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Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting
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A Sigh of Relief (tips)

Well, after about 3 years of having this game, I finally unlocked "Perfect World Champion" and completed this game. What's hilarious is that there was a period of time where I kept trying over and over to beat this back then. Today, I randomly decided to try for the achievement again, and I did it in only 3 tries. I used Bison, and I got some tips for some of the tough fights I had most trouble with.

1) Balrog. This butthole was always the guy who I was worried about way before I even got to face him. But after some quick analysis during one of my failed attempts today, I noticed that he is less likely to counter or completely negate your Psycho Crusher if you use the LIGHT version. It requires a bit of good timing, but he'll either get hit, take two hits of chip damage, you'll trade, or he'll stuff your attempt. I usually opened up the match by walking backwards, waited to see if he was following me, then Psycho Crusher. After that, I kept jumping back and spamming HEAVY kick in the corner. Now this part requires luck and can go either for you or against you. During my failed attempts, I tested out these methods and Balrog either got perfected by constantly walking into the jump kick spam, or he caught on and stood still, or he used his cheap ass Dash uppercut spam to lock me down. When I beat him in my successful attempt at the achievement, I perfected him the first round, and won the next round with just a pixel of health. Best of luck.

2) Bison. Now people get worried about him, but again use the LIGHT Psycho Crusher to get some chip damage. I found myself getting grabbed half the time after using the MEDIUM and HEAVY version because they travel more of a distance and are more likely to leave you cornered if not spaced the right way. If they get blocked, Bison's throw does more damage than normal, so avoid that. He likes to stick out his Standing Heavy kick, so each time I saw him flinch I let out Psycho Crusher to try and stuff him. Some times we traded hits, but most times I stuffed him. He also spams his HEAD STOMP. I made sure to have a LIGHT Crusher charged while blocking to escape bing trapped by it. Sometimes I even hit him while trying to escape . If you get cornered, using the HEAVY psycho crusher proved very effective for me in escaping.

3) The Psycho crusher spam method works on almost every character once you learn how to predict the AI's moves. However, Dhalsim NEVER blocks Bison's Crouching HEAVY kick (the slide), so spam that to beat him. Zangief gets perfected ALMOST EVERY TIME by the jumping kick spam in the corner if your timing is right, so do that, because his Spinning Lariat can sometimes beat your Psycho Crusher and the next thing you know, you're being grabbed in exchange for 50% life lol. If you're close enough to Sagat and have a Crusher charged, you can beat his Tiger Shots before they have a chance to come out due to the long extension of his arms. Even if you trade with that move, the damage trade-off is in your favor. Always remember to keep restarting until you get RYU as the first fight, as he is much cheaper and more annoying as one of the later fights.

If you guys have any questions please let me know and I will be glad to help. I am a fighting game enthusiast and I have completed almost every Capcom fighting game on Xbox, so if you want general tips as well if you're interested in improving your overall strategy in other titles, I am here. I've helped plenty and would like to continue doing so

Sorry for the huge text wall, I am just trying to be thorough for those who are struggling with this cheap AI as I did for almost 3 years lol.
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