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Alan Wake's American Nightmare
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I'm stuck at 120/200 unless I learn how to dodge

I got 1500 in the original Alan Wake and beat the campaign in American Nightmare rather easily... I thought I was good at dodging but after trying to play the arcade I realize that I don't know how to time a dodge properly at all!

Does anyone have any tips? Because if I cannot learn how to dodge then I'll probably give up on arcade mode and just be content with my 120/200 in American Nightmare. I can't get anything done on Cemetery. =(
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Just need to remember you cant spam the button

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I had just gotten all of the achievements the other day. I was originally having trouble dodging at first, and I still did at times, but I'll give some tips that I found worked great.

- Only run when you either immediately finished dodging or if you are 100% in the clear. You can never dodge an enemy's attacks when you are already running, so the only way to dodge them is from a walking/stationary position.
- Only press the run/dodge button when you're sure the enemy is attacking. This may seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's second nature. You'll learn what their attacks are and know what to look for.
- Make sure you collect all of the manuscripts first so you can get the good guns in arcade. Having the magnum/automatic shotgun work wonders.
- Spend the first 2-2.5 minutes of the match collecting flares/flashbangs/flare gun (and ammo), and the magnum/automatic shotgun...along with dodging enemies to get your multiplier up to 7, 8, or 9. Once there, kill the enemies and don't stop moving.
- For the graveyard, caves, and trailer park, there's no great place to camp, so your best bet is to run around, trying not to get surrounded, and keeping your multiplier up. It's really not hard to get 3 stars on the normal mode, but you may have some difficulty with the Nightmare mode. With practice, it's definitely possible...and becomes easy.
- For the oil field and ghost town, there are camping spots. In oil fields, you'll have to find where one of the lights turns on in a corner of a map (someone did a Poetry of Motion guide on youtube using this spot). The only thing you need to beware of is the left side (keep looking every once in a while for enemies) and the grenadiers (try to kill them first if you see them). For ghost town, once you have 7-9 multiplier, get on the steps going up to one of the houses. This is a great spot. You won't be able to get Poetry of Motion here, probably, but this works great for the 70,000 in nightmare mode. Easy three stars. Just watch out for the grenades and when you need ammo, toss a flare and run for the box. You should only need to refill ammo once or twice to get three stars.

I hope some of this helps. I know it can get frustrating, but it's really not that difficult once you get the hang of how to dodge. The best tip is just to know that you can't dodge when you are already running.

Good luck.

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