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Achievment tips. Look inside

First tip.

I would recommend playing through the campaign first. Since in each level you get much more experience than playing online. For beating the fifth level alone, on normal difficulty I got 19,000 experience compared to around 2000 for playing a 10 min multiplayer game. .

Second tip. Relates to the first one. Many of the achievements relate to unlocking abilities and buying guns. Which I would continue to stress by playing the campaign. Play through the game or replay levels to get more exp to unlock eveyrthing. Simple

Revival achievmeent

Dont worry about boosting this one. Your AI teamates are so bad they need to be revived dozens of times during the campaign. It will come naturally. had it by the 5th mission

Bloody good time achievement

another achievement people try to boost which is not necessary. If you have the tactical SMG or any other high blood frenzy weapon you will get this quickly. NOTE that you CANNOT start getting blood frenzy until the second level of the campaign. I got the achievement by the third level without even trying.

A gun by any other name achivement

The best way to do this is just to keep picking up guns the enemies drop. You only need the weapon types, not all weapons. Example, you need a

Sniper kill
Assault rifle kill
SMG kill
Shotgun kill
Flamethrower kill
Grenade launcher kill.

Pretty simple

Organic shield achievement

in the later levels there are tons of zombies together , just simply grab one and kill 5 others in it. I got it the first time you even saw a zombie. Remember melee with the B button then hold it down to grab onto a zombie

Clingy achievement
Hat trick achievement
Stop squirming achievement
Green thumb achievment

All come naturally IF you decide to kill everyone you find. I got them all by the 5th mission

Tongue tied achievement

this one is not bad at all. Most people try to boost it online by waiting for someone to get grappled. The best way to do this is in campaign on the second mission. Towards the end your in a room FULL of them and your teammates get caught every five seconds. Just dont leave this room untill you got the achievement.

Like a bee achievement
Up close and personal achievement
Skill or luck achievement
Now thats G achievement

These are simple if you know what to do. Set up a private match of biohazard since this mode is the longest time. Set it to End days, its the smallest, easiest map to navigate around and boost these achievments. The melee ones are best to have 4 people. 3 on one team and 1 on the opposite. The reason why is you want 1-2 people guarding the one person who is trying to go for the achievement. If you do the melee finisher attack (hit be 3 times then hit Y) the person will die very quickly. Try this on the roof or in the area where you have to return the samples. If your doing this right One person can get ALL of these achievements in one match.

Fallen Idols achievement
Supreme survivors achievement

Same strategy as above. have 5 people for hero mode, have them all in one area, protect the person who wants the achievement and kill each hero one at a time. Remember, you need 4 people on one team and the one who wants the achievement on the other. Survivor one is even easier, 4 on one team 1 on the opposite everyone on the one team of 4 get in the chopper the one of the opposite not get on.

All achievements can be obtained in private games. Good luck
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Now we are talking!

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feel try to use this for the guide or not.
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