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Top 5 Films Of 2013 So Far

Just to note that I haven't and so you may have not seen every film in 2013 so these are just opinions from movies we have seen this year (for example I haven't seen The Wolverine which I heard great things about but I may or may not be able to watch it), so here's my top 5 films of 2013 so far:

Trance, why:
Because it offers a few experimental ideas of a thriller and fantasy in hands of a good director, even thought it may not be the best film he's done in everyone's opinion but still I really enjoyed it to keep it on the list, also great beat music, graphic violence, Rosario Dawson's shaved pussy, and art.

Star Trek Into Darkness, why:
It may copy some elements that made the 2009 reboot a fun movie but as a summer movie it does holds surprises and some really entertaining action, besides the notorious film's fanservice.

This Is The End, why:
Because it's funny and actually funny in comparison with other shit comedies that hollywood has had lately, apart some awkward moments, The Backstreet Boys and penises.

Pacific Rim, why:
Jaegers fighting Kaijus, the best live-action cartoon converted into an intense Del Toro film, and the summer movie I've seen so far in my opinion.

and now my Movie of the Year:

The Place Beyond The Pines, why:
A strong and groundbreaking story of fatherhood, coincidences and consequences, all divided into three parts yet executed beautifully, followed up with great performances, dialogue, music and a great message and theme of life and fate delivered at the end, and it was worth it.


Also since the year hasn't ended yet I mind as well also give a Top 5 Films You're Looking For Later This Year, here's mine:

5. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
4. The World's End (Not out in North America yet)
3. Gravity
2. Elysium
1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Part 3: Rebellion

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I'm going to try and make my post look as nice as yours does, with the pictures...

As someone who wasn't a huge fan of the first Star Trek reboot (or the series as a whole) Into Darkness was a gamble for me. But I was intrigued to see the return of Khan, arguably one of the greatest sci-fi villains. I was pleased to find a fun, well-shot blockbuster that didn't stay beyond its welcome, and kept the plot rolling along. 8/10

As one of my most-anticipated films of the year, Pacific Rim had a lot to live up to. While I think there were too few scenes of action for a movie like this, when the jaegers were in action it was phenomenal. Breathtaking, visceral robot-on-monster combat. Great designs for the kaiju and jaegers. I'm willing to forgive decent acting when the visuals are this good. Hoping a sequel will be greenlit despite the underwhelming performance at the box office. 8/10

Spring Breakers wasn't something I saw in theaters. I was not a fan of Gummo, another Korine film, at all, and just avoided this outright. I watched it in an attempt to see more 2013 films and was glad I did. Though the only standout in terms of acting was Franco, the cast served it's purpose. More importantly, the neon-drenched visuals and fantastic score from Cliff Martinez combine for a mesmerizing effect, similar to another favorite of mine from this year. 8/10

The first English-language film from Chan-Wook Park did not disappoint. Stoker weaves a Hitchcock-esque story about a family with a hidden violent side. The violence, in traditional Park form, is beautifully shot and poetic. Acting was phenomenal. Highly entertaining mystery. 8.5/10

Receiving totally unwarranted hate, Only God Forgives is Refn being no one but Refn. Well, maybe with some Lynch and Jodorowsky. Beautifully shot, set to a mesmerizing score from Cliff Martinez and featuring a standout performance from Vithaya Pansringarm, Only God Forgives is not as good as Drive, Refn's masterpiece, but it doesn't want to be anything else. It baffles me that people could watch this movie and call it boring when there's so much subtext to be investigated. 9/10

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The Worlds End
Coffee Town
Spring Breakers
Before Midnight

Everyone else is wrong, unless they agree with me.

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5 - Pacific Rim. One of the worst films ever ... yet still satisfying. Basically, it's like a giant greasy burger -- you know it's bad for you, but it tastes soooo good.
4 - Star Trek Into Darkness. As a long-time fan of Trek, I just loved this film and especially loved that they continued to deny that it was Khan. It made the film all the more satisfying.
3 - Warm Bodies. I love zombies. I love comedy. I love interesting takes on romance. This had all three.
2 - Man of Steel. I'm a Superman fan. Have been since I was a little kid and I identified with Clark Kent, but my fandom continued as I grew older and understood the unique nature of of the character in comparison to other comic book heroes. Superman (or Kal El) is his real identity, but Clark is his disguise. It's an interesting dynamic that keeps the character fresh.
1 - ????

2013 isn't over yet. Still more films to come and I can't finish the list without knowing more. There are plenty of films I've got my eye on to join this list:
- The To-Do List (takes place right in the heart of my own childhood ... 1990's Boise, ID)
- Elysium
- Kick-Ass 2
- Paranoia
- The Butler
- Jobs
- The World's End
- The Grandmaster (probably to get my vote for best foreign film no matter what)
- Rush
- Gravity
- Runner Runner
- Captain Phillips
- The Fifth Estate
- Carrie
- Escape Plan (though no matter what I'm sure this one would be better if the two stars were about 20 years younger)
- All is Lost
- Oldboy (This one looks spectacular ... Spike Lee may finally be getting that Oscar nomination for Best Director)
- Ender's Game
- Thor: The Dark World
- The Wolf of Wall Street (Scorsese + DiCaprio ... can they go wrong?)
- Her (I can't wait for a trailer for this one, it sounds really interesting)
- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
- Saving Mr. Banks
- Jack Ryan (Chris Pine as Jack Ryan ... yes please!)
- Lone Survivor
- 47 Ronin
- 12 Years a Slave
- The Book Thief
- Seventh Son
- I, Frankenstein

And probably others that I've forgotten or just don't know about ...

Basically, it's too early in 2013 to make a complete list, so I leave the top spot blank

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Lord Nelson
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What I saw an what I like

I saw Star Trek, it was great
I saw Superman, not so great
I saw the Hobbit, it was pretty good
I want to see Pacific Rim. I saw good and bad reviews for this
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The only film I've seen this year, unfortunately (fortunately?). Wasn't interested in much else.

Tremendously underrated.

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Ari Haswari
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So far there is no good movies in 2013
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I've heard horrible things about Only God Forgives, but maybe I should just brush them off and watch it. I do love Refn's work and Gosling is getting better and better as an actor.
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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Defeat View Post
I've heard horrible things about Only God Forgives, but maybe I should just brush them off and watch it. I do love Refn's work and Gosling is getting better and better as an actor.
If you watch OGF for Gosling's acting, you'll be even more disappointed.
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