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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi
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Lightbulb Ideas for the next Dragon Ball Z title

These are just MY opinions on what I think they should pit in the next instalment of DBZ.

Now I suggested ideas for Sonic & Sega All Stars 2 so I know what I'm doing and I'm a HUGE DBZ fan and played all of the games so know what I'm talking about here. First of all Ultimate Tenkaichi was a bit of a let down dur to the fighting system having a complete overhaul and taking the one thing that made the Tenkaichi series standout from title like Mortal Kombat, SoulCalibur, Street Fighter ect. But you and I can't disagree that the cutscense for Supers and Ultimates were like nothing I've ever seen in a DBZ game. So here's my ideas for the next DBZ game.

Fighting System: the first thing I'm going to touch on Is the most important ingredient to this recipe or whatever the he'll I'm blabbering on about, anyway the fighting system should be kept the same as Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (if for some reason you haven't heard or play BT3 then I'd advice you to watch some gameplay of it otherwise you won't know what I'm speaking about) the gameplay was fluid and the amount of combos made the fights seem to differ each and every time you fought, but they could make the X button so that you punch and the B button so you can kick so that you can have more of a variety towards you combo's, now the cutscences from UT can be added as little mini games to get the upper hand on your opponent, just like when your doing a beam struggle. This will add to the tension of the fight and the suspence to make it feel more like a DBZ fight.

Fighting Stages: I have a brilliant idea for this that could actually work if done right, you can still chose between what stage you want but ALL the stages are put together so you cab fight between, to and across all stages. Now this is were it could be a problem but since Star Wars Battlefield 3 can't do it anymore you can fight into space, if that can't work then there could be like a cutscene or mini game where you battle into space. This DOES and I mean DOES seem like a bit to much to ask for, oh and this isn't all of my ideas so you've been warned but things like this places the drama and the real elements to the game that brings it closer to be more and more like the show. Also I thought when battle to space you could fly to namek while your there but who knows and if a character with a large ki ball ultimate e.g. Frieza, you could do that ultimate attack and the opponent has to defend against it otherwise it destroys earth. This is all opinions but who be a HUGE change

game modes for MP + SP: now the MP in UT wasn't at it's best considering you had to guess most the time which made the battle like a game of chess, but Raging Blast 1 & 2 don't get off with it easy as well, it was hell as fun to play but in overall it become tedious and there were a limited amount of modes to play. Now I'm not the only one here who've said the exact same suggestion im about to name but I might as well go for the gusto here. These game modes must be included for offline and online: 2 Vs 2, 3 Vs 3, 4 Vs 4, 5 Vs 5, Tenkaichi battle royal (up to ten people) co-op missions, survival, time attack, point attack, tag tournaments and the list go's on and on and on.

Characters: basically all I need to say is ADD ALL CHARACTERS, GT AND DB, heck even what if characters like SSJ3 gohan and trunks, SSJ Bardock, SSJ4 Vegito ect.

Story: now UT did a fantastic job of the story but it missed out most of the plot due to lack of characters, but I think they should stop living in the past and make up some more sagas even more what ifs so it keeps it fresh and we're not repeating the same story over and over. This would make the game more interesting and would allow more What if characters ti be added. It's all I'm asking nothing much, well maybe.

Character creation: one of the main reasons I bought UT is because if the character creation, I was so excited to FINALLY create my DBZ fan character and in sure you all want to do the same...well, the creational direction towards your character was down right plain and stake because they didn't offer as much creation as we want, all they did was put in some pre made clothes like trunks, goku ect. And let's you change the colour. Now the hair wasn't to bad but there could of been and different selection instead ofactual DBZ character hairs. Also it's a shame that you can only go SSJ. So what they can do to improve on this would: have more variety in clothes e.g. Being able to and patterns and designs, being able to change your top and bottoms instead of both, tone and pitch of voice (like SoulCalibur V), being able to create you own supers and ultimate or just changing the colour and motion of previous moves, being able to chose from a selection of genders and races like namekians, females, aliens, androids ect. And finally if you a Sayian you can create you own transformation style like the style of hair, colour and go up into SSJ4. All these changes are what need to expand the creation section to make it as good as games like SoulCalibur V.

Destruction: if they have Havok teaming up with them then the stages destruction when you blast you opponent to the ground or through a wall, the motion will look more realistic especially if it's like Red Faction.

Well that's all for now, if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to reply, Thanx for reading this article

Peace Out.
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did you see the guy who pitched to namco about RB3 his plans were incredible but sadly they didn't follow his ideas
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