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WWE 12
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Edwin James
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WWE '12 RTWM Rant

I'm posting this having JUST achieved 1000/1000 for this game, and all I can say is WOW. I never thought I'd dethrone TNA impact as one of the most frustrating wrestling games I've ever played.

I've played every major console wrestling game since WWF War Zone for the N64, I played WWF Attitude, ECW Hardcore Revolution, WCW vs NWO revenge, WWF No Mercy & Wrestlemania 2000, WCW Mayhem & Backstage Assault, I've played every game in the Smackdown series, Both Raw and WWE raw 2 for the Xbox (I even played the horrendous Wrestlemania 21.) I've tackled Wrestlemania X8 & XIX as well as Day of Reckoning for the gamecube, I've 1000/1000'd Legends of Wrestlemania and again I've played TNA impact.

WWE 12's "Road to Wrestlemania" trilogy is By far one of the worst and most frustrating wrestling storymodes I've ever touched.


The broken reversal system and scenarios (that make me feel like the developers didn't even PLAY the game after they made it), made the whole experience was complete and utter garbage. The "Want to throw the controller through a wall" Factor on this steaming pile of excrement was through the roof. Another quick note before I begin is the lack of a good save feature. Only a couple times during each story to you get a chance to Actually SAVE your game, the rest of your progress is on an auto save feature which puts me off, because I don't think anyone should have to replay any of this, but it's just a small complaint.

About a couple matches into my Cass storyline I began to think of how many matches in this 'Wrestling' game were just fights backstage ending with some stupid cue/KO vs a pin or submission. Seriously the last time I played through this many backstage assaults was when I played WCW BACKSTAGE ASSAULT. It's ridiculous and unnecessary let alone repetitive and BORING. Also go through each story and tell me out of ALL of the matches how many times you actually have control of the outcome and it's a legitimate Pin or submission that YOU control.

The entire section of this part of the game is just one large cutscene and it's so limiting. The handicapped sections get old FAST and they quickly suck all of the fun out of the ideas and stories. The fourth time I tried money in the bank with Triple H I was ready to hurl a brick, putting a player into a 5 on 1 handicap ladder match, (win conditions aside) is stupid. I went through the Vader backstage match with Cass 3 stupid times because the 'Y' button cue wouldn't register, because I wasn't in the 'Right place' and that means I was 2 steps to the side of where I should have been to whip him into the ONE spot I could KO him on when he could KO me anywhere he pleases.

Which brings me to another gripe. In storymodes where YOU have to meet all these parameters to further a match and in most cases WIN, whats the point of having you so EASILY DEFEATED?! one time it was just a brawl with me and Orton against opposing forces and they WON THE MATCH?! its a BRAWL, how about just letting me fight until I win? I realize it's a game but with the circumstances of the story, it's not like a ref was involved and there was a match FOR me to lose. It's bad writing and not thought out enough.

The elimination Tag match that leads to the creation of the United Kingdom is a SHINING example of how pointless the entire nature of the RTWM is. You don't control any of the eliminations, everything happens via cutscene and the only wrestling you do has no effect on the outcome, essentially making everything you do worthless. I didn't buy the game to do a few moves and tap Y, but thats the way it works this time around I guess. The whole experience I just kept thinking, wasn't there a game a in this series that's tagline had something to do with how in control you got to be?

Finally I'd just like to touch base once more on the DIFFICULTY. A couple achievements IN the game have to do with backstage brawling and one is even a 3 on 1 scenario, it always bothered me that its a specific CHALLENGE to do something you're going to have to do a hundred times anyways across the three stories. It's like "Hey try doing this, it's tough!" and then FORCING someone to do it anyway, it's kinda a cruel joke. The game really isn't that hard, but it becomes often a lot more difficult then it should be and ten times as frustrating. This makes the Ungodly length of this years stories so much more unbearable, (About double the length of last years, if not more .) I'd be willing to give it a pass if I thought they were made longer to give you more bang for your buck, but when every other match is either handicapped or just a tussle backstage I can easily see that they didn't really try that hard to give you something that you'll enjoy.

Overall rating:

Don't get me wrong, the rest of the game I play often, and the WWE universe mode is a LOT less restrictive than SVR 2011, but I hope WWE 13's Attitude oriented gameplay isn't as hindered by such a groan/swear inducing experience.
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