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Old 05-10-2012, 07:35 PM   #1
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How did you pass cairo station on legendary

To be more specific I mean the second hangas where the grunts spawn from the tube.

I've been looking for some tips but nothing really helps here, how did you get pass this section?

The elites take so many hits and renegade the shield back within 5 second

Some tips i've heard and tried:

Sticky grenades - You need 2 spot on hits in the middle of the face to kill one elite with these.

Normal grenades - Its like throwing them with rocks, they're worthless, all the damage they take from these they just hide and renegade health.

Two allies - If this means the two punching bags that are hiding behind the crates at the start of the checkpoint they die within seconds to first grunts. I'd rather get 1 extra bullet for my gun than these two

Plasma pistol / other weapon - I heard this combo should kill elites fast, but when you try to use it they seem to always kill you faster, especially the Silver elites with dual plasma rifles, they can finish you off in matter of a second.

Turrets - If you even think about touching these you're dead.

Dual wielding - against the elites the bullets are like gummybears, it's impossible to kill a elite with just using a weapon

Melee - It takes 4 melee hits to kill a elite, just getting a single melee hit on them without duying is like winning a lottery, killing a elite with just melee is like winning a lottery twice in a row.

Soo any tips for this horrendous mission, I've spent atleast 4 hours total with this part and im getting nowhere.

I've seen couple of videos about this but unfortunately I got the kind of elites that actually attack me instead of standing still .

[Halo2 vista]
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Old 05-27-2012, 08:27 PM   #2
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I spent 6 hours on that dam level and couldn't do it. Came back to it a few days later and completed that level 1st time. What I did was use the smg and plasma rifle, but grenades are your friend here. Just make sure they either stick to them or land near grenades on the floor.
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Xx KeNoH xX
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I learned while playing this game that in general, whenever you get a really good weapon such as the rocket launcher, sword, sniper, etc. give it to your ai comrades because they have infinite ammo. It can make the toughest parts on legendary fairly easy.
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