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Lollipop Chainsaw
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Gamertag: Kryxx 07
Lollipop Chainsaw Speed 100% Achievement Guide

--Lollipop Chainsaw Speed 100% Achievement Guide--
Xbox 360, U.S. version
June 12th, 2012

This is my first Achievement Guide. It's not meant to be super wordy and well polished. Follow it and it will get the job done. Nice & basic.
I wanted to get it up, on launch day, for everyone. This guide is geared towards getting 100% Achievements, in the quickest way I know.
I apologize in advance for the many mistakes I may make. Oh yeah, spoiler warnings and all that junk.


First of all, this guide assumes that you are Sparkle Hunting, as much as possible.
Sparkle Hunting is when you kill 3 or more zombies, with a single swing of your chainsaw, and receive extra gold and platinum medals.
There is a short cut-scene when you accomplish it.

When you reach the stores, while following this guide, I will recommend certain upgrades to get first.
These are just suggestions that helped me in my experience and are in no way necessary.

For now, only spend platinum medals on background music (BGM).
Once you have the "OMG, Music Is Soooo Coooool - Collected all BGM." Achievement, feel free to spend your platinum medals on other things.

When you see zombies with names, make sure you kill them! Usually, you will have to, to proceed.
Be aware that if a bomber zobmie, or something else, kills a named zombie, it will not count toward the Achievement. You must kill it.
When you kill one, it's name will often appear on the screen, letting you know that you killed it.

If you are truly going for speed, you can skip all cut-scenes, if you choose.

Well, here we go!


100% Achievements will take at least 3 full playthroughs of the game: Easy, Hard, and Ranking Mode.
The first playthrough will be on Easy difficulty.
Change it to Easy, on the Main Menu.
The reason for this is to ensure that you get the Achievements related to beating "Dad's" score, on each level.
Often, it can be tougher to accomplish on the harder difficulties.

While playing on Easy, take your time in each level!
Kill every zombie, collect all coins, and destroy all objects in the environment (vending machines, lockers, boxes, trees, etc).
Trust me, it pays off, in the long run.

Try not to die or retsart. Every time you do, it costs you 5000 points! Not good, when you're trying to beat Dad's scores.

If you happen to miss a named lollipop collectible, don't worry! Every named lollipop will also show up during the Hard playthrough.
Just make sure you get them all, before all 3 playthroughs are completed (some lollipops only show up in Hard).


[Prologue - Parking - Easy]

Use the [RS] to move the camera down and peep under Juliet's skirt (you perv!).
Hold the cmaera there for a few seconds to get the "I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!" Achievement.
Chainsaw the fence, kill zombies, but leave one alive.

When there is one zombie left, use [B] to jump over it 10 times in a row.
You must jump back and forth 10 times without walking, or doing anything, in between.
"Leapfrog Girl" Achievement is awarded.

Move forward, kill zombies, save student.
Through bus, kill zombies, jump over bus.
Kill zombies, save student.
Go into the left corner, behind the bus, to get the named lollipop #1.

Through bus, kill zombies, save student.
I got "Sparkle Hunting Master - Succeed in 7 zombie Sparkle Hunting." here, but you can get it anywhere in the game.
Get a large group of zombies and get them all groggy wih pom pom bashes. Take a swipe with you chainsaw & hope to get 7.

Kill more zombies, while keeping the student alive, cut the fence.
When the large group of zombies comes out, use your [RT] special move to get in some good Sparkle Hunting & keep the student alive.
Kill more zombies, dodge car, kill zombies.
Finally save the 3/3 student and get "Life Guard" Achievement.

Phone call from Mom, enter first Store.
Go to "Awesome Skillz" & buy "Chainsaw Stab" & "Chainsaw Chain", if you can afford them.
If you still have medals, go to "Health and Upgrades" & buy "Magic Beans".

Press [X][X][Y] to perform a Chainsaw Stab and get the "Zombie Hunter Apprentice - Buy a combo at Chop2Shop.Zom and use it." Achievement.

Bust down door, move forward, kill zombies.
Jump up & go to the right to get named lollipop #2.
Go to left, jump down, move forward, cut pipes.
Kill tons of zombies. Another good place to Sparkle Hunt and go for 7 in one, for the Achievement.

Throught fence, kill zombies.
If you can manage to Sparkle Hunt named zombies, you get lots of bonus medals.
For the 3 hazmat guys, use your [RT] special move to kill them all in one hit, getting 99 medals in the process.
Got "Unclean and Uncool" Achievement.
Bust down gate, end of Stage cut-scene.
Prologue Complete!

Now, you'll be at the Stage Select Screen, with the map.
Hopefully, you beat Dad's score and got the "n00b Zombie Hunter - Clear Prologue, surpassing Dad's score." Achievement.
If not, you'll have to try for it during the Hard playthrough.
From Stage Select, you can press [Y] and go to Juliet's House, where you can change outfits, go to Leaderboards, etc.
Select Stage 1 - Highschool.
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Gamertag: Kryxx 07
[Stage 1 - Highschool - Easy]

Cut-scene, kill zombies, go into hallway.
Remember to use the jump kick move, [B] then [X] in the air, to eventually get the "JULIET51 - 51 successful dropkicks." Achievement.

FYI, you can't manually answer phone calls when you get them. You have to go into the Pause Menu, Juliet's Stash, then the phone calls tab.
You don't have to listen to the phone calls, unless you want to.

Move forward, through door, remember to destroy the lockers and other breakables, through another door.
Kill zombies, through door.

Run to the end of the hallway to save the student form dieing.
Kill zombies, another good place to get a 7 Sparkle Hunt.
Save student, go to end of hallway to get named lollipop #5.

Go into the first room, kill zombies, leave room.
Go into the second room, kill Mr. Fitzgibbon and save the student, leave room.
Jump down, move forward, then back to cut barrier.
Complete the headless Nick mini-game.

Get Nick Ticket, enter Store.
Select "Health & Upgrades", then buy "Power Dumbbells LV. 1" & "Aromatic Yoga Oil LV. 1".
Select "Awesome Skillz" and buy "Nick Shake".
I suggest that you DO NOT buy "Cheerleader Chain". It slows my speed down & makes it harder to Sparkle Hunt. I get it last, way later.
ALso buy "Chainsaw Full Swing".
Buy the various health upgrades whenever you can afford them.
Buy MP3's, with platinum medals, whenever they are available. There is an Achievement for getting them all.
Buy some Nick Tickets, if you can afford them.
Leave Store.

Press the Left Stick down [L3] (click the left stick) to activate Nick Shake.
Time your button press to select the icon with Nick's head and coins.
Press [A][X]&[Y] rapidly, to shake Nick and get as many coins as possible. Lollipops (that can heal you) also come out.
You will not be able to immediately perform another Nick Shake. You must wait a bit.
Usually, after a major area or cut-scene, you will, again, be able to do a Nick Shake, as long as you have Nick Tickets.
Try to do Nick Shakes as much as possible. Not only do you get a lot of free medlas, there is an Achievement for doing it 100 times.

Run to the end the hallway to save the student, kill zombies, destroy lockers, save student.
Immediately move back, avoiding the Star, kill zombies.
After the cut-scene with the zombie cop, use your [RT] ability, then collect the Star & kill the zombie cop.
Cut down door, kill zombies, climb over wall.

Short cut-scene, chainsaw wall to block speeding bus, climb over bus.
Run to end of hallway to save hanging student, kill zombies, save student, kill more zombies.
Destroy the lockers at the end of the hallway to get named lollipop #6.
Climb up bus & through the window.

Go through door, kill zombies, save students, cut through door.
Immediately run into room to save the student, kill zombies.
Watch out! If the bomber zombies explode close to the student, they will die, as well.
Cut through door, jump on zombie's heads, go forward, remember to destroy white boxes, etc.
In the lokcer room, go behind the lockers, on the left, to get named lollipop #7, go through the door.

Zombie Basketball can be easy. I usually just post up outside of the 3-point line and kill zombies there.
When a zombies comes out of the door and stands in the key, in front of the basket, go pom pom bash him to make him groggy.
Then go back to outside the 3-point line and kill more zombies.
You can also use your [RT] ability here, to jsut tear through them, quickly.

Go through the door, explosives come in, rush out to the right, through the door.
Right around here, or soon, you should get the "Accidental Vandalism - Destroyed 300 objects in the game." Achievement.
Good place to do a Nick Shake, get some medals, and buy more Nick Tickets.
Enter the Store, buy items mentioned earlier, if need be.

Move forward, kill zombies, good place to get a 7 Sparkle Hunt, bust through door.
Kill zombies in the classtroom, complete headless Nick mini-game.
Kill the two zombie cops, go through door, kill a ton of zombies in the hallway, slide under door.
Nick Shake, use store, move forward, bust through door.

Long cut-scene.

Kill a bunch of zombies, move towards cake, defend cake from zombies.
Either collect the Star during the defense, and use your [RT] move, or use jump kick to keep them away from the cake.
I use the [X][X][X][Y] combo, here, and throughout the entire game. One of my go to moves.
Run forward, towards the white, glowing door opening.

Long cut-scene.

[Boss Battle - Zed]

Run along the path, dodge letters, kill zombies, dodge car, move forward.
Dodge letters, saw car, kill zombies, break door, slide down.
Dodge letters, kill zombies, saw door, dodge cars, kick & slide down.
Kill zombies, climb up, dodge cars & stuff, jump down to fight Zed.

During this fight, begin to rack up dodges of Zed's electric balls, during the 4th phase of the fight.
This is for the "Watch Out For The Balls - Dodge & Counter Zed's Electric Balls 15 times." Achievement.
You do not need to get all 15 dodges, this boss fight.
I'm almost possitive that you could get 5 in this fight, then the final 10, during the Hard playthrough.

Phase 1: Dodge his attacks and spam [Y] to chainsaw, Zed.
Phase 2: Destory all of the speakers, while avoiding Zed's electric balls. Destroy 2 sets of speakers, then hit Zed, before he uses the balls.
Phase 3: Chainsaw the giant speaker, while dodging Zed's attacks.
Phase 4: Dodge the electric balls & be sure to hit [B] when they are returning to Zed, when the prompt appears (these are for the Achv).
Standing in front of Zed, on the balls' return, ensures the [B] prompt will appear.
After dodging the balls, chainsaw Zed. WHen his health is gone, dodge letters, then chainsaw him, again.
You will get the "Zedís Dead, Baby, Zedís Dead" Achievement.

Long cut-scene, end of Stage 1.

You hopefully got the "Beginner Zombie Hunter - Clear Stage 1, surpassing Dad's score." Achievement.
Use Juliet's House, if needed, then enter Stage 2 - Stadium.
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Gamertag: Kryxx 07
[Stage 2 - Stadium - Easy]

Long cut-scene.

Chainsaw Dash forward, kill zombies, Chainsaw Dash, kill zombies, Chainsaw Dash.
Kill football zombies, kill baseball zombies, turn around and get named lollipop #12.
Jump in firetruck, Chainsaw Dash, bust through door.

Enter Store.
Buy "Aromatic Yoga Oil LV. 2", "Final Chainsaw Power Attack", "Lolli-OCopter", and "Maelstrom Spin".
Saw barrier, run forward, kill firemen, save student, saw door, run forward.
Kill football players, saw door, run up stairs, saw barrier, kill zombies, complete headless Nick mini-game.
Run up stairs, use [RT] ability on group of firemen, jump out window.

Keep using Nick Tickets!
Shop if you need to, Chainsaw Dash.
After the second jump, press [B] to cancel the dash & collect named lollipop #13, on the left.
Chainsaw Dash for a ways.

Zombie Basketball. A key strategy here is to rush in and pom pom the zombie in the middle, who will be blocking shots.
Make that zombie groggy, but do not kill it. Then go outsiode the 3-point line.
When that zombie comes to, pom pom him again to make him groggy. Repeat, until you win.

Run up stairs, Chainsaw Dash for a very long ways, fly off a jump.
Fall into the gym, kill zombies, kill old lady.
Through the doorway, but take a left, behind the door is named lollipop #14.

Kill cheerleaders, rescue 3 students, go off jump pad, up stairs, Store if you need.
Phone call, Chainsaw Dash, kill football zombies, complete headless Nick mini-game.
Chainsaw Dash, huge jump.

Now, it's time to get the "Go, Medal Racer, Go! - Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash." Achievement.
Chainsaw Dash, but make sure to collect all of the medals along the trail.
Use your [RT] ability to kill the group of firefighters.
Get struck by lightning 10 times to get the "Gunn Struck - Struck by lightning 10 times." Achievement.

Chainsaw Dash up ramp, remember, keep collecting the medal trail, stay to the right when it forks, following the medals.
After the final jump, you should get the "Go, Medal Racer, Go! - Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash." Achievement.
Getting Chainsaw Blaster cut-scene.

Zombie Baseball. Shoot the zombies, as Nick runs the bases. Keep the zombies off of Nick, while he scores 3 times.
I prefer manual aiming for this one.
Starting racking up headshots for the "Endorsed by Cordelia - Get 30 headshots." Achievement.
The easiest way I found was to get a zombie groggy, with pom pomsm, then shoot it point blank in the head.

Run inside, phone call, go to Store if needed, bust through door.

Long cut-scene.

[Boss Battle - Vikke]

Phase 1: Dodge attacks and chainsaw spam Vikke, health runs out, cut in half.
Phase 2: Stand still and let the legs kick you off the side to get "Cheerleader Overboard! - Succeed in QTE at edge of Vikke's ship." Achv.
It may take several kicks to actually get kicked off the side of the ship. Spam [B] to get back on the ship.
Dodge, chainsaw, & shoot until no health, then cut in half.
Phase 3: Shoot head in the eyes to damage, dodge when head is moving on ground, chainsaw spam when it stops, no health, cut in half.

Long cut-scene, end of Stage 2.

Hopefully got the "Intermediate Zombie Hunter - Clear Stage 2, surpassing Dad's score." Achievement.
Go to Juliet's House if needed, then enter Stage 3 - O'Bannon Farm.

[Stage 3 - O'Bannon Farm - Easy]

Long cut-scene, get Nick Popper.

Kill zombies, cut log, shoot rock, kill more zombies, cut log.
Shoot the zombies off of the bus. I like to use auto aim, for this part.
Jump down, kill zombies, complete headless Nick mini-game, flip over rock.

Kill fat zombie, complete headless Nick mini-game, kill zombies, jump down.
Kill zombies, blow up fence, Enter Store.
Buy "Power Dumbbells LV. 2", "Aromatic Yoga Oil LV. 3", "Butt Attack", "Chainsaw Paradise", & "Jump Stab".

Butt attack is a sweet move. It'll make even the strongest zombies groggy with one hit.
Hold down [X] for a couple seconds then release, to Butt Attack. It misses a lot, but using [LB] targetting helps it hit nearly every time.

Climb over fence, kill zombies, phone call, I got the "Groovy Hunter - Kill 500 zombies." Achievement, here.
Run forward for a while, hang a left and get named lollipop #19.
Follow the bus and destroy the rocks, cut the tree, climb on bus, shoot rocks, shoot flying zombies, cut up mushroom.

Use your [RT] ability to kill the giant zombie chicken. Wait for the effect to wear off.
Kill all of the small chickens to regain some of the super star power meter, move towards to bus.


On the combine, try to get the "Legendary harvester - Harvested all crops in the 1st field with the combine in Stage 3." Achievement.
Besy way I found is to start on the outside and work your way around the edges.
Kill zombies, out of combine area.

Shoot the zombies on the tractor, kill zombies, save student, kill zombies, jump over fence.
Kill flying zombies, saw fence, use Store if needed, run forward, to the left kill fat zombies.
Run past the headless Nick zombie, jump on the trampoline, hit the correct buttons to make it up high to the top.
Collect the named lollipop #20, jump down, complete the headless Nick mini-game, flip over rock.

Defend the bus from the bomber zombies, jump on bus, destroy tractors moving towards rock.
Fall off bus, phone call, destroy logs, cut mushroom.
Use your [RT] ability to kill the 3 giant zombie chickens, move toards bus.

Shoot the heads, when they come down, dodge them, then chainsaw.
Back on the combine. Just avoid the red barrels and run over zombies for a while.
Use Store if needed, Chainsaw Dash, kill zombies, pole dance, cut gate.

Jump down, shoot red barrles, shoot flying zombies, kill zombies, run forward, cut log.
Use Store if needed, phone call, kill zombies, get named lollipop #21, on the right side, before going through.
Dodge falling object, kill zombies. I gather them around a blue barrel and freeze them all for Sparkle Hunting.
For the group of 32, use your [RT] ability.

Saw fence, kill fat zombie, saw tree, use Store if needed, run forward.

Long cut-scene.

[Boss Battle - Mariska]

Try to always dodge her ballon attacks for the "Third Eye - Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle." Achievement.

Phase 1: Keep moving and shooting her, dodge ballon attacks, when she falls down, go up close and chainsaw her.
Phase 2: Keep moving and shooting, dodge ballon attacks, shoot the combines and chickens that appear. When she falls, chainsaw.
Phase 3: Keep moving and rapid fire shooting, when she falls, chainsaw.

If you didn't get hit by any baloons, you got the "Third Eye" Achievement.

Long cut-scene, end of Stage 3.

Hopefully, you beat Dad's score and got the "Advanced Zombie Hunter - Clear Stage 3, surpassing Dad's score." Achievement.
Go to Juliet's House, if needed, and enter Stage 4 - Fulci Fun Center.
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Gamertag: Kryxx 07
[Stage 4 - Fulci Fun Center - Easy]

Long cut-scene, get Nick Shoot.

Kill zombies, rescue student, destroy objects in the environment.
Collect named lollipop #25 in the right side of the room, go through door.
Get all 8 keys, go to the center of the room and collect named lollipop #26, exit at the top.

Run forward, kill zombies, destructables, Store if needed, complete hadless Nick mini-game.
Jump up, save 2 students, keep jumping down, move towards video game.

Elevators. Start right, up, left, kill zombie, door, left, up, right, kill zombies, door.
Right, down, door, left, up, right, jump on zombie heads, right, up, left.
All the way left, past door, back right, door, complete headless Nick mini-game.
Left, door, left, up, right, kill zombie, all the way right to elevator, up, left, kill doruku, left, WIN.

Kill lots of zombies on the dance floor, go to arcade game.
Kill zombies in pong game, go through door.
Kill zombies that drop from the sky, kill more zombies, shoot helicopter.
Go to far corner to collect named lollipop #27, go to arcade game.

Gondola Game. You can shoot and destroy things with [Y].
There is an Achievement here; "No Fear Of Heights - Beat the Gondola game without shooting."
Don't try for that, now, since we're going for high score on the Easy playthrough. You will die a lot trying to get this one.
Shoot and dodge your way up the game.

Use Shop if needed, go to jump pad, hit the correct buttons, quickly, jump down, run around the building, go in door.

Long cut-scene.

[Boss Fight - Josey]

Phase 1: Shoot him, when stairs appear, run up them to get ammo and shoot him from top. When health runs out, auto chainsaw move.
Phase 2: Kill the generators surrounding Josey. Don't attack them when they are glowing red.
When they are all done, you can finish Josey. Go up close and chainsaw.
You can get the "Critical UFO Finish - Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds." Achievement, but I recommend waiting until Hard.
It takes longer on Hard, so it saves time, since you have to wait until the last 10 seconds, to get the Achievement.

Long cut-scene, end of Stage 4.

Hopefully, you got the "Super Zombie Hunter - Clear Stage 4, surpassing Dad's score." Achievement.
Go to Juliet's House, if needed, then select Stage 5 - Cathedral

[Stage 5 - Cathedral - Easy]

Long cut-scene.

Snipe some zombies for headshots, jump down, kill zombies, shoot red barrel, go to Store.
Buy "Power Dumbbells LV. 3" and "Holy Chainsaw".

Kill zombies, use [RT] ability to kill hazmat zombies, saw gate, go forward, jump on car.
Shoot the red barrel, then collect named lollipop #31.
Kill lots of zombie, jump over truck, kill zombies, shoot flying zombies, chainsaw car.

Cut through door, use [RT] ability to kill all of the zombies, protect & follow the student, rescue student.
Follow trail of medals, go through door, kill zombies, hop over fence, kill more zombies, go through fence.
Hop over barrier, shoot zombie cops from behind the pillar, kill bomber zombie, go forward over some stuff.

Use [RT] ability and focus on zombies with health bars, first, then kill remaining zombies.
Jump over barrier, run forward, jump down, kill zombies, shoot flying zombies.
Shoot barrel to reveal named lollipop #33, run through bus.
Buy stuff at the Store, chainsaw pipes,.


Try not to get hit by the wrecking ball that Rosalind is swinging around.
This is for the "Little Sisters Are The Worst! - Do not get hit by Rosalind's wrecking ball." Achievement.

Run to the left, around the corner, to find named lollipop #34.
Run into the large room, kill some zombies, as soon as you can, use [RT] ability, to avoid getting hit by the wrecking ball.
Jump down, hit the correct buttons and jump on zombie heads, shoot flying zombies, Chainsaw Dash.

Protect Rosalind from flying zombies. Shoot the zombies on the crane. Then take turns shooting the 3 zombies to the left & right of Rosalind.
Stand in the middle, a ways back from the edge, to avoid getting hit by the wrecking ball.
If you dodge the wrecking ball you will get the "Little Sisters Are The Worst!" Achievement.

Use the Store, run on elevator, kill zombies quickly, elevator breaks, fall.
Shoot flying zombies, run down stairs, kill zombies, shoot cop zombies.
Jump in cart, run down hallway, shoot zombies with boomboxes, jump down, kill more zombies.

Chainsaw door, kill zombie cops, kill bomber zombies, run down hallway, jump down
Run away from the bomber zombies while chainsawing the four pillars, then saw the fence.
Phone call, shoot the red berrels quickly, don't let the student die, estroy the blue barrel to proceed.

Kill zombies, wait for student to talk to pole.
If you saved all classmates, you will get the "San Romero Knights Savior - Rescued All Classmates." Achievement.
Walk to pole, run down hallway, open door.

Use your [RT] ability to Sparkle Hunt the giant group of zombies.


Use the Store if needed, jump down hole.

[Boss Fight - Lewis Legend]

Phase 1: He usually just rides around in the middle and you can chainsaw him up.
Phase 2: He goes to the outer ring, then charges you, a [Y] prompt shows up, then you spam [Y] until an [A] prompt.
This knocks Lewis off his motorcycle. Let him get back up. It takes a minute.
This is for the "Elephant Tamer - Counter Lewis' attack 10 times." Achievement.
Try to get at least 5 [Y] button spam blocks in on Lewis, before you contine. The other 5 can be on the Hard playthrough.
Chainsaw him after knocking him off his bike.
Phase 3: Dodge a bunch of different stuff. After one or two attacks, you'll see some steam and he'll stop for a moment for chainsawing.
Keep dodging and using the chainsaw and sawing off pieces. After a bunch, he'll finally die.

Cut-scene, end of Stage 5.

If you beat Dad's score, you'll get the "Excellent Zombie Hunter - Clear Stage 5, surpassing Dad's score." Achievement.
Go to Juliet's House if you need, then select Killabilly Stage.

[Stage 6 - Killabilly - Easy]

Long cut-scene.

Press [Y] to hit cars to form ramps to Chainsaw Dash on. Try not to miss any [Y] prompts.
For the "Aced Auto-shop Class - Clear all the Kill Car QTE's in a row." Achievement.
Build the first car ramp, Chainsaw Dash, go forward, kill zombies.
Build the second car ramp, Chainsaw Dash for a ways.
Try to hit the ramp that leads to the top of a bus, whre named lollipop #38 is.

Keep Chainsaw Dashing, fall down, phone call.
If you didn't mess up on [Y] prompts, you'll get the "Aced Auto-shop Class" Achievement.
Shoot the red barrel to reveal named lollipop #39.
Kill zombies, shoot wall, use Store if needed, move forward.
Run forward, dodging the eye beam, Chainsaw Dash, kill zombies, Chainsaw Dash to end.

[Boss Fight - Killabilly]

Phase 1: He holds you in his hand. Shoot his eyes. Dodge the red guys by using the left stick to move the hand.
Phase 2: On the ground. Chainsaw & do whatever you can do damage him. Try to cut off 20 of his fingers.
For the "Fingered - Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly's fight!" Achievement.
Keep attacking until he runs out of health. Hit the correct buttons to cut off fingers and dodge his attacks.

Long cut-scene.

Phase 3: Inside him. Phone call, run forward, cut down tentacles, then press the correct buttons to dodge the tentacles.

Long cut-scene.

End of Killabilly Stage.

Should have just unlocked "Always On The Phone - Collected all telephone messages." Achievement.
If you beat Dad's score, you'll get "Master Zombie Hunter - Clear Stage 6, surpassing Dad's score." Achievement.

Long cut-scene.

Long Credits.

Final cut-scene.

If you have saved all of the classmates, you can choose to watch either the bad or good ending. Let's go for the good ending first.
If you missed any classmates, you will get the bad ending. If you have everyone, you can choose not to watch the good ending and see the bad.

That's it for Easy, time to start the Hard playthrough.
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Gamertag: Kryxx 07
[Hard Playthrough]

Switch the difficulty to Hard, on the Main Menu.
Remember to get any Achievements, that you didn't get on Easy, especially level specific ones, during your Hard playthrough.
Ensure that you save any classmates that you missed, during the Easy playthrough.
Try to make sure that you pick up ALL named lollipops, during the Hard playthrough. About half only show up in Hard.
Make sure that YOU kill all named zombies. If they die from bomber zombies, or anything else, you won't get credit for the kill.

The Hard playthrough can be more of a speed run. Just make sure you're cleaning up any missed classmates & Achievements.
But remember to go slowly, if you still need to beat Dad's score! The key is Sparkle Hunting and getting medals from breakable environment.
Gameplay instructions will be very brief, for most of the remaining guide. 1 & 2 word instructions. You know what to do.
Keep using Nick Tickets, for the Achievement. Keep getting headshots as well.

[Prologue - Parking - Hard]

You may be close to seeing the "Millionaire Hunter - Pick up 10,000 zombie medals." Achievement, if you've been Sparkle Hunting a lot.

zombies, classmate, zombies, classmate, bus ride, classmate, tons of zombies (use [RT]), last classmate.
Before you save the 3rd classmate, turn around, and go to the left, behind a bus, to get the named lollipop #3.
phone, store, buy MP3s, I think you get the "OMG, Music Is Soooo Coooool - Collected all BGM." Achievement, here (I missed Dad's scored on 6)

You may be close to seeing the "Super Shopper - Spend 10,000 medals at Chop2Shop.Zom." Achievement.

new named zombie, lots of zombies, 2 new named zombies, named lollipop #4 at the end of roadway.
zombies, hazmat (use [RT]), end of stage.

[Stage 1 - Highschool - Hard]

zombies, classmate, classrooms, Fitzgibbons, classmate, headless Nick.
Get named lollipop #9, behind Nick.
Store, keep buying upgrades, maybe close to getting "Perfect Body - Completely level up Juliet." Achievement.

zombies, classmate, zombie cop, use [RT], zombies, classmate, zombies, pole, 3 classmates.
bomber zombies, classmate, head jump, zombie basketball, escape bombs, store, new named zombie.
Classroom, use [RT], named zombie teacher, named lollipop #10, at front of room.

Headless Nick, 2 zombie cops, zombies, store, birthday cake, named lollipop #8, defend cake, run through door.

Zed fight, run forward, get named lollipop #11, after sliding down the ramp. Forward.
kill Zed, remember to avoid the electric balls, in Phase 3, for the Achievement, Stage 1 end.
Should get "Watch Out For The Balls - Dodge & Counter Zed's Electric Balls 15 times." Achievement, during this fight.

[Stage 2 - Stadium - Hard]

football & baseball zombies, chainsaw dashing, go inside.
store, work your way through hallways. Check the corners in hallways so you don't miss named lollipop #15.
zombies, headless nick, jump out window.

Chainsaw Dashing, zombies, all that jazz. Nothing of importance until you get to the football zombies on the rooftops.
Past the gym, past the cheerleaders & 3 classmates.
Rooftoop football zombies. Go behind the ramp to get named lollipop #16, dash, big jump.

Dash along line of medals, use [RT] for firefighters.
Dash over jump, but immediately stop & go around left corner for named lollipop #17.
Continue dashing along line of medals, get "Go, Medal Racer, Go!" Achievement, if you don't already have it.

Zombie baseball, Vikke boos fight, end of Stage 2.

[Stage 3 - O'Bannon Farm - Hard]

zombies, headless Nick, fat zombie, in thew corner is named lollipop #18.
headless Nick, zombies, after bus leaves & phone call, named lollipop #22 behind you.
follow and ride the bus, shoot rocks, giant chicken, combine, zombies, store.

named lollipop #23, by two fat zombies, headless Nick, defend bus, phone call.
giant chickens, combine, dash up ramp, land and look to right corner for named lollipop #24.
zombies, phone call, zombies, etc, Mariska boss fights, end of stage 3.

[Stage 4 - Fulci Fun Center - Hard]

zombies, pacman, just after turn around for named lollipop #28.
zombies, elevator game, poll, arcade game, get named lollipop #29.
rooftop battle, store, gondola game - don't shoot with [Y] for the "No Fear Of Heights - Beat the Gondola game without shooting." Achv.

Hit the springboard and spam [B] to launch up high and collect named lollipop #30.
Go around to front, fight Josey, remember to get the "Critical UFO Finish - Funk Josey in the last 10 seconds." Achievement.
In the last phase, kill all of the towers on the outside, then wait for the timer to be 14 seconds, then chainsaw Josey the final time.
You must be under 10 seconds, when you kill Josey, end of stage 4.

[Stage 5 - Cathedral - Hard]

zombies n junk, use [RT] in room with classmate, get named lollipop #32, behind a car, save classmate.
zombies, running, zombies, wrecking ball, dash, defend sister, elevator, flying zombies, down stairs.
Jump on the trapoline to get up to named lollipop #35, kill zombies, ride cart.
Might be getting "Endorsed by Cordelia - Get 30 headshots." Achievement, somewhere around here.

cop zombies, jump down, cut down pillars, get named lollipop #36.
shoot red barrells, classmate, pole, room full of zombies, right of store is named lollipop #37.
Jump down hole, Lewis Legend boss fight.
[Y] button prompt dodge his attacks until you get the "Elephant Tamer - Counter Lewis' attack 10 times." Achievement, end of stage.

[Stage 6 - Killabilly - Hard]

Move forward, card bridges, zombies, chainsaw dashing, to middle part w/ phone call, zombies, store.
Midway through second part is the last named lollipop #40 for "Lollipop Addict" Achievement.
Dash and dodge along, kill Killabilly, end of stage.

Make sure you watch whichever ending you didn't, on your Easy playthrough.

[Ranking Mode Playthrough - Normal]

For one Achievement, you must post to Leaderboards in each Stage. Score does not matter, go for speed. You must be connected to Xbox LIVE.
The only thing you need to do, is kill one named giant yellow chicken, in the Killabilly Stage.
Midway through the Stage, there is usually a Store. In Ranking, they are giant yellow chickens. This one is named, make sure to kill it.
This is for the "Zombie Fancier - Completed the zombie album." Achievement, which you should get after killing the yellow chicken.

You will probably get the "Zombie Slayer?! - Kill 3,000 zombies." Achievement, during your Ranking playthrough.
If you still haven't gotten the kiss Nick 100 times Achievement, go to the store at beginning of Cathedral and spam Nick Tickets.
If you still need headshots for 30 headshots Achievement, beginning of Cathedral is also good, since you start up high.

Congratulations, you just got 100% of the Achievements in Lollipop Chainsaw!
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Great guide. Thanks for the effort.
Gonna use it when I get my hand on this game by the weekend.
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kryxx, since you've been answering my questions i guess instead of creating a new thread (just for you to answer) ill just bump you're walkthrough, PLUS ask my question.

Is there a BGM that is easy to miss? i have all of them purchased in chopzombie thing (i think). is there any that i could've not unlocked? maybe beating you're dads score on all stages?
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Smile Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling Cosplay Costume

The Lollipop Chainsaw is wonderful film,I like it very much,at the same time i like the film costume too.How about this coat?
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Thanks for a nice little guide with some good tips.
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