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Final Fantasy XIII-2
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Lightbulb Operation XIII-2 (Lightning & Amodar) Strategy

This is a 4-5 Star Strategy for Mid-Late game players (End of Chapter 4, 100+ Fragments). Also make certain you've finished out both Vile Peaks in order to get +Monster Capture from the Mystic in Serendipity.

HP 5000, Magic 600, ATB 5, COM, RAV, SAB Bonus Boost II, 100 Acc
Use a +ATB Weapon, Magistral Crest (+Magic, Chain Bonus, +ATB Rate), and a Delicate Magician's Mark (+8% Magic)

HP 6000, Strength 600, ATB 5, COM, RAV, SYN Bonus Boost II, 100 Acc
+ATB Weapon, Kaiser Knuckles (+Strength, Chain Bonus, +ATB Rate), and Delicate Power Wristband (+8% Strength)

Paradigm Pack
High Strength COM (Chichu, Dragoon, Amodar if you caputre him first), infuse with Feral Link II, +STR, Stagger Maintenance, Attack ATB Charge
Chichu is pretty tough (and Meteorite is easy to cast for capture), you're aiming for 500+ Strength, 1000 Minumum to take out Lightning in one stagger).

Cloudburst 20 (RAV), Infuse with +Magic%, Feral Link II, Blizzaga - Probably the fastest natural RAV in the game. Friendly Fire is a must for this fight as well. Collected from Archylite Steppe during rainy weather. Give him +ATB while you level him.

Silver Chocobo 45 (SEN), Infuse with +HP%, Steelguard, Mediguard - Best cheap Sentinel in the game. Maxed out he should be in the neighborhood of 800 STR/MAG and 10k+ HP. Collect from Academia 4XX - toss Mog at the projector (not the image, the projector itself) in the Academy HQ. Also recommended as best damn Chocobo to race with in Serendipity.

Paradigm Deck
Relentless Assault X - RAV COM Cloudburst
Cerebus X - COM COM (Monster Commmando)
Mystic Tower - RAV RAV Chocobo
Strategic Warfare - COM SYN Chocobo
Attrition W - SAB MED Chocobo
Combat Clinic - MED MED Chocobo

The first two are purely for staggers, use Relentless Assault to drive the chain bonus up to 650%, then switch to Cerebus to kill em off. You can swap between them to use ATB Refresh technique to also speed things up during stagger/launch.

Mystic Tower is necessary for staggering when both opponents are on the field. Switch in Strategic Warfare when buffs expire to maintain chain and rebuff. Attrition for healing up AOE damage and breathing room (SAB increases chain, and if something happens to stick they'll waste a moment on remedy).

Combat Clinic has two purposes: in case someone gets dropped switch to manually revive and heal fast. Also you'll need it for Esuna and Esunada to remove debuffs that AOE grenades inflict. If you're feeling ballsy, replace with another Cerebus to use for ATB refresh during stagger.

Begin battle in Strategic Warfare, buff, then use either Mystic Tower or Relentless Assault to stagger Lightning. Most likely, she'll either call in Amodar before or right after stagger. Dont' worry about rebuffs, as he comes in battle resets from the beginning.

Once Amodar joins, rebuff immediately in Strategic Warfare, hopefully avoiding too much AOE damage. After the first few grenades your Chocobo should be far enough away from the others that you won't have to heal very much. Keep him in yellow HPs (minimum 4k - Limit Breaks do about 2.5-3.5k damage).

Take out Lightning first. It's possible to drop her in one stagger (she has less HPs), and she is the healer/buffer of the two. Begin in Mystic Tower, drive her gauge up, and before you stagger make certain your buffs are in place with Strategic Warfare.

Once she's staggered, she'll launch. Switch to Relentless Assault and drive her up to 650-700%, use Friendly Fire if you get debuffed by a nade and/or you take some heavy AOE damage, and then switch to Cerebus. If you're fast (and you have a very High STR COM), use your Feral Link as she's about to recover. With Scourge, you should hit 10-15k Damage and kill her off.

If you don't finish her on the first stagger, she will heal herself back up to at least 1/2 HP, just repeat the process and take her out on her 2nd stagger.

Once Lightning's defeated, Amodar will either go crazy with attacks, or Mediguard to heal any AOE damage the RAV inflicted. Repeat the same procedure with him, it will likely take two staggers to drop him (he has a TON of HPs). After the first stagger, heal up and rebuff since he'll drop into Mediguard to heal damage.

Again, don't sweat debuffing them, however don't wait to change to Combat Clinic whenever you get tagged. Amodar uses every debuff in the stack, you're worried about Poison, Daze, Slow, and Stop. Clear them out immediately then resume chaining.

Note that you want to finish off both of them with a Feral Link from your COM when they're down to 10k or less HPs (check with RB), in order to increase your capture chances. More than likely you'll farm both drops before capturing both - I got Amodar in 3 fights, Lightning in 6. I had both rare drops within the first 5.

You should finish within 8-10 Minutes if everything goes smoothly. If you take Lightning out in one stagger, you'll be in the 7-minute (5 Star) range.

I've tried several other tactics (like using a monster SYN opposed to SEN) but it's impossible to maintain buffs, and you really need a SEN to soak damage from these two (especially limit breaks).

Good luck.
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Funny thing about this...for each character I both of them in one battle less then you...meaning Amodar was in 2 and Lightning in 5
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I used a much simpler strategy but I was max level.

For Serah, Noel and my monster (variation of chocobos), I used:

That was about all I used. I buffed at the beginning of the fight and then attacked Lightning until Amodar joined the fight, then rebuffed and focused Amodar until he staggered, killed him and then moved onto Lightning. When I took too much damage, I'd switch to Med/Med/Syn and heal while using a Purple Chocobo to refresh all buffs quickly and then went back to Relentless Assault. My characters were max level though so you might want a Sen/Sen/Sen build if you're a little weaker, to sustain their focus attacks. Also, if you can't sustain their main attacks, then you might want to use a Rav/Rav/Sen build to stagger and then use a Rav/Com/Rav or Com/Com/Rav build to finish off your target.

Also, a Saboteur isn't a bad choice to bring either; you can cast Deprotect on them. I'm not sure about other debuffs because I didn't use a Sab for long since they were dying fast enough to warrant not using debuffs.

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Yeah, at max crystarium I just went with Noel, Serah, monster as Syn, Sab, purple chocobo until bravega was up, switched to Com, Rav, blue chocobo and killed one (with tri disaster ATB refresh to speed it up). Then just repeated with the other (was too lazy to make a Med paradigm so I just threw up 1 potion to heal while buffing the 2nd round).
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