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Ultimate Achievement Guide

Keep On Truckin' - 10
Win a Craftsman Truck Series race.
Under Race Now, using the Craftsman Truck series, choose any track, race,length, computer opponent difficulty, damage, collision, and flag settings. However, you will need to have a full field of 35 other trucks. I found Bristol the easiest track to get a quick win. Just keep the gas down the whole time and ride up along the walls in the corners. With collisions off you'll just fly right by (or right through) opponents. Get 1st place. Simple

National Hero - 10
Win a NASCAR National Series race.
Same as the truck race but use the Nascar National Series. Must have full field of 42 other cars.

Custom Car Creator - 10
Complete a Custom Car for all racing series.
Under My Nascar, then Create a Car, finish customizing a car's paint scheme for each of the 4 series. Change one thing (i.e. number) and exit. Rinse and repeat for the remaining series.

Badge Of Honor - 10
Complete a Driver Badge.
See "We Don't Need No Badges!"

Heavy Medal - 10
Win a Medal in "The Chase" Mode.
Play Chase mode and complete one license challenge. Simply get a Bronze on any challenge to unlock the achievement. Challenges range from maintaining a certain mph, overtaking cars, and staying in the draft.

We're Talkin' About Practice - 10
Record a Lap in Toyota "Test and Tune" Mode.
Under Race Modes, and Toyota Racing, go into Test and Tune and complete 1 full lap.

Trade Your Setup - 10
Upload a Car Setup to EA Locker.
Simply go to Race Now, pick any race, and before race starts, select car setup, don't change anything and just save the setup. Go online and visit the EA Locker. Upload your setup to the "locker" and achievement will unlock. Note: You will also unlock "Craftsman Tools Reward" achievement doing this.

3 Wide - 10
Earn Three Gold Medals in "The Chase" Mode.
Earn 3 Gold medals on any of the License tests. The easiest ones are Pitting strategy (must pit once and finish in 1st. Easy when you pit before the other cars and lap them) Slingshot a certain amount of cars (use the Draft until Slingshot appears on your HUD and pass the car), Wreck avoidance (these are quick to retry if you fail to maneuver through the messy wreck). The different tracks have many of the same challenges, so find ones you're good at it and complete them on the various track types.

Today Or Tomorrow? - 10
Win a NASCAR Car of Tomorrow race.
Same as the truck or National series win, but in a Nextel Cup Car of Tomorrow race. Once again, must have full field of 42 other cars.

Play It Again, Sam - 10
Save a Race Replay.
Really simple. Go to Race Now and start any race. Begin race, pause and select Save Replay. Done.

Chase For The Cup - 25
Win a Championship in Season Mode using the Car of Tomorrow Series Full Schedule.
Go to Race Modes and select Season mode. Pick the COT series and select 11 or more AI drivers, any race length, no damage, no pit stops. Pick Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart, or Jeff Gordon as they win the most races and simulate the whole season up to the last race. Hopefully you'll have the points lead, or very close. Race the last race (Homestead-Miami) to make up any points to ensure you win the championship. You can check the points standings throughout the season and if it's not to your liking, pick another superstar driver above, start a new season, and try again.

Earn Your Stripes - 25
Earn a License in "The Chase" Mode.
Complete one entire set of challenges in any license with a bronze or better. Bronze is like an easy mode and it is not too hard to complete all the given challenges, just time consuming.

Independent Contractor -25
Earn a Contract in "The Chase" Mode.
Every time a license is completed, you will be given a new contract. Complete the contract by meeting each race's requirements to unlock the achievement. The first contract is the easiest and shortest. Two superspeedway races and you get to start from up front.

Online Horsepower - 25
Win an Online Race.
Does not have to be online with other human players in the traditional sense. Just go to Create session, choose non-ranked and make it a Private match. Set the total number of players (human) to the minimum of 2. Pick any series and track you're comfortable with winning at. Bristol being the easiest with damage, collisions, and flags off and just skimming the outside walls. Select the minimum length of 3% and at least 2 computer opponents at easy difficulty. Create the session, start the race against the 2 A.I. drivers and win.

Licensed To Drive - 25
Complete all Licenses in "The Chase" Mode.
Under the Chase Mode, finish all 6 licenses with a bronze or better. Five of the licenses have 10 challenges each and the sixth license has 5 challenges. It's not hard to obtain Bronze on all of them, it just takes time, so be patient. Some of the challenges include Slingshot passes, Completing quick laps, staying in the draft, avoiding wrecks, following the racing line, etc. On the pitting strategy challenges you need to pit once during the race and finish at or above the specified position. Just make sure you try to pit before the rest of the field. It's not essential but does make it a bit easier. Doing that allows you cruise on by while they are in their pit stalls to 1st place with only a couple laps left. For the Overtake and Slingshot challenges at the superspeedways, it's imperative to use the draft to catch up to the opponenents and make the passes you need to complete it. And lastly, on the Wreck Avoidance challenges, while getting golds are not too difficult, obtaining a bronze is easy as pie. They allow you an unusually large amount of time to slide on by the big wreck. So just hit your brakes shortly before or right when the wreck happens and pick an opening to slip through slowly.

Craftsman Tools Reward - 50
Save a Craftsman Tools Car Setup at any Track.
Simply go to Race Now, pick any race, and before race starts, select car setup, don't change anything and just save the setup. No adjustments needed.

Toyota Reward - 50
Complete all Toyota Challenges.
Go to Race Modes, Toyota Racing, then Challenges. This is just like completing one license in Chase mode. There are 10 challenges to complete (maintaining a minimum speed, completing a quick lap, avoiding a wreck, staying in the draft, overtaking a certain amount of cars, staying in the racing line, completing a race near the top using 1 pit stop, and position challenge) Complete all of them
with a bronze (easy) or better. All of the challenges are also in Licenses so you should be familiar with all of them. 15 to 30 minute tops to complete them all. Unfortunately, there is no reward except for pride for beating them on anything higher than bronze.

Sprint Reward - 75
Win a NEXTEL Cup in Season Mode using the NEXTEL Cup Series '07 Schedule.
Same as "Chase for the Cup" achievement except use the Nextel Cup Series and use the '07 Schedule.

Full Throttle - 100
Complete a 100% Length Race in Race Now or Season Mode.
Two ways to do this. The quickest way is to select any series in Race Now and a Talladega race with no collisions or damage and only yellow flags. Rubberband the left trigger (brake) and at the start and every restart you will draw a caution and eat up 4 laps. Be sure not to yellow flag the last couple laps and instead finish them like normal because if you yellow flag to the end your car will keep going around the track at caution speed and you will have to quit out and you will get credit for the mileage but not the completed race. Using a Nextel Cup or COT car this will take 30 to 35 minutes to complete 188 laps. A Talladega race at 100% provides the least amount of laps because the track is the longest. Alternatively, if you have a plug & play kit to prevent the wireless controller from turning off or a wired controller, go to Race Now, select any series (although the truck series are the shortest) and pick Bristol 100% race length. No pit stops, no damage, no collisions, no flags, and 2+ computer opponents. Rubberband the RT (gas) and rubberband the left stick in an up/right position so it will bounce off the walls of Bristol, if your not getting the speed you want to be in 1st place move the stick to the up position a little more. It will move off the wall a little bit during the straightaways but bounce back to the outside wall on the turns. Doing this with the Nextel Cup car series it took me 2 hours and 28 minutes, 2:20, and 2:17 respectively to complete the race. Leave the game sit and come back around 2 to 2 and a half hours. Achievement will unlock on the final screen showed before you quit out. I've had a couple times where I let it sit too long and at the final post-race screen before coming back to it and it did not count the race, mileage, etc. So be sure to be around at the finish and exit normal. Also, both of these methods especially yellow flagging at Talladega really boost your mileage for...the Cross Country achievement

Cross Country - 100
Drive 5,000 Total Miles.
Drive a total of 5000 miles in online or offline play. Race Now races, practice, and Chase Mode's Owner Season races will count toward your mileage. Toyota testing, Licenses, and contracts do not. The fastest and easiest to rack up mileage is by using the Talladega yellow flagging method above. You can complete 500 miles in 30 to 35 minutes. So about 5 hours. And you do not have to race the last few laps. If you let it yellow flag all the way to the end, your car will drive alone forever but just hit start and exit and you will get credit for the mileage. Using the Bristol wall-riding method it would likely take 40+ hours. Either way will work though. You can check your total by going to My Nascar and game progress.

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Pay The Bills - 100
Complete all Contracts in "The Chase" Mode.
First, you must complete all the licenses to unlock all the contracts. There are 6 total teams to race for and 26 total contracts. The first three team contracts (superspeedway, speedway, and short track) are not difficult. Usually you start near the front, the opponents are a quite easy, and the races are short in length. The fourth contract for Ginn Racing can pose some problems because they are 1 mile tracks that require going into the turns slow and getting good acceleration out of the turn is key. It is easy to try to push it and go through the turn fast but you will eat up your tires and it will slow you down over time and force you to pit to get a fresh set of tires. The next set, 2 road courses, require the smooth driving skills you would expect but more so, is the pit strategy. Try to draw 2 to 3 cautions before racing for real and pay attention to the pack. If they pit on one of those cautions, pause and restart the race because you will want to be able to finish the race without having to pit while the rest of the field will. When you pass them by the pits be sure to try to race semi-decent because if you lose your concentration for a second and go into a turn too hard you can spinout and have them catch up to you, destroying the pit strategy chance. By far the hardest of the contracts is the final superspeedway ones. It is nearly impossible to get into front unless you are the smoothest turning and can draft an entire race. So for the 4 races, if you follow the strategy below and never, NEVER pit (it is not a requirement, only a recommendation under normal circumstances) you should pass them all on your first or second try. It makes the rest of the cars pit without you having to, essentially making you slide right past them while they get fuel and tires. To bring out the yellow flag and not the black flag, at the start of the race slowly pull aside letting the pack drive by you without contact, then hold LT (brake) to go in reverse. The yellow flag will be called. At every restart you will be in the back, so just go in reverse right where you are.

First race (Daytona) - Only bring out 2 cautions then race.

Second race (Talladega) - The trickiest one of them all. If you do 3 cautions you will run out of gas on the last lap. At 4 cautions they might pit early or on a couple instances, not pit at all, but it is your best chance. I did 4 yellows, raced, then with 2 laps left, drew a caution, forcing it to overtime and them to the pits to fill up on gas. Leaving me with 2 laps left and in 1st place.

Third race (Daytona) - Do 3 cautions then race.

Fourth race (Talladega) - Do 6 cautions and at each restart drive foward a bit until you barely cross the finish line to add another lap then bring out the yellow because you will sneak by on fuel in this one.
(Thanks syke213 for the DEI tips)

We Don't Need No Badges! - 100
Earn all Driver Badges.
You must complete all of one badge's requirements before moving to the next one. You must have the full field of 42 other cars and besides the contracts, this is the most time consuming achievement. There are 12 total badges and you will come across various and repeated requirements for each. All the requirements you will encounter:

Win Event- _____ 500 (whatever race):
Go to Race Now, select the race you need to beat and select 3%, easy A.I., no collisions, damage, or flags. Pretty easy to do by wall-riding the short tracks. For larger tracks and road courses, just keep your wits about you. The A.I. is easy, you could try to qualify to get near the front, or even enter options while racing and under Gameplay settings, get assisted braking (meaning the computer will brake for you around turns) Not very hard with some practice.

Finish Top 5 or 10:
You'll get these as you're trying to win at the track above and for the remaining just enter Bristol wall-riding mode from the "Full Throttle" description. Note: a Bristol race at 3% takes about 6 to 7 minutes so don't stray too far.

Slingshot Pass:
Easiest to do on a superspeedway or larger speedway. Just get behind someone (draft) until the words slingshot appear in the bottom-left of your HUD and pass them. Must say slingshot to count.

Total Wins:
Will obtain by winning at the tracks you need and also Bristol wall-riding (wall riding also works for just about every track except superspeedways and road courses)

Spin Recovery:
This will accrue at a fast rate and all by itself when rubberbanding and wall-riding at Bristol.

Lead a Lap:
Again, Bristol. You'll get the lead by good rubberband placement and stay ahead. Also, Martinsville is good short track for wall-riding. Set it for a longer race if you want to knock out a bunch of laps.

Stay In Draft:
This requires actual play. Race on a superspeedway at 3 or 5% length and draft behind the A.I. driver for a few seconds, change lanes, draft behind another guy a few seconds. You can easily get 15 in a 10 lap race with practice. Be steady.

Gain 5, 10, or 15 spots:
Easiest at Martinsville. Set it for any length, because you won't need to finish it. It will take about 5 seconds. Just wall-ride around the first turn and before you even get to turn 2 you should be in the top 5 already, granted you started from the middle of the pack. Hence 15 spots. Once you get 5, 10, 15 spots up, pause and quit. It counts it.

Pass A.I. Cleanly:
You will get this at Bristol or Martinsville by wall-riding on it's own but make sure you have collisions on or it won't count!

Take the Lead:
On the final badge, you'll get this one. Easy though. Just get to the front at Martinsville (easier) or Bristol and exchange 1st and 2nd positions over and over. You can back and forth all day, quit out and it will count.

Badge Checklist
Denny Hamlin
- Win Event-Pennsylvania 500 (Pocono)
- Top 10 Finish (2 times)
Juan Pablo Montoya
- Slingshot Pass (10 times)
- Win Event-Allstate 400 (Indianapolis)
- Top 5 Finish (3)
Tony Stewart
- Win Event-Nextel Cup at the Glen (Watkins Glen)
- Win Race (7)
- Top 5 Finish (10)
- Spin Recovery (10)
Ryan Newman
- Win Event-Autism Speaks 400 (Dover)
- Win Event-Lenox Industrial Tools 300 (New Hampshire)
- Lead a Lap (30)
- Stay in Draft (8)
Jeff Gordon
- Win Event-Subway 500 (Martinsville)
- Win Event-Toyota/Save Mart 350 (Infineon)
- Gain 15 spots (10)
- Spin recovery (20)
- Stay in draft (15)
Kasey Kahne
- Win Event-Kobalt tools 500 (Atlanta)
- Win Event-UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 (Las Vegas)
- Gain 15 spots (10)
- Total wins (10)
- Pass A.I cleanly (30)
Matt Kenseth
- Win Event-Food City 500 (Bristol)
- Total wins (12)
- Gain 10 spots (30)
- Spin recovery (30)
- Pass A.I cleanly (50)
- Stay in draft (10)
Kevin Harvick
- Win Event-Bank of America 500 (Lowe's)
- Finish top 5 (17)
- Gain 15 spots (30)
- Pass A.I cleanly (60)
- Stay in draft (10)
Kurt Busch
- Win Event-Dickies 500 (Texas)
- Win Event-Ford 400 (Homestead-Miami)
- Win Event-Nascar Nextel cup series 500 (California)
- Win Event-3M Performance 400 (Michigan)
- Lead a lap (60)
- Gain 15 spots (30)
- Spin recovery (40)
Elliot Sadler
- Pass A.I cleanly (79)
- Gain 5 spots (40)
- Gain 15 spots (25)
- Slingshot pass (50)
Jimmie Johnson
- Win Event-Aarons 499 (Talladega)
- Win Event-Pepsi 400 (Daytona)
- Total wins (20)
- Gain 15 spots (20)
- Stay in draft (15)
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
- Win Event-Checker Auto parts 500 (Phoenix)
- Win Event-Chevy Rock & Roll 400 (Richmond)
- Total wins (20)
- Gain 15 spots (15)
- Take the lead (75)
- Pass A.I cleanly (99)
- Lead a lap (99)

Chase Champion - 100
Win a NEXTEL Cup in "The Chase" Mode.
First you must finish all the licenses and contracts. Then enter owner mode and finish the season in first place, using any settings. Collisions can not be toggled and will be in full effect. There are 36 total races and by the time you reach race 26 the Chase for the Cup starts. Make sure you are in the top 12 in standings by the time you reach it or you have no chance of winning the championship. Use 3% race length to get through the season the fastest as you can not simulate any of the races and must race them all. Use wall-riding techniques and with easy A.I. opponents it should not be difficult at all. The achievement will pop up right after the race is over, at the Chase for the Cup standings.

All Or Nothing - 100
Reach 100% Game Progress.
You must complete all modes of play including the Toyota Challenges, Licenses, Contracts, Driver Badges, and a full season in Chase mode. After doing everything, you will be at 98% completion and you need to press RB at season mode screen to advance the season to the next, then just exit and it will autosave. Chase progress should say 100% and lastly go to My Nascar then Game Progress. Once you're at the stats screen, it will say 100% and achievement unlocked.

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AWESOME! Thanks a bunch!
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Thats a great guide definately helped with the 5000 miles achievement much easier for me now.
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Thanks I'm glad I could help. It was brought to my attention so I added to my guide how to bring out a yellow flag and not a black flag in the contract races. I mean if you race wreckless and try to spin someone out to cause the yellow you'll get black flagged. The easiest way I found was to SLOWLY pull aside to the left (towards grassy area) and let the pack drive by you to avoid contact with them, then go in reverse. The officials don't like cars going backward I guess so they'll call the yellow. If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to send me a message or just post here. Boogity Boogity Boogity.

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dude great guide man

thanks alot

espically for the online horsepower and the craftsman tools reward and the trade your setup
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This is probably the best guide ive seen yet. Excellent job, helped a ton on my 1000. Now i can trade this game in since i was dumb enough to actually buy it.
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Great guide, thanks m8
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What I spent the entire summer of 2008 attempting to do, I did today in about 4 tries (SuperSpeedway contracts). The beer I owe the TC.
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Here's how I beat the last Talladega race; I tried the listed methods, but I kind of combined them.

Use the reverse yellow flag to get yourself to lap 28. I didn't advance a lap at each green flag, I simply hit reverse the second I started racing. I did take the lead when everyone else pitted during Lap 12, but as Lap 29 began, I was still in last place (which is key - it's impossible to hang onto the lead for 10 laps if you're given it). I raced until Lap 33 (I was about 25 seconds behind the leader). As I hit Lap 32, I yellow flagged again. I was still in last place, but the cars did begin pitting on Lap 36. The key, I think, is patience. I tried the "advance a lap" trick, but they didn't seem to run out of gas or pit when I began from last place on Lap 29. Also, I tried racing from Lap 25 on, but even when I was coasting across the line to advance a lap, I ran out of gas on the last lap.
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