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Mass Effect
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Adept Achievements?

So I played through as a soldier. Now I'm mopping up Adept achievements. Stasis and Singularity are the only Biotic achievements left to unlock.

I read in a guide on this forum to start an Adept save and cast Stasis and Singularity on the Terminus Systems panel or on Pinnacle station. What the guides DON'T tell me is how to unlock the Stasis and Singularity abilities as an Adept.

Can someone please tell me how to obtain Stasis and Singularity on a new Adept save and how long it will take to acquire them. Thanks.

EDIT: I read the Mass Effect wiki and figured it out. You unlock Singularity and and Stasis as well as other's when you upgrade current abilities.

Singularity = Unlocked at Warp 7
Stasis = Unlocked at Barrier 4
Lift = Unlocked at Throw 6

Just wish this was mentioned in the official achievement guide.
(I'm new to the Mass Effect series)

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Thanks for this, I'll make a note.

I've just tried ME1 on an offline profile and got to the Citadel meeting, I enjoyed it as the combat was relaxed and easy compared to manic FPS games, hope it stays like this i'll( started on casual).

I wonder if an ME1 veteran would step up and write a new guide or the author of the current one rewrite it.

I want to plan to get all achievements in most efficient way/time/playthroughs.
What difficulties to select, what type of character to be and achievements can be got to(some of them I think I can work out, but would be nice to confirm).

Explain (using spoilers) some of the story, so for I feel like a lot of detail is thrown at me without a video to help digest it, instead we get beautiful video of the ship docking.
Just want to make sure I didn't miss anything important.

Also include anything we should ideally do (spoilers) for import into ME2, how does that work, does it use you're last career that you completed (not played) to determine options in ME2 or does it read all your characters careers (can't see how that would work).

Maybe a little early but same for ME3, such as the(most of US are thinking it) what do K have to do for my Shepherd to do the nasty with the human chick or blue alien chick or the Chewbacca look-a-like (joke).

Perhaps they could do the same for ME2 as well.
Might even be handy to have them posted in the ME3 forum, or maybe just a post linking back to these new guides for the previous games.

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