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Event Guide

Hello! In this thread I will attempt to chronicle the random events one encounters while spelunking.

Events are NOT exclusive, meaning you may encounter more than one at a time on one level. There's also a chance of getting the same event multiple times, I myself just attempted a speedrun and got the snakes event on three of the four mines levels.
The Spelunker will always say something at the beginning of a level to indicate what event is active.

  • "It's really dark in here! I'd better use my torch"
    The level will become darkened, a small aura of light will show up around the player. Dead players will also emit a faint light; shop lanterns and some traps will also be lit up. Shotguns and bomb explosions can also produce some much-needed light.
    A torch spawns at the entrance for the player. The ideal way to deal with this event is to take your torch with you, using it to light wall-mounted torches scattered across the level as you go. Each torch will drop a small amount of gold when lit, and you should also keep an eye out for golden scarabs flying around near ceilings. They're very easy to accidentally kill, but if you nab one they're worth a cool 5000 gold each!
    Uncomfirmed: Dark levels can occur in any area except the Ice Caves and will NOT spawn if the player completed the previous area fast enough, "to prevent frustrating speed-runs"
    I need confirmation on darkness in Worm, Alien Mothership, Golden City, and Hell.

  • "I hear snakes... I hate snakes!"
    A snake pit will spawn somewhere on the map, usually accessible from the top level. There will ALWAYS be a mattock in the rocks at the bottom, and there's a high chance the damsel and/or key/chest will be in the pit.

  • "My skin is crawling..."
    The level will become populated by a helluva lot more Spiders than normal. Webbing is seen in the background and several Giant Spiders are spawned.

  • "The dead are restless..."
    A thin fog is noticeable and the level looks spookier. Jiang Shi and Vampires are found here as well as a lot more skeletons; Jiang Shi jump similar to frogs but with shorter hops between longer ones, and Vampires will harass the player similar to a bat/shopkeep combo. Vampires also drop capes when killed. There will be a grave marked ASH with a shotgun buried in the earth beneath, the idol trap is replaced with a crystal skull that when picked up spawns the Ghost early, and on occasion there will spawn a grave marked only by a crown. A skull wearing a crown can be seen beneath, the crown itself is worth 5000. Using a bomb directly where you found the crowned skull will reveal the entrance to the Haunted Castle level directly below.
  • "You hear rushing water..."
    The bottom of the level is filled with a large pit of water, populated with a small army of regular piranhas and one giant piranha, named Old Bitey. Upon death in the PC version, Ol' Bitey drops 4 supply crates. Have not yet confirmed if this is still true on the 360 version.

  • "I sense a strong psychic presence in here!"
    there's an alien structure on the map, generally spanning the length of the map. There will be an Alien Lord at one end, usually the left. he is guarded by forcefields which will reflect bullets and stop most projectiles, and fires psychic projectiles at you identical to the ones produced by the Sceptre. Definitely watch out for turrets while inside the ship, they'll lock on to you and fire without warning after a small interval. Upon death the big alien will drop a handful(3?) of gems. In the PC version there's always a jetpack in the wall behind the Alien Lord, I've yet to confirm if this is true for the XBLA version as well.
  • "It smells like wet fur in here!"
    Unlike most of the rest of the Ice Caves, this level will have a semi-normal dungeon layout which means you're less likely to fall into the abyss. Quickly eroding ice bridges with spikes or other perils below become common. You're also likely to run into the Yeti King, a much larger Yeti who has the ability to roar. This roar can damage ice bridges (uncomfirmed) and cause ice blocks to fall on your head, and has been seen to catch a player in a stun-loop at least once. After defeat, the Giant Yeti will sometimes drop sapphires, ropes, or spiked shoes.
  • "It feels like the fourth of july in here..."
    alien mothership area is accessible. this will be on the top of the map, either to the far left or far right, and is only accessible by climbing up a long vertical shaft from underneath it. it's possible to bomb your way inside, naturally, but your best bet is to bring loads of rope or a jetpack. the door at the top of this alien structure-shaft-thing leads to the alien mothership level.

  • "You hear prayers to Kali..."
    there will be an alternate idol trap that consists of the idol next to a maiden in a pit 3 blocks deep. grabbing the idol will remove the floor, dropping everything into the lava beneath. grabbing the damsel does NOT set off this trap. Additionally, in the PC version the tiles beneath the lava contained rubies. Have yet to confirm this on the Xbox.

  • "You hear a wolf howl in the distance..."
    I'm not yet 100% if this happens every time you enter the area or what it means if it doesn't.

this is a work in progress. phrases may not be exact but will be fixed.
any helpful tips or other info will be credited to whoever submits it.

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