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Divine Infekt
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Unhappy Glitch prevents me from finishing DLC

After defusing the first bomb, like an idiot, i ran to the door closest (the one next to the bomb and not the big double doors), after batman talks to himself, you can immediately press A to open it before the door locks itself. This door leads to the dry dock area where you previously fought Harley Quinn (i didnt know that at the time, first play through). I try backing out of the door and batman says "Robin can handle the cops, i need to go after the bombs." I'm assuming this is the speech that happens to prevent you from opening this door from the other side. Now that I am here, there is another door in this area you can get into - the "Access Corridor A" on the map, this is the area where you use the line launcher to get across the water gaps. At the end of the hall there is a vent you can crawl into, and at the end of the vent where the pump room should be, i fall out into total darkness. i turn on detective mode and batman is falling, i'm watching the detonation frequency tracker climb up to 4000m as the countdown timer slowly climbs down from 2:00 to 0 and I die.

everytime i load up the DLC i always start at the checkpoint where i'm in the dry dock room with no way out and batman saying "I'm running out of time" and i die. there is no way out i am stuck in this loop. i have to create a new game profile and start the DLC all over again.

Not that its a long or difficult DLC, its just a pain in the ass that I can no longer access the DLC from my main save. This is just a heads up to avoid opening that door after you rescue b-man!

anyone encounter this before?

Pretty much this:
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