss tips:
Here's how you win easy:
Yuki has one of the best combos ever. Using samurai sword/chainsaw use her X-X-X-DownX combo. This will get enemies in the air. Then use X-X-X-Y-Y in the air. This literally kills ANY ENEMY except the black robots, monitor head robots, and the big white guys (but it does knock the white guys to a finisher, which is easy).
Enemies can't block in the air, which means if you get them in the air you can keep them up there until they die. Also few enemies in this one attack you in the air, meaning if you can keep them airborn you can breeze through the game.
Know which enemies you can juggle and which you can't. Chainsaws can be juggled (yay!) but most other big nasties can't (boo!). Basically if they were a boss, you can't juggle 'em.
Her X-X-X-Y-Y combo on ground is also really devastating against the big samurai. But you can pull it off faster (spam it) in the air for maximum rape.
The hardest enemies aren't the bosses (they all have extremely predictable patterns) but the green-eyed ninjas and the invisible blue ones (I HATE THE INVISIBLE BLUE ONES). Blue ones, however, are predictable. Green eyes can be a bit random, so be careful with them.
When you are fighting a boss at the end of a level, don't be stingy with magic. Whenever I had about 1/3-1/4 health left I'd heal, because hits can kill you instantly at that point. When you beat a stage your life and magic are refilled, so spam that life! NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY USE HEAL MAGIC ON THE GROUND. Don't be dumb like me and try it in the air only to get murdered.
I used Painkiller (syringe) against the bosses because it does insane damage with X-X-X-upX-X and that combo is fast.
Remember that if you use the sword and do an "X" finisher (it's like a dash) it'll do TONS of damage to enemies both in the way and directly in front/behind the one you finish. You can "chain" finishers on wounded enemies this way, which makes things easier. You also feel like a badass when a batch of 7-8 green-eyed ninjas that gave you trouble all die in a fountain of gore.
Don't use slow moves, ever. You goal is to keep moving and never be exposed. Dodge constantly, only taking a break to land hits. Don't ever take unnecessary risks, because it could be your death and the whole room over again.
Don't eat items unless you really need them. When you do eat them, go back and replay the first level on easy to restore your moonbread. :P
DON'T SWEAT FAILING! You have unlimited continues. If a room gives you trouble, just keep trying. Memorize the enemy order (though each room has two different orders and alternates between each death). Know that I suck at this game and was still able to beat it on Samurai, so you totally can. Really. It isn't hard.
And, of course, max your life and favorite weapons.
I honestly thought Samurai was extremely easy this time with my dodge-aholic Yuki. I had TONS of issues with it on the first Dishwasher; it took something like a week because I'd get so mad I'd stop playing. I pounded through this in about two days.
Lastly, playing through on Ninja first is a good way to get prepared (or play through Arcade mode). Though after beating it on Samurai Arcade mode was atrociously easy.
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Old 04-11-2011, 02:17 PM   #5
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Gamertag: DarkSephiroth07

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Good to see so many good tips pouring in

I'm now pretty certain that I will play Samurai with Yuki. When I'm done I will also post my "eguipment" and possible new tips!

Thanks to Rep for this sick picture!

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Old 04-11-2011, 03:18 PM   #6
Doopliss SWE
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 370

Gamertag: doopliss swe
Character: Dishwasher
Beads: Bat/Hacksaw/Shield/Math/Eye/Heart/Flower/Money/Pig (equpped pig when I was using moonbread, others I mixed and matched as I needed them, these are the most commonly used ones though)
Most used weapons: Guillotine, Sword, sometimes I used the cleavers too, although rarely.
Most used magic: A, sometimes Y to damage bosses.
Hardest part: Nothing was that hard, really, I always had plenty of items. The Scourge made me use the most amount of items though.
Enemy/Boss tips:

The Guillotine's Up+YXYXYXY... can sweep smaller rooms with normal enemies completely, except for maybe blue-eyed freaks. One-on-one, it also deals serious damage to Sharks-on-legs, Robot samurais, trenchcoat guys and the fake Executioners (these four goes down without too much trouble, the samurai and trenchcoat guy might jump out though, but you only have to dodge their moves and then continue), and was very effective against The Lich (he only went into evil-zombie-cementary mode once). It's also useful against not-very-mobile bosses overall.

I used the money bead to get money for upgrades, but you can grind that beforehand if you want.

The sword is really good for continiously juggling thougher normal enemies, like pumpkin-heads and those robots with swords that release missile-launching drones. Just press XXX, Down+X, then you press "XXX, wait, XXX, wait" etc in the air until your combo gauge stops rising, then you do XXXY to kill them instantly, or XXXX to slam them to the ground, press Y to follow, then do a grounded finisher (Iirc). Similar strategies works with Yuki too, especially with the Painkiller, where you can loop "X, up+X" for quick and massive damage (again, iirc)

For the Scourge, I equipped the Rocket bead, then I flew around after him, hit him with XXXX in the air with the sword, then did what I could when I landed while avoiding missiles. After a while I decided to go all out offensive to finish him, wasting all my 3 moonfishes. I suggest using the Hacksaw/Bat/Rocket/Ice (or shield?) beads for this fight, for good offense and defence.

My basic strategy was simply to go all out offensive, dodging anything that penetrated my offense, then punish the attacker (I'm quite good at reflex-dodging though).

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Old 04-11-2011, 07:29 PM   #7
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Gamertag: Scand3licious
Originally Posted by Doopliss SWE View Post
The Guillotine's Up+YXYXYXY... can sweep smaller rooms with normal enemies completely, except for maybe blue-eyed freaks. One-on-one, it also deals serious damage to Sharks-on-legs, Robot samurais, trenchcoat guys and the fake Executioners (these four goes down without too much trouble, the samurai and trenchcoat guy might jump out though, but you only have to dodge their moves and then continue), and was very effective against The Lich (he only went into evil-zombie-cementary mode once). It's also useful against not-very-mobile bosses overall.
This is extremely true: that does HUGE damage and can clear entire rooms easily. I'm replaying samurai on dishwasher for the hell of it and you can destroy bosses with this.
You just have to be careful because it's a bit slower than other attacks and people had a knack of sneaking up behind me. But much damage.
Luigi is almost as sexy as me!

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Old 04-12-2011, 01:30 PM   #8
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 1

Gamertag: CarbonExt
Character: The Dishwasher
Beads: Flower/Heart/Hacksaw/Eye/Wine/Robot/Math/Bat/Cat
Most Used Weapons: Guillotine, Violence Hammer, Cleavers, Shotgun
Most Used Magic: Steel Dish, Healing
Hardest Part: The elevator segment at Forstadt Lobby

Enemy tips: Cleavers will easily handle the masses without risking to push them away like the Guillotine Up-YXYXYX infinite combo would do at times although consider that only as an alternative since the Guillotine combo is still one of the best exploitable moves. The cleavers are also probably the easiest weapon to combo into with a shotgun which is incredibly helpful when maxed out as it will shatter groups of enemies in close quarters. Against the undead horde the shotgun is also a quick way of dispatching them as their unpredictability can leave you very much open using heavier weapons. The violence hammer is the best weapon when fighting robots as when maxed out its practically unblockable which is very helpful for putting pressure against those chainsaw bots.

The most annoying enemies I can imagine that you'll have trouble facing are those clones of the Iffenhaus Warden. I'd say that the Creeper impostors come close but their attacks don't do nearly as much damage and the fact that they have a pretty open block stun makes handling them alot easier. These guys on the other hand dont block and attack nonstop in an albeit unpredictable fashion. This honestly shouldn't be much of a problem though, but if you have trouble with it I suggest to take out the surrounding enemies and whip out the Dekkentozter on him.

Boss strategies: Pretty much every boss I can think of is exposed to the infinite Guillotine combo, but you might want to ease on this when fighting the goalie, as you'll be very much vulnerable towards the rocket drones. When fighting the Scourge, use the shotgun to inflict damage in the air. When fighting The Fallen Engineer, the safest weapon I can think of to use is the Shift Blade since it's fast and has combos that hit from different directions, essentially nullifying block.

Items are helpful at most during the longer endurance rounds, particularly prevalent during the much later levels. At boss battles you shouldn't need more than healing magic unless it's multiple ones at a time.

The biggest reason why I'd recommend The Dishwasher is due to his weapons being incredibly centric towards fighting multiple enemies. While Yuki is nimbler and is quick enough to tackle multiple targets, I'd argue it ultimately takes more skill using her.

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Gamertag: exosin

Awards Showcase Donator - Level 5   Submit - Bronze
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Character: Dishwasher
Beads: Bat, hacksaw, heart, wine
Most used weapons: Violencehammer
Most used magic: LT + A
Hardest part: None, really
Enemie/Boss tips: x, x, x.

This type of game usually takes me awhile to get good at. After struggling through the first level with cleavers, I switched to the violence hammer. X,x,x. Literally kills everything. Once you become somewhat decent at dodging, you end most battles after taking 1-2 hits Max, and you gain enough hearts to heal twice that. For a quick attack, dodge + x puts most enemies in sparking mode in one hit, including some bosses. Samurai was a joke with the fully upgraded murderstick, and the game actually got easier as I went on and slowly got better at bonking enemies on the head.
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Old 04-12-2011, 08:42 PM   #10
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Gamertag: DarkSephiroth07

Awards Showcase Over Achiever - Silver   Arcade Crazy - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Just finished it! It was suprisingly easy!
24 arcade levels to go for full 200G

Character: Yuki
Beads: Flower, Shield, heart, Skull (the one that gave you more skulls from enemies)
Most used weapons: Conviction and Painkiller on bosses
Most used magic: LT + A
Hardest part: for some reason the elevator with the dragon...

I also noticed a way of doing samurai extremely easy way! It includes flower bead and warping; everytime you lose too much health just warp on the corner of the roof and your health fills up (takes hell lot of time though). Works also on enemies because they like kill each other down on the ground so basically If you have troubles with the shotgun/hook guys, like I did, just warp on the corner and let them kill each other until there is only one enemy left, sometimes it's him but sometimes normal enemies kill him and you just have to deal with them. It takes time, LOTS of time but you won't get hit and enemies kill themselfs so it's easy as hell.

Of course above mentioned won't work on bosses but I never had trouble with them. I just changed to painkiller and warped behind the boss to attack his back. Worked on every boss!

Oh and shadowiii's x-x-x-y-y combo worked like a charm I myself used it after a throw 'cause I like abusing throws in this game, great for air combos.

Thanks to Rep for this sick picture!

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Location: México
Posts: 152

Gamertag: NeoSant
Character: The Dishwasher
Beads: Shield (to me was the most important), heart, bat, eye or flower
Most used weapons: Sword (for dodging), cleavers (for attacking), gun (for an easy escape if you have trouble)
Most used magic: LT + Y
Hardest part: elevator when the dragon attacks
Enemie/Boss tips: I prefer using the swords cause dodging them is very easy... you can dodge and then attack with "y" or instantly change to cleavers, hold down in the dpad and "x,x,x".

You will get it with a little effort, but if you are having trouble its better to turn off the game than smashing your controller

Good luck!
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Posts: 83

Gamertag: singlservinjack
Character: Yuki
Beads: 'Bat', 'Flower', 'Heart' and 'Eye' changed 'Eye' for 'Rocket' in places
Most used weapons: Only used 'Conviction' and the Chainsaw
Most used magic: LT + A (Heal)
Hardest part: Elevator as I just kept on making silly mistakes! Thought the 2nd last level was going to be tough with all the bosses but not as bad as you may think.

Enemie/Boss tips:

Regular enimes:
Equip conviction - (hold down)XXXX to launch them into the air. Whilst they are in the air with conviction still equipped - XXXYY

Enimes that can't be launched into the air/Bosses: Bloodwarp to their blindside XY - bloodwarp - XY - bloodwarp - etc etc

Other tips: Blood warp alot! Also if your going to eat some food equip the wine bead - eat food - unequip wine bead!

Samurai run was by far my favorite run, found it really enjoyable there are some very fun yet intense fights! Good luck guys. Just need to do arcade mode now!
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Old 04-17-2011, 03:56 PM   #13
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Germany
Posts: 56

Gamertag: Fyr3x
Character: Dishwasher
Beads: Heart, Bat, Math and Gun
Most used weapons: Shotgun, Violencehammer
Most used magic: LT+A LT+B
Enemie/Boss tips:

I used the Shotgun often. Warp behind the Boss/enemy and shot him. Small Enemys get instant killed. Even on Bosses the Shotgun works great.
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200 GS @
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Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 148

Gamertag: Legendary J Man
Character: Dishwasher
Beads: Bat, Flower, Heart, Hacksaw. I would switch out Hacksaw for Math against bosses I knew I could combo, Robot against the Scourge or the walking robots, or sometimes Plate if I needed to use Devourer magic.
Most used weapons: The Guillotine and the Hammer. Hammer for the harder enemies like the Pumpkins the robots with the big swords and the guys with the hook hands, and the guillotine for all the regular guys.
Most used magic: LT + A (Heal), I would also use LT + B when I needed to clear a room of normal guys like the invisible ninjas.
Hardest part: The boss fight where I couldn't kill Yuki, Squidface, and the first fight with the Fallen Engineer.

In the Boss fight where Yuki is possessed and you can't kill her I figured out that if you squirt her with the squirt gun you can then push her down and get her out of the fight. After that I would just dodge the boss and use the hammer on him after he landed from his jump attack.

Against Squidface I would dodge until it was him next to one of the katana enemies and then I would attack with the hammer. When the sharkbots dropped I would focus on them dodging and cutting with the guillotine. When it got down to the boss at low health and he was surrounded by normal enemies I would use Devourer magic to clear the room and let me focus on the boss.

This boss fight took me an hour to figure out because I couldn't find any really good guides. You have to dodge around for an opening but once you have one if you use the Hammers combo of XXXY (you strike 3 times and then dash forward with a strike) it will always end with the boss being able to be grabbed. The boss will sometimes teleport away from you and do a dash attack from behind, so you have to get used to the timing and dodge away.

The final boss fight took me forever with Yuki on normal, but with the hammer technique of XXXY then grab I killed him my first try on samurai.
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Old 09-25-2013, 02:02 AM   #15
Fragarach Luin
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Posts: 2,225

Gamertag: Rare Rum Geek

Awards Showcase Green Thumb - Bronze   Guide Writers Guild   Arcade Crazy - Bronze   Over Achiever - Silver   Impossible Trinity - Bronze   Knife in the Dark Challenge Club - Tier 2   Community Gaming - Silver   XBA Master Chief Collection Club - Tier 1   Adhere to the Creed Franchise Club - Tier 1   1,000 Posts   Donator - Level 1   Staff Club - * Clueless *
Total Awards: 15 (more» ...)
Just a quick note: I recommend doing arcade before Samurai. Not only is it great practice, but doing Samurai with health-regenerative beads/magic/food can really turn into a crutch that will make arcade surprisingly hard when that crutch is taken away.

EDIT: Okay, now I've gotten the 200/200, and I've been replaying the final arcade level a lot to improve my time in the leaderboards (8th in the world). So here's my strategy for Samurai difficulty, now that I've started working through speedrun mode:

Character: The Dishwasher

Weapons/Magic: Shift Blade/Cleavers, Shotgun, Heal Magic

Grunt Combo: X-Y-Shotgun (This will insta-kill most enemies up to about the chainsaw level)

Boss Combo: X-Y-Y (This is an extremely powerful and fast combo that hits from three directions. Even the Fallen Engineer will always fail to block at least one of the hits.)

I threw in the cleavers because occasionally a room will lend itself to the spammable Y-X attack back and forth, but there's only a few situations where it works. Potentially against the Zombie Sharks on Legs, but only if you were too slow and end up having to fight more than one at once. The giant samurai die very, very quickly from the Shift Blade's X-Y-Y combo, as do the trenchcoat freaks, flamethrower cyborgs, chainsaw pumpkinheads, robotheads, and wardens. As for the Cretinous Max, just spam Y back and forth through his legs. If you get the timing down, your attack will move you out of the way of his, and you'll deal significant damage very quickly. But seriously, I can't stress the X-Y-Shotgun combo enough. It's basically a safe way to get any small enemy in the air where they can't block, and hit them up close with the devastating shotgun. It's an immediate killer.

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