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Old 03-26-2012, 02:16 AM   #1
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Top 5 Most Annoying Characters

5. Adam Jenson... just his voice.
4. James Vega
3. Ashley from Mass Effect... Stupid renegade bitch
2. Every Character in Bulletstorm (They are all obsessed with the word dick)
1. Every Character from Gears of War 3 (TERRIBLE campaign. Most annoying characters I have ever seen. Don't know how anybody can even stand these games.)

Epic fucks up everything they touch...
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I mak3 big boom
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1. Diana Allers
2. Diana Allers
3. Diana Allers
4. Diana Allers
5. Diana Allers
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1 kat (halo reach)
2 may (pokemon)
3 all fable 3 npc
4 all npc
5 lupo (R.E. O.R.c.)
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1. Ghost Fish on Ninja Gaiden
2. Soap from Modern Warfare series (Dies 3 freaking times! )
3. The Rookie (Halo ODST)
4. Hunter from Spyro the Dragon series (Yes, I know how to freaking jump
5. Try hards on CoD
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1. Slippy Toad
2. The Owl (Ocarina of Time)
3. Liara
4. Natalya (Goldeneye)
5. Every cop in every GTA game
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Old 04-02-2012, 12:05 AM   #6
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Gamertag: dimon94xx
Just for 2012(Every year brings at least 20 extremely annoying chars anyway):
5: Ivy (SoulCalibur 5): Just because of the voice actor
4: Lupo (RE: ORC): Yet another annoying female squad leader
3: Patroklos (SoulCalibur 5):"Malfested...malfested....blah blah....malfested"
2: Alyn Shir (Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning): Had to search the name, lol
1: Diana Allers (Mass Effect 3)
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ShadoW zonE
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Gamertag: ShadoW zonE1233
1.Guilty Spark (Halo 3)
2.Enzo (Bayonetta)
3.Roy Earle (L.A. Noire)
4.Irish (RDR)
5.Zero (GTA:SA)

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Old 04-12-2012, 01:43 AM   #8
Lady Bamelot
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Gamertag: MelissaOliver
1. Ashley from Resident Evil 4. (If I hear her yell 'Leon' 1 more time...)
2. Gary Oak from the Pokemon series. (Or Ass, as my boyfriend named him)
3. Kintaro from Mortal Kombat.
4. Every character from Dead Island.
5. Mary and James from Silent Hill 2. They just talk so damn much! "Mary..." "James..." "Mary..." "James..."

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Old 04-12-2012, 04:03 AM   #9
1 up
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1. sonic the hedgehog
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1. Louis - left 4 dead 2. Sheva - resident evil 3. All survivors from dead rising 4. Lydia - Skyrim 5. Those god damn ass holes that try and get me to go to bed when I don't want to in bully.
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Old 04-13-2012, 02:09 PM   #11
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Gamertag: rafa1000house
5 - mad harassers from Assassin's Creed
4 - mad harassers from Assassin's Creed
3 - beggars harassers from Assassin's Creed
2 - beggars harassers from Assassin's Creed
1 - beggars harassers from Assassin's Creed
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Old 04-20-2012, 07:43 PM   #12
combustible lemon
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Gamertag: unsnaggedfive3


most of noble team (halo reach) who die in dumb un-spartany ways
-kat-for some unknown reason her shields were down so she gets taken out in one hit and she drives like chimp on acid
-carter-suddenly mortally wounded by banshees despite the pelicans windows being unscathed
-emiel-spends about 1 minute staring at a dead zealot whilst another comes from behind and finishes the bugger off via natural selection

the little lamplight brats(fallout 3)-never will you wish so badly that you were able to brutally slaughter small children with a very big gun. And the only one you can do something bad to (trick into being abducted by a slaver dressed like a gimp) is the only nice one in the whole goddamn sh** hole

The stuck up brat that is the only other child born in your village in the pokemon games who is adamant he/she is infinitely superior to you despite never beating you ONCE in his/her miserable life. I mean can you imagine having to spend you entire childhood with 1 little sod of that magnitude-no wonder you leave at the age of 10.
Also they invariably have a functioning family whilst your father has always left/died leaving your mother to raise you alone.

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5. Ashley from Mass Effect
4. Beggars from Assassin's Creed 1
3. Slippy Toad from Star Fox
2. Navi from Legend of Zelda
1. Friends in GTA IV calling you what seems like every 5 minutes and asking to play darts or pool or whatever
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Old 04-24-2012, 12:57 AM   #14
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1. Kat (Halo: Reach) - "Where are you going?" I JUST DIED WOMAN. Where do you think I'm going, to get lunch?
2. Hobson (Fable 3) - Does he EVER shut up?
3. Ria (Skyrim) - She's just annoying.
4. Louis (Left 4 Dead)
5. Zoe (Left 4 Dead)
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Old 04-24-2012, 03:32 AM   #15
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Gamertag: SteamrollerMann
*Minor spoiler for Red Dead Redemption if you haven't beaten the game (#1 on my list)

5) Pigsy from Enslaved (trying to steal my girl, Trip)
4) Witches from Left 4 Dead (mainly because my CPU co-op partners suck and alert her every time!)
3) Jack Rourke from Need for Speed: The Run (fail)
2) Marcus Fenix from Gears of War series (I like the Gears of War series but Marcus is just a stereotypical brute that grunts-not much personality)
1) Jack Marston from Red Dead Redemption (I play through the whole game and develop a huge bond with John and then he has to go and die and I have to play as his son Jack. I hated that!)
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Do Japanese video game characters count? They'd have a leg up, being inherently annoying and all.

Maybe that's just me. Or maybe it's because I can't get Jansen from Lost Odyssey out of my head.

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Old 04-24-2012, 07:01 AM   #17
XxPikachu 95xX
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1. Sheva (Resident Evil 5) - you freaking suck on Professional! You call yourself a special agent!!!!
2. Cole Train (Gears Of War 3) - If you make that WOO sound once more i swear im gonna....
3. Ashley (Resident Evil 4) - Leon, Help!!! SHUT UP WOMAN!! IM COMING!!!
4. All the 10 year old that play MA15 games
5. The Professors (Pokemon) - Out of all people you choose a 10 year old to go complete your unfulfilled dream? Peadophiles
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most annoying characters 1 - 5

#5. Ashley (resident evil 4)
the annoying "LEON!" constantly, and not ducking down fast enough when shes in the middle of me and a zombie, and im holding a SHOTGUN. Ugh it was fun killing her though.

#4. Alpha-152 (dead or alive 4 and beyond) Most annoying boss in doa4, she spams like a champ and loves it. Thank god for the '1 round per game' or id never beat her!

#3 Roman Bellic (Grand Theft Auto 4) Was going on a date with the girl i picked up, and roman called, so i though id run over to go do what he needed first. Since i thought i wouldn't have a time limit. Yah fooled me! failed and couldn't go on the date, so i stopped playing after that. :P

#2 All the AI (Farcry 2) Most annoying part of the game!! stopped playing after the 100th time i got attacked for no reason while looking for diamonds

#1 All the AI Characters (Left 4 Dead 1 and 2) Ugh there is soooo many times i killed them just because they took my pills, or health packs when im half dead, and they used them when there only 50% instead of helping me. Other times is they dance over my body while im dying, or having a hunter owning me and there busy picking each other up.
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CET Moderating Bear
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Originally Posted by DEG23 View Post
4. Natalya (Goldeneye)

This. This. A thousand times this.

God I hated maps with Natalya...Stupid, stupid Natalya. Always doing dumbass shit getting herself killed making me replay what is otherwise an incredibly easy stage.
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Skorpion XBA
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1. Ashley from RE4 - "!" Drove me crazy
2. Sheva from RE5 - Repetitive sayings
3. Jillian from Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure - made me want to kick my TV
4. Michael Tillotson from Deadly Premonition - just hated the way he rhymed and continuously say "Sir Francis York Morgan" or " says Mr. Stewart."
5. Draco Malfoy from LEGO Harry Potter - his annoying laugh when he was in the background of areas you were working in.
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Gamertag: ll Eldave0 ll
1. Slippy (Starwing)
2. Ashley (RE4)
3. Navi (Zelda)
4. Diana Allers (ME3)
5. That short kid from Eternal Sonata...
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1. Zimos (Saints Row: The Third)
2. Set (Red Dead: Redemption)
3. A.I. (whole Call of Duty serie)
4. Darksiders (Vulgrim)
5. A.I. (Left 4 Dead)
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So much hate for the wrong Mass Effect characters. Liara and Vega were two of my favourite in the whole game (Liara #1 favourite)

1. Kaiden Alenko (the right character to hate in Mass Effect)
2. Jason (Far Cry 3 - The island is full of amazing character but the played character is so dull)
3. Lars (Tekken 6 - The only good thing about this tacked on Tekken story was the intro of Alisa)
4. Altiar/Connor/Kenway (Assassin's Creed - not so much Kenway, but annoying that nothing so far has lived up to Ezio)
5. Diana Allers (Mass Effect again, not so much a character as a blow up doll nobody finds attractive)
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4.)Max from Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
5.)Riley from CoD: Ghosts (Call me crazy but that dog just annoys the shit out of me. Like really... we're using a dog to help save the free world and take down the federation.)
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I always thought tails was very annoying in the sonic games
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1. Hope from Final Fantasy XIII..
2. John Madden.... hated listening to none yard run...
3. Chairman Prescott from GoW
4. Connor's mother from Dragon Age
5. Kiara from TMNT arcade game
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#5 A.I in the old Syphon Filter games who die when you need them alive.


#3 Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 (nuff said)

#2 The amount of thugs in the Arkham series, just leave me alone when I'm trying to solve the riddles/murder mysteries.

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1. Basicly any A.I. that drives a vehicle where I'm in
2. Cops in all GTA games
3. Basicly any A.I. you need to escort/protect that bugs/glitches
4. All the enemy A.I.'s in the 1st Splinter Cell (They sound incredibly dumb)
5. The guy you control in every Trials game

This propably turned into more like "Top 5 most hated characters".

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5. Cops in GTA: San Andreas (made worse with the absence of checkpoints)
4. Erin in Thief (fuck that bitch)
3. Claptrap (in a funny way usually)
2. Kat from Halo: Reach
1. Link from Zelda

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