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Help about starting DLC after having played co-op!!

I finished Borderlands the other day (the main story atleast) and am trying to go back to do sidequests. I've finished all of them for Fyrestone and have to move on the the next area (New Haven maybe? I forget the name). I installed all of the DLC packs, but I don't know exactly how to start. Do the missions just pop up or something? Here's the annoying thing, I played a bit of co-op with a friend who has all the achievements, and this may have affected my game because in my mission list there is a good 15-20 that have appeared that I have never gone to to boot up the mission (I later read that someone suspected once you join a co-op game it does indeed add missions into your log), so I don't know exactly how I go about doing a DLC pack 1 at a time. Do you have any suggestions for that? Should I start a second playthrough or something?

Ps I'm kinda new to Borderlands, so do forgive the ignorance if this is a question answered a thousand times already.
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Once you have finished all of the quests you remember activating in the main story, just head to a fast travel device and the 4 names should be toward the bottom of the list if you haven't visited the DLCs yet. The first stop I suggest is Jakob's Cove. The zombies will be at your level and it's a good place to start. Mad Moxxi is preferably done with a friend and I can say if you do a larger arena, it will take the place of smaller arenas completed for the quest. General Knoxx's enemies start out at about level 38, so completing Zombie Island will get through this place easier. After you get this done, time to kill some clap-traps. This DLC isn't too bad and the enemies might be under-leveled because the enemies scale to the level you are, but the enemies were around 38 when I first went there and that was after being Knoxx. I hope this helps.
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Thanks man, good to get some clarification =)
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