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Shotest Shogi
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Thumbs up Achievement Guide

Shotest Shogi Achievement Guide

As of now, the game is only available in Japan so if you want to buy it, you're gonna need a jap account and a MS points card.

Introduction: Basically this game is the Japanese equivilant to Chess. A few of the rules differ from the western version of the board game but in essence if you're good at chess, you'll be good at this. I could go into how to play the game and rules and whatnot but the tutorial achievements force you to learn anyway.

Complete all sections of the beginner tutorials.

Just complete the beginner tutorials, very easy. Complete: The Game Of Shogi, The Pieces,Promoting Pieces, Captures and Drops, and An Example Game.

Note about the tutorials: They are EXTREMELY boring and time consuming and if you want to know how to play the game, you must read it all. I really think they should've added some voice or SOMETHING in this game to make the tutorials less tedious, its almost unbearable.

Complete all sections of the intermediate tutorials.

Just complete the intermediate tutorials. Complete: The Three Phases, Shogi Castles, Piece Tactics, Tsume Shogi, and Hisshi Problems.

Complete all sections of the advanced tutorials.

Just complete the advanced tutorials. Complete: Advanced Castles, Advanced Tactics, Advanced Tsume, and Advanced Hisshi.

Local Winner
Beat any opponent in career mode.

Just beat the first guy, he isn't too hard but if you're having trouble, see "Career Hero".

Shogi General
Earn a skill rating of more than 1200.

For this achievement, you're gonna need to play single player, use the same technique as you did for beating all the characters, but you're gonna need a good website so you don't lose very often.

Shogi Master
Earn a skill rating of more than 1600.

See "Shogi General"

Xbox LIVE Winner
Win first online match.

The easiest way to get this achievement and the one for 3 wins and 7 wins is to host a player match and invite a friend. When he joins, start the game and each of you move one piece. Whoever needs to lose, then quit out and the other person will get a win for it. I believe that this method also works for the 25 xbox live games played achievement.

Xbox LIVE Winner 3
Win 3 online matches in a row.

See "Win first online match"

Xbox LIVE Winner 7
Win 7 online games in a row.

See "Win first online match"

Xbox LIVE Player
Play to completion 25 online matches, win, lose, or draw.

Just use the same method as you did for the "xbox live winner" achievement and after a while you should get it.

Career Hero
Defeat all 16 computer opponents in career mode.

For this achievement, you need to beat every single player person. To do this, go to This Website and start a new game and at the same time start a game on your 360. I haven't tried yet, but hopefully the AI on the computer version is good enough to beat the 360 vesion AI. On the PC version put it so the AI version goes first if you're going first on the 360. The wherever the AI guy goes on the PC version, go there. and when its your turn on the PC verison go where the 360 AI went last turn. I hope that makes sense, its hard to explain. Just think about it and It will hopefully make sense.

Career Loser
Lose three games in a row in career mode.

For this achievement, just start the single player match and resign, do this 3 times and you'll get the achievement.
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No offense but this is not a guide.
There needs to be walkthroughs, especially for the tutorials, not just brief descriptions on what to do. That's worse than reading the achievement description itself. Example,

"Just complete the intermediate tutorials. Complete: The Three Phases, Shogi Castles, Piece Tactics, Tsume Shogi, and Hisshi Problems."

I know I have to complete those, that's obvious since it tells you right on the menu screen. But how do I complete it? I'm stuck on one of the castle parts.
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I thought the guide was well done.
Individual walkthroughs of the tutorials may have helped me complete them, but they aren't necessary. The web-based application that is linked did not help me beat the AI. Seriously, even the easiest dude is hard.
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Old 09-18-2009, 08:53 PM   #4
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I tried using that web app and the 3rd guy (Joe) kicked its a$$. I could do better than that app.
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The easiest way would be if someone just went through the tutorials and posted them on youtube. If no one does that, I'll do it (if I manage to complete them that is).
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Ok, I've done the tutorials. Here're the links:




In each video description I put a list of contents to make things easier. I hope that helps.
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If you can, please help us get this guide published to the site, and get your name eternally imprinted on the site!

If you are the OP, this doesn't mean you can't finish it off on your own, do that and we will remove it from the Greenbook

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