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Silent Hill HD Collection
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Old 02-05-2013, 05:53 PM   #1
The Silence
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Silent Hill HD Collection: Discussion and achievement boasting!

Hey guys- new poster around these here parts, but I don't think that particularly matters. I think what matters here is the discussion at hand, and that is Silent Hill HD Collection - achievements, accomplishments, and any other sort of item pertaining to any facet of the game that you may like to discuss.

Personally, I've run through Silent Hill 3 twice now and I've managed to get a grand total of 17 achievements thus far, narrowly missing another due to a minor mistake during a run through which I think might've deducted some points off my score and dropped it below what I needed - could have also been the lack of enemies killed.

All that aside, I'm missing 5 achievements from SH3, so that would make 22 in total. 17/22 - I'm missing the two extra endings, the Fighting version of the "Kill 75 enemies" cheevo, and the Heather Beam. And of course the "Unlock all Achievements in SH3".

I haven't even touched Silent Hill 2 yet, but since it has no relevance to 3 I guess it's not a big deal - that is besides the SH2 references that you get when you have a SH2 save file, and their meaning.

Ahem, that aside, I was astonished on my first playthrough when I came upon the first boss, popped 6 pistol shots in its face and walked away. I was even more shocked to come upon the second boss, take 30 seconds out of my day, and walk on like a noble Hero. I was particularly intrigued by the fact that between the third and fourth bosses I only accumulated a grand total of LESS than 3 minutes. And the final boss? 1:30.

Welp, I guess you could say playing on Easy is... easy. Very much so, and I'm thinking that I might take a step up into the higher difficulties; though I'm sort of wondering if I should really do that. From what I've read, the final boss can 1-HKO you with an arm swing, which is... less than appealing. On Easy it does Blue-Yellow, so about 100% down to about 40% HP. On Easy you have.. What 150-200 HP? So you go from about 200 HP down to about 80 in one hit on Easy. That's roughly 120 points- which I might add that on an Extra New Game would attribute to the other ending... And suddenly I've had an epiphany of epic proportions.

Rambling aside, who here has actually managed a good Extreme X run? I'd like to hear about it - especially if you've managed a full 10 Star EX run.

Also, any tips, discussion, etc. revolving around SH2 would also be greatly appreciated.
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I haven't played Silent Hill 3 as much as Silent Hill 2. Of course, I have completed it a few times in the past and on the HD collection, but right now I am aiming at getting the SH2 achievements and I'm going to aim for the Green Hyper Spray. Bit confused though as I just got 158 items (+5) but it didn't appear golden on the Results screen? Anyone have any ideas why that is?
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