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Binary Domain
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Challenge Master & Resistance Hero Guide

Challenge Master & Resistance Hero Guide!

Welcome to the Challenge Master & Resistance Hero guide! Here we're going to guide you as much as possible to knock down the two hardest achievements in the game. This is NOT an Achievement Guide or Roadmap for the game in general, if you want to read the whole list of achievements and how to get them you can view them here. This is to make this process as painless as possible for you guys with some tips on how to get the biggest bang for your buck when knocking down these challenges.

Due to the difficult nature of INVASION, it is advised to go for Challenge Master and work your way up to Level 50 so you can get all the Nanomachine Upgrades to choose how you're going to work with the long road ahead. We're going to discuss how to do the Challenges as swift as possible so you can then work on the endless horde of Robots.

Challenge Master
Challenge Master 50
Clear all Xbox LIVE mode challenges.

People Recommended & Minimum Amount: 6
Mics/Communication: Preferred but not needed as long as instructions are given to them.
Time to Complete: 30h+ (Subject to change if someone boosts from beginning to end.)

WARNING! If people lag out, get kicked or disconnect during the end of the game, it will stay stuck on the WIN/LOSS pop up. Do NOT dashboard or leave the game as it will take away the XP & Challenges you earned there. Simply wait about 2-5 minutes tops and it will go back to normal. You MUST complete the game from beginning to end to keep all the XP and Challenges you did in that game.

Challenge Master consists of a large variety of tasks you have to complete, you get an XP Bonus as a reward. They're mostly divided into the following: Kills, Wins, MVP in Catergories & Objectives. I would compare this to Gears of War's Seriously 3.0 except much simpler, less grind, but a lot more bore.

Weapon Kills:

Blue = Ministry Specific Guns
Purple = Freedom Fighters Specific Guns
Bought = When you kill people, complete objectives etc. You get currency in this game so when you die, you're allowed to purchase items such as Med Kits, Grenades and Special Weapons. If you die, you don't get it back and you have to buy it again so it's personally advised to boost these guns, grenades and medkit challenges as soon as possible.
Orange = Currency in game, this is NOT XP. XP that goes towards your rank is displayed in a white color so don't get confused.

I am going to remind you right now that you need 50 Headshots with each weapon Category except Special Weapons, although these Headshots registers under the "Skill" Challenges, I'd advise you to knock these down as you're getting kills.

Also, when boosting in Free For All you can only boost the Freedom Fighters (Purple) Weapons: Akagi-74, Akagi-77, Yamato-50, Akagi-78, Yamato-51 & Shiniro-80. The Ministry (Blue) Team has different weapons, which you can only get kills with in Team Games when you're a part of that squad. So when boosting the other game modes, be sure to take turns when trying to get the other guns.

Assault Rifle (Kills):
SOWSAR-17 (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - This assault rifle is fully automatic but has a decent amount of kick to it, killing people isn't as difficult as it has a better chance at winning close gun fights compared to it's brother. The Rate of Fire Nanomachine isn't recommended as the kick becomes too much.

Akagi-74 (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - This assault rifle is a 3 Burst gun, which means it has less kick while shooting but higher change of losing a close range gunfight when facing an automatic gun. There is Nanomachines that later on give it the chance to have a higher rate of fire, making this gun deadly.

RAOW-R8 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - For 500 you purchase this assault rifle. This has a great rate of fire and low recoil, but the cons are that you have to reload constantly and the power isn't too amazing. It's a good backup when you have a short range weapon.

Raiden-80 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - For 500 you purchase this assault rifle. The gun is very powerful and a fair rate of fire, however the kick is very harsh and difficult to make it useful at long range. However, very good breaching gun that takes out the majority of players, recommended once you get used to the kick.

AR Headshots - (5, 20, 50) - It can be a combination of these four assault rifles, as long as you get 50 Headshots in total. If you're going to try to do this without boosting, once you get them down do at must to aim for the head. Sometimes the lag will register it as a chest shot, so you have to be very precise.

Sub Machine Guns (Kills):

HIG-PDW44 - (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - IMO, the better of the two, this gun almost never loses close range gunfights since it's Rate of Fire is simply nasty. It maybe loses to a close gunfight against a shotgun, but easily wins against anything else.

Akagi-77 - (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - In general this SMG is very good as well with a smooth rate of fire. If used correctly you can make it feel like an assault rifle. However, compared to it's counterpart it's not as effective in close range.

SMG Headshots - (5, 20, 50) - It can be a combination of SMGs, as long as you get 50 Headshots in total. If you're going to try to do this without boosting, once you get them down do at must to aim for the head. Sometimes the lag will register it as a chest shot, so you have to be very precise.

Sniper Rifle (Kills):

Jugland R93 - (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - This one is far superior to it's counterpart as it's Semi-Automatic. You might need two shots without the Bullet Damage nanomachine so beware, thankfully the Rate of Fire in this Sniper will help you.

Yamato-50 - (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - If you're in the Freedom Fighters team, I'd avoid to use this gun as much as possible unless you need to if you're not boosting. It's a Bolt Action, but the way the game registers shots is really sloppy with snipers. Extremely rewarding to kill people with, but not worth the gamble half the time.

RAOW-SR1 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - For 650 you purchase this sniper rifle. As you're spending money, your bang for your buck is worth it. It's the best Sniper out of the three with a quick rate of fire and great damage. It is a bit pricey and dying will have it removed from your equipment, I'd only recommend it on times you can afford a Claymore to protect you.

Sniper Rifle Headshots - (5, 20, 50) - This actually isn't too difficult since sniping normally requires headshots for One Shot Kills, you might have a decent amount when you're done with them and you can mop it up via boost. Without boost, I'd definitely recommend setting up Domain Control lobbies since they're the best to get them.

Light Machine Gun (Kills):

M-489 SAW - (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - Both LMG weapons are fairly similar, if I'm not mistaken this gun has a slight faster rate of fire but it's nothing too different. LMGs in general are great weapons, but make you very slow and has slow recovering time (When barrel rolling).

Akagi-77 - (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - Similar to it's counterpart, both LMGs are very good in any situation and has enough ammo to hold off a few people at once. The slow reload time can pack a punch but it's as bad if you're from far range.

LMG Headshots - (5, 20, 50) - Won't be very common to get headshots with this gun since it's practical to spray at their body with all the lead you get, but you might get a few here and there if you try. Boosting these is also recommended.

Shotgun (Kills):

HIG-58 - (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - Shotguns are easily the best weapon in the game due to it's high damage, decent range and large spread. This will most probably be your first 100 Kills if you're not boosting as you'd have to rely on it often if you want to get a lot of kills especially on laggy games. Both are pump action, not much to recommend.

Yamato-51 - (10, 30, 50, 80, 100) - Same as above, although this one is used more often since it's abused in FFA, where you only play as Freedom Fighters. Pump action, so choose your shots wisely.

RAOW-S7 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - For 650 you purchase this shotgun. It has four shells, semi automatic. If you don't miss from close range, you get the kill. This is an easy 25 kills as long as you can get a good streak from time to time to afford it.

Shotgun Headshots - (5, 20, 50) - Getting these shouldn't be too difficult if you decide to play this on your own, the spread sometimes just randomly registers headshots. You most probably won't get all 50 when you're done with all three shotguns, but it should a decent amount if you try. Mop them up via FFA.

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Handguns (Kills):

Soldado 38P - (5, 20, 50) - In this game, when you get shot in a non head-area you will fall down similar to Call of Duty's "Last Stand/Second Chance", you will lay on the floor with a few seconds to shoot with your handgun or Revive yourself if you have a MedKit (Or have someone revive you.) You can get kills this way which eventually you will since you will need to get critical condition kills, which mostly happens when you kill someone at the brink of death or falling down.

Shinano-80 - (5, 20, 50) - You will be using this handgun in FFA, so you will most probably finish these kills first. You can also get these handgun kills manually, you will most probably take it out if you see someone you can't reach with your close range gun anyways.

LE-18 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - For 200 you purchase this handgun. It's actually an amazing gun, however not very practical since it's not too powerful. 25 kills isn't too difficult, but only I'd recommend downing someone first, whip it out and shoot them with it.

Handgun Headshots - (5, 20, 50) - To do these without boosting is pretty hard, but doable. When you're down your instinct is to aim for their head anyways, sometimes you get lucky and get them. I'd recommend boosting them via FFA.

Grenade Challenges:

Tip! Grenade throwing takes some time to get used to, you need to hold down the LT so you can get a guess on where it's going to land, but perfecting the throw is what's going to help you become a better player.

Frags - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - Frags is the default explosive equipment you start with, you can also purchase one for 200 if you want that extra chance. Normal Frags here are actually pretty terrible since usually they will only down a player, not kill them. So I'd recommend making a player go down, toss a frag at them and hope no one takes your kill as it's going to blow up. You might get these naturally as they're your default.

Smoke - (Buy It, 5, 25, 75) - Smoke Grenades are self explanatory, they create a smoke screen that can help you get through some tough situations, especially in Domain Control. You need to toss 75 of them, that's all. Simply buy them, throw, rinse and repeat. You purchase one for 100.

Stuns - (Buy It, 5, 25, 75) - Stuns are very good, it paralyzes who ever gets hit for about 5 seconds creating openings for rushing. However, it's expensive at 250 so to throw 75 of them is a bit less common, it's recommended to boost these but purchasing them little by little will eventually get you the challenge.

Remote Bomb - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - These are manually controlled triggered Frags, that's the only difference. Oh, and these actually kill with one blow. They're worth 250 but they're very useful if you can get the kill. It's spread ratio seems to be fairly small since it has to be almost direct impact for the kill.

Sticky - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - At an affordable 150 making this the most common frag to get, it's wide spread and powerful damage (one blow most of the time) makes this the most practical frag to use. Probably your first one completed in terms of kills.

Claymores - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - (5, 10, 25 Destroyed Claymores) - There's two challenges for this, you must get 25 kills with the claymores which isn't too difficult. However, you must destroy 25 of them that are on the ground placed by opponents. They're pretty pricey at 300 so it's advised to boost these.

Special Weapons (Kills):
Tip! These are the most expensive and often useless weapons in the game, with the exception of the two rocket launchers. It is heavily advised to boost these as getting them is very difficult.

Bulletproof Shield - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - (Take 10, 50, 250 Damage with Shield). At 1000, you get a shield that protects you from face to face damage but you only have your handgun and move like a snail. There's two challenges related to this shield, you must get 25 Kills via melee & taking up to 250 damage blocked by the shield. Once they see you with a shield, they pretty much flank you or spam grenades so I'd advise to boost this if possible.

HEMWL 5.8 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - At 1250 you get a Rocket Launcher with one rocket in it, it's extremely powerful and has a high spread ratio. Most of your double, triple and multi kills will be composed of this weapon if used correctly. However, you get one shot and missing means you burnt 1250 points. Quite the hit.

Nagato-78 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - For 2000 you get a Rocket Launcher with two rockets this time. You're open for one mistake or two times the bang by shelling out the 750.

OROCHI-G6 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - Spend 3000 and you get a Chaingun that rips through anything in it's path. However it limits your mobility and it's intimidating appearance means you will be the center of attention, you would want to boost these to get out of the way but getting 25 kills is possible.

IKAZUCHI M6 - (Buy It, 5, 10, 25) - For 5000 you get the beast, it's a Chaingun Sized Rocket Launcher with 6 Rockets in them, high spread ratio and pretty much guarentees kills once you shoot. However the same cons apply, and the worst con is actually spending 5000 Points, which requires a great streak to be able get the gun in the first place.


Match Results (Wins):

These challenges is what is going to be considered the grind of the whole Challenge, there's few shortcuts and there is none for FFA and Team Deathmatch except playing it out. TDM is where you're going to work on your Blue guns mentioned above. You just have to decide who's going on that team. You must win 30 Games on each gamemode, which is much longer than you'd think.

Free For All - (5, 10, 30) - This could be hardest or longest (depending if you're boosting) to finish. Unlike other games where they reward you for being top 3, not this one, you must WIN all 30 matches. If you're not boosting this, I'd recommend the shotgun and leaning the layouts of each map. There's no shortcuts for this gamemode and requires focus for all 10 minutes. If you're boosting, you need to trade one win for each person so that's 6 people times 30 wins = 180 Games in FFA alone.

Team Deathmatch - (5, 10, 30) - If you didn't boost your FFA wins, this is probably the most time you're going to put into this game in terms of matches. Each round is 10 minutes, but it's best out of three so that means the shortest amount of time is 20 minutes, the longest being 30 and if it's a tie then you wasted your time. If boosting, have people switch teams so they can work on their blue guns. Thankfully, if you're not host you can Idle and it won't remove you.

Team Survival - (5, 10, 30) - This gametype is faster as long as it's boosted, if not it can also take a fair amount of time. It's TDM but without Spawns, meaning you eliminate the whole team. For some reason, the round time is 10 which also means some rounds can take forever if the person is kind enough to hide and never show up. However, if you boost these you can quickly eliminate the opposite team 3 times and you get a win. These will take much less time than the others.

Operation - (5, 10, 30) - This is what you'd consider Search & Destroy in this game. A team is in offense with a bomb, the other team is on defense. This has the same rules as Survival except with a side objective. There are challenges linked to Operation and Demolition regarding Exploding Supplies and Defusing Bombs, so be sure to check that and trade those challenges with your partners. If you do this on your own, planting and defusing is very difficult because the bomb timer is 20 seconds and the bomb is very small making you visible. Win 3/5 Rounds and you win the match.

Demolition - (5, 10, 30) - Similar to Operation & Survival, it's a No-Respawn gametype. The only difference is that the bomb is in the middle of the map and either team can plant/defuse, making the challenges more practical to boost here. Same challenges are tired to Operation regarding Exploding Supplies and Defusing Bombs, so be sure to trade with your partners. Win 3/5 rounds and you win the match.

Data Capture - (5, 10, 30) - Data Capture is similar to Capture the Flag, the game length is only 10 minutes and there's challenges tied to this game mode which is Capturing Data and Recovering it, remember to boost this accordingly with your partners.

Domain Control - (5, 10, 30) - This is what some people refer to as "War". One team must capture three control points while the other teams holds them off as long as they can. There's a challenge tied to this game mode which is to Capture Points, so when on Offense do what you can to grab them. When boosting, be sure to let people trade rings to make it 2-2 each, then let the team who's going to win get the tie breaker.

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Personal Results (Objectives):

Personal Results are miscellaneous objectives in the Gamemodes: Demolition, Operation, Data Capture & Domain Control. It's recommended to boost them if possible but getting them by yourself is doable. Be sure to focus on these as you're getting the 30 Wins for each game type.

Game Mode: Operation/Demolition

Bomber - (5, 10, 25) - Destroy the supplies in Demolition or Operation. You must have the bomb and go to their bomb site, once you manage to plant it they have 20 seconds to defuse it or you win. The problem with this challenge is if you plant it and someone kills their last guy, depending on the timer it won't register as a bomb explosion so be wary when doing this.

Bomb Squad - (5, 10, 25) - Defuse the bomb in Demolition or Operation. It explains itself, someone must plant the explosives and you must manage to defuse them. Unless you kill the planter, it's highly unlikely you get to defuse it so be cautious when doing this. Boosting is definitely recommended.

Game Mode: Data Capture

Data Carrier - (5, 10, 25) - Contrary to what it says, you MUST score the Data and not just pick it up. Be sure to anticipate the opponents path by going the opposite side of their spawn, your teammates will help if they can. Boosting wise, there is no score limit so continue to let people score little by little.

Data Recoverer - (5, 10, 25) - Here you have to pick up your Data when it's out of the little ring around it. It should be noted that there tends to be a glitch where you kill the opponent who carries the bomb, but it doesn't allow you to pick it up when he drops it. We don't know the fix of it, only let them re-grab the bomb and kill that person.

Game Mode: Domain Control

Capturer - (5, 10, 25) - You must capture the rings when on offence, there's no challenge when you're on Defense but you get an XP bonus when killing the people who are capturing the ring. Be sure to have Smoke Grenades as they help you capture rings easier. When boosting, let everyone get in the ring on the Offence Team so it can be knocked out faster as it counts for everyone.

Awards (End Game Bonuses):

At the end of every game you get a piece of XP that goes towards your rank, even if you lose you get +100 for participating in the game so if you're boosting when Idle or losing you still get a small pinch of XP. If you're aiming for some of these on your own, you're going to have to study the game as much as possible. These aren't easy to get, and you usually have to be No.1 of the whole game to get the most rewards in a match, boosting these might be a little tedious since people would have to exchange getting No.1 but with some persistence you can pull it off.

Grim Reaper - (5, 10, 20) - Most kills in a match. The objective of the game is to get as much kills as possible, meaning this will be your primary goal most of the time. You might get this without knowing if you're playing on your own, as long as you know where they spawn and how is the best way to kill them.

Support Leader - (5, 10, 20) - Most assists in a match. You'd be surprised how often you get assists, even if you shoot them with a bullet or two and someone finishes the job you get an assist. The problem is, everyone gets assists very often so you're not the only one who gets them. When boosting this, just make sure to keep track of the assists.

Marksmen - (5, 10, 20) - Most Headshots in a match. I explained the best way to get headshots, so not it's best to apply it here. Down someone, aim for the head and hope for the best. If you get lucky and shoot someone from behind be sure to take advantage of it and aim for the head. Sniper is recommended but not needed.

Medical Expert - (5, 10, 20) -Most revives in a match. This is much harder than it looks, for some reason reviving someone takes forever in this game and unless someone from your spawn area got sniped from across the map there's almost no way of getting this. You have to use YOUR MedKit(s) to revive your teammate. Thankfully, since it's difficult not too many people try it so one revive will most probably do the trick for this award.

Unrivaled - (5, 10, 20) - Best K/D in a match. Another challenge that's harder than it looks, you may get MVP often but doing so means you risk your K/D. Having a high K/D is difficult unless you play a patient game, so I'd advise you to no risk much and use Claymores.

Score Champion - (5, 10, 30) - MVP in a match. You have to get the highest score between both teams to get this reward. If you're skilled in this game, you'll get this in no time. If you're trading wins you will most probably get this eventually.

Skill (Special Way to Kills):

One Shot, One Kill - (5, 20, 50) - Self explanatory. You must use a Sniper Rifle or a Shotgun to get these and get a close range kill with it to knock them down instantly. It will tell you that you got a "Single Shot Kill" when you get one.

Two Birds, One Stone - (5, 15, 30) - Double Kills. I'm not sure why they put these challenges in the game because in a 5v5 max room, getting a double kill means you need to get either a lucky kill or a good spawn trap and blow them up with a rocket launcher. It's advised to boost these asap.

Three of a Kind - (3, 5, 10) - Triple Kills. Although it's only 10, it's actually a lot since you can only do this by spawn trapping them in certain maps and get a lucky rocket or Sticky. Unless you find three down people and kill them as fast as possible.

Four on the Floor - (1, 3, 5) - Multi-Kills. This challenge is almost impossible to do on your own, as the same methods explained above only qualifies and there has to be four or more people on the opposite team. Do this on FFA when boosting.Things that can get you Multi-Kills are:

Sticky Bombs
Rocket Launchers
Remote Bombs

Kill Assistant - (5, 25, 75, 150, 250) - Assists. You actually get these a lot more often than you think so 250 is actually a fair number. If you're boosting, ask them to let you shoot someone in the foot and let them finish them off while they're boosting something. 250 is a pretty big number, but it's actually one of the easier challenges to finish.

Variety: (Misc.)

Aside from Medic, these challenges are fairly trivial and will be done during the progress of your Multiplayer Experience. You'd want to boost Medic as soon as you can since it's the only tedious challenge to complete.

Tip! To boost Medic, you will create a boosting lobby with Friendly Fire ON. That way you can revive your teammates and it will count towards your progress. Reviving 10 people can also net you the achievement, Lifesaver which can also be acquired in Campaign.

Back in the Fray - (5, 15, 30) - Revive yourself. When you're on the Brink of death/down, having a MedKit equipped will give you the option to revive yourself and get back in the fight. They can kill you while you're reviving yourself but at times it still registers as a revive.

Medic - (5, 15, 30) - Revive someone with your medkit. The hardest challenge of this section, you have to use your MedKit and pick someone up. Not only is this risky since it puts both of you at risk, but it's difficult to find someone down and not get shot.

Close Combat - (5, 20, 50) - Get Melee kills. Melee kills are very impractical so you're going to have to make sure you can get them while they're down as doing it in a close gun fight just results in you losing most of the time due to lag. Slowly but surely you will finish this one.

Avenger - (5, 15, 30) - Revenge is actually very easy, you must kill the person who killed you before. I have 200+ medals on these already so it will be fairly easy to get this without boosting. If you're boosting, just trade kills with your partner and you'll both get the medal easily.

Final Defiance (3, 5, 15) - Critical Condition Kills. This also registers as a "Tough Kill" when you kill someone while you're down. This is another trivial challenge since you will get this naturally, if you're boosting let someone down you then you finish them off. You'll have multiple occasions where you're going to have a showdown with someone both in last stand so spray that handgun and hope for the best. Do NOT try to revive yourself if you're both in a showdown.

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Resistance Hero
Resistance Hero 30
Clear all stages in INVASION mode.

Note! You MUST complete at least one of these stages completely. Meaning you must go from wave 1-50 in one go in order to get the Challenge completed for Challenge Master. You've been warned! Finishing 50 Waves in One Stage will net you the Achievement Still Alive.


Don't be fooled by the Bronze Coin (Representing a Bronze Trophy in PS3, meaning it's not as difficult.) because INVASION will test your patience to the max. INVASION is what most people compare it to horde mode in other games, where you survive a number a waves against a bunch of Enemies. What you need/recommended to be able to survive this challenge.

Players: 4
Mics/Communication: Yes
Level Recommended: 50 (Due to the +2 Medkit Nanomachine you get at Lvl 50)
Do I get XP In INVASION? Only if you beat wave 1-50
Time Estimate Per Stage: 3 hours+

The reason why we recommend for you to be Level 40 or above is because as you level up, you acquire Nanomachines that are similar to Perks for your Character. To get the Skill Settings you will go to the MP's Main Menu and press the "Back" Button. There you can edit your perks for reach character. Choose wisely which perks you're going to use, there's no point in having Point Increase when you're not aiming for that in this game mode.

The Goal:

INVASION has one goal, survive till wave 50. You will have intermissions between every 5 waves which consists of 4 waves or normal enemies getting harder and longer every 5 waves, and the 5th waves is the same thing except there will be Mini Bosses with Chainguns hosing you down. Also you can not rambo it up as taking only a few shots will end your road. People are allowed to die, they will respawn at the end of the wave. You have to notice one of the most important features and why the difficult spike increases massively. You have a limited amount of ammo during the 5 waves. There is a fixed amount of Ammo Boxes around the map where you guys have to communicate and ONLY grab them in times when you need them. This means that you should use guns with a large amount of Ammo like an LMG combined with the Extra Ammunition Nanomachine.

After the 5th Wave you will be able to spend your earnings on items from the Shop like in Multiplayer, which should be Claymores/Remote Bombs and MedKits. It's crucial to determine who buys what so no one spends any extra cash on something not needed so you can continue to save as the waves get harder.

At level 50 you will be granted the perk to grab 2 extra Medkits. Plus the perk that lets you have one extra Medkit gives you a total of 5 MedKits. This is heavily advised if you're looking to finish the Warehouse or Shibuya Map as they're much more difficult than Outside Agro-Center. There are three maps, you definitely want to go for Outside as your first map to finish as it's the easiest one (due to more movement options, especially in a clutch situation) and it gives you the mind set to get ready on what to expect for future waves.

The Enemies

There's a wide variety of enemies that come during these waves of terror, even if the first 15 Waves might be considered a bit trivial (depending on skill.) don't sleep on it! Especially once it's wave 25 you must focus for the next two hours or so to be able to clutch it whenever you can. Eventually they gain armor that requires a lot more ammo consumption than normal. Here's the breakdown on some of the enemies. Note! Will update, only played Outside Agro-Center map so far so the log will update as I play them. I will also update the name of the robots once I beat the game and check the logs if possible, if not they'll stay with the name people can associate it with the best.

Green Rifle Robots - Your default enemies; they're easy to kill and it's what you will be encountering for the first few Stages. I'd recommend a Sniper Rifle as it'll make good use of Ammo and kills for money.

Monkeys - They're the basic fast yet easy to kill enemies, do NOT waste ammo on them other than your handgun and Melees even on later levels unless you're choking. They're very easy to killl and normally come in huge packs. Don't be intimidated if the Wave has a high number of enemies as most should be Monkeys.

Crawling Mines - These come during the early/middle waves and not that often, they're technically a camper killer as they explode right beside you if you're still. Very easy to kill if you peg them a few times, remember to always barrel roll if you see one is going to explode.

Green Security Guards - These guys are actually more annoying than anything else, they're very slow and barely get good shots on you. However, they have a Bulletproof Shield which only let's you shoot a small open area in their foot or the opposite arm of their angle. Just shoot them down with your handgun in the foot and you're good to go.

Tan Snipers - These actually become a huge annoyance in later waves as they make sure you move once in a while although they almost don't move at all. If you see a red laser around you be sure to barrel roll until you identify his position, one sniper shot back at him should kill him.

Shotgun Brutes - High armor, high power. You want to stay as far away from these guys and do at must to ensure you don't get a free death with one mistake. These enemies aren't too common & thankfully they're easy to keep away, but their pack running is what makes them difficult the most.

Hercules - The big guys; you're going to be facing these at every ending wave. They have high health, and for having the huge Chaingun or Rocket Launcher their accuracy is dead on. Thankfully, they're extremely slow so you can take your time as long as you kill them eventually. This is when the clutch moments will happen the most since in most situations these guys randomly wipe out you/your squadmates. Once you hear shots from it's Chaingun do NOT test him and shoot back, if it's a rocket launcher then be sure to always shoot a bit in it's head and run away.

Red Mini Pistol Guards - Once these guys start showing up, this is when you have to focus hard. They play as good as other players in terms of covering and when to toss good frags at you. There is no good advice except to play consistently and outsmart them at all times. They don't have high health compared to others, but you must be on the move at all times.

Blue Shock Baton Robots - These suckers are very fast, they melee you with combo like moves that can easily knock you down if you're not careful! You really should be a Heavy Gunner to be able to shoo these guys off of you. Other than their speed, they're not much of a threat.

White Security Guards - The advanced version of the green ones, they have more accurate shots but the way to defeat them are the same. They run in much bigger packs during the last few waves so don't panic and be sure to take out the more important enemies before them. Please, keep your distance when fighting them. You risk a death if you try to rush them.

Shield Spiders - I actually don't know how do these things work, I used my RAIDEN to hose them down and they didn't even put up a fight.

Hollow Children - The advanced version of Monkeys, these are one of the main factors of the difficulty spike during the last few waves. They're fast and U-HAUL your ammo since they come in large packs. Thankfully, it's advised to purchase a Sticky Grenade and blow them off in chunks. The only disadvantage they have which you must exploit is that if they miss their melee it takes them a few seconds to get back up and try again.

Blue Snipers - The advanced version of the Tan Snipers, these guys prone and camp behind walls to snipe you and they're very accurate. They also move away if you're getting too close to them. The AI here is very well done, so it will be a challenge the whole way against these guys.

Red Rifle Robots - They're what I'd like to call "Devil Incarnate" in this. They come in the last 10 waves in the game and their biggest perk is that they're very fast with accurate rifle shots. You must have a showdown with one of these and hope you don't get sandwiched, not only that but the swarm of them during the last rounds is what makes the last 10 waves the real deal. Do at must to remove these guys first when encountering them. Good luck!

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The Maps

Sadly I can't find any sketch maps, so I will guide you via text guide. There really isn't much you can't discover on your own as well. I'm just going to guide you with the Map's Difficulty, Recommended Weapons and Main Spots.

Outside Agro-Center

Difficulty: 2/5
Weapons Recommended: Akagi-77, Yamato-50, RAOW-SR1, Raiden-80

This map is considered the easiest of the 3 due to it being more open, giving a lot more breathing room when in tight situations. The Ammo Boxes are also where you're going to be camping most of the time, the Middle Fountain. From wave 1-15 you can use the Bolt Action Sniper as it helps one shot killing most of them. By wave 30 and beyond you have to purchase the Semi-Auto Sniper then use a LMG or Shotgun as a Primary weapon. Later on the only thing good about the Semi-Auto Sniper is that it forces you to conserve ammo compared to other guns. After wave 35 you will want to learn the map's layout because you're going to be moving around a lot, tons of enemies will come from multiple directions and this is where the map is considered 2/5. You're going to want to clear a route and keep moving around, killing and coming back for Ammo when you can. Rinse and repeat.


Difficulty: 3.5/5
Weapons Recommended: Akagi-77, Yamato-50, Yamato-51 RAOW-SR1, RAOW-S7, Bulletproof Shield (After Wave 40), Hologram Grenades (After Wave 40)

This map is known as the Close-Quarters Map of the game, it challenges you to learn how to kill on the go while constantly moving from cover to cover as things are very closed in. You will camp near the Ammo Boxes while defending the end that the enemies spawn by, the snipers should cover the end of the long hallway so it can be easier on the other LMG/Shotgun guys. The map has a serious difficulty spike after wave 35 which where I seriously recommend 3/4 LMG Guys with RAOW-S7, 1/4 w/ LMG/Shotgun & RAOW-SR1 for Sniping. After wave 40, you guys have to agree on who's going to purchase the Shield because that person is going to be the diversion for the others which is crucial due to lack of choke points. Once you continue this pattern, make sure you stay together at ALL times near the shield guy, if he wanders off he will die... a lot. Play keepaway with the Hercules with the IKAZUCHI because one rocket has a blast radius to kill the whole team if you're not careful. Good luck!

Shibuya Central Station

Difficulty: 4.5/5
Weapons Recommended: Akagi-77, Yamato-50, Yamato-51 RAOW-SR1, RAOW-S7, Bulletproof Shield (After Wave 30), Hologram Grenades (After Wave 35)

This map is considered the hardest map between the three, with good reasons. The Ammo Boxes are located in two separate locations, the Plaza near the Staircase and the Middle of the Map. The biggest problem is the Middle of the Map boxes will mostly be used for clutch situations because it's really difficult to be able to grab them otherwise. The spot that most people use is the Staircase area, during the first waves you can snipe them easily and knock them down one by one until you get to the tougher waves. The problem with this map is that compared to the three, wave 35-50 is pure hell. The enemies are fast and toss grenades, meaning you have to be aware in that cramped little area. You really should use a Bulletproof Shield guy at the bottom of the stairs distracting as much enemies as possible, but you need multiple plans in case he dies. At the 2nd Story of the staircase there's a way you can jump out, however if you jump you get stunned which kills you often so I'm going to give you this useful tip: To avoid fall stun you must Barrel Roll twice, you're going to Barrel Roll until you fall and then Barrel Roll again to avoid stun, this helps a lot and you MUST know this technique to be able to clutch. During my run in this map, I personally camped the spawn where they jumped over the house and boxes with my auto-shotgun and LMG. The other three held it down in the Staircase and I only helped them when they were under a lot of pressure. This map is the hardest, so if you pull it off with your teammates kudos to you!

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Teh Phantomz
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This is amazing, great job will come in handy. I have a tip for invasion, well actually it was your tip. The higher level you are the better as you have the better mods.
I saw this in a movie about a bus that had to SPEED around a city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, it would explode. I think it was called..."The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down".

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Yeah, I was going to make an introduction to the Multiplayer and explain the basics but I know this game's community won't be as active so it's not really worth it. I guess it depends on how big the thing grows as there's certain tips you can do to avoid having some of the glitches happen.

You pretty much need to have people at a high level, the perks that you get at the end are very nice. (Currently at level 43.) Level 50 takes so long, but thankfully the challenges help a lot if you boost them. We got some guy from Level 1 to level 21 in a day of boosting.
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Great job! And thanks for the added info, this def helps alot of ppl out. But as u mentioned the on-line community is very small for this game and getting into an MP game just be selecting quik match is already a husle because most already had set up small groups of gamers that join up and then start matches what leaves u without chance joining in. Ofcourse u can set up your own match but again because the low activity on-line it takes ages to fill if at all. The annoying thing is while u set up on match and instead of ppl joining u they try to set up their own matches lol.
Invasion is happered by kinda the same issues realy, if u been able to have 4 random ppl in it always seem to happen that ppl leave in the middle of the game without reason.
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Yeah, plus the heavy launch this week (Mass Effect 3 & Street Fighter x Tekken) will make the community be even smaller. Lack of advertising really put a slap on this game's multiplayer community.

You have a better chance finding three other players that you can talk to, because during the last waves it's too stressful to not being able to talk to them when to back you up. If you lose during Wave 49 (Which someone has in the leaderboards lol) you have to start ALL over again with no XP gained.
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my tip for invasion is for the waves up to 20 buy the shield when u can as u can melee all robots, the larger ones u can do too but it's more harder as they can do damage to u, frags and the exploding spiders can still kill u with the shield as can the guys with the gatling gun or rocket launcher.

most randoms i played the game with were wasting ammo and i never even used any for the lower rounds as i just kept smashing them with the shield, i let the randoms take out the ones i couldn't get to like the snipers.

the shield is a must imo.

i only got to wave 22, so i don't know about anything after that, but in the campaign i even used the shield against the ninja robots so i take it they will be in invasion.
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I'm telling you...the bolt-action sniper is top tier. It one-shot kills EVERYTHING(not including mini-bosses) up until wave 15 or so. Even if you're a horrible sniper it really is a beastly weapon. And it has about 60 shots in it! That's waaay better than getting 2 grenades or a shotgun that you have to put yourself at risk to use.
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Those guns notes are for MP. Not INVASION, but I will use it for my tips in the future. Thanks for the note!
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I finally completed Challenge Master, only boosting some of the most difficult challenges (Defusing Bombs, Special Weapon Kills, Multi-Kills) but most of the Wins I did myself. I'm very happy to finally finish the MP portion and once I knock out INVASION, I'll be finishing Single Player at my pace and finish. (:
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A little bump in case people lurk this sub-forum and are still curious on the requirements.
Thank you, Gackt. (:

i r guy. || XBLA & Fighting Game addict.
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Very nice, thanks so much.
One difference I've personally found was for Domain Control. When I took control of an area, a challenge complete of 20 popped up that was not gold (so I assume silver). So Maybe the challenge is 5 20 50? I'm not entirely sure, but if one pops up later I'll be sure to post it. It's possible the 20 was for something else that coincidentally went off at the same time.
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