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Halo 4
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Old 09-11-2013, 05:47 PM   #2161
gelfling120742's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2013
Posts: 22

Gamertag: Gelfling120742
I am attempting to put parties together to get any and all achievements for anyone in halo 3, halo 4, odst, reach, and halo wars. Any interested parties would be greatly appreciated. Would reccomend having all dlc atleast 2 controllers and a mic. Not a prerequisite though just would make it easier to get said cheevos. Gt is gelfling120742
gelfling120742 is offline  
Old 09-11-2013, 06:21 PM   #2162
Join Date: Aug 2013
Posts: 10

Gamertag: Newbie Soldier
Newbie Soldier here. I need a few DLC achievements, I am currently online and I have a mic! I am always looking for boosters for Halo4. Send me a friend request and I will be more then happy to boost!

-Newbie Soldier
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Old 09-12-2013, 06:00 PM   #2163
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 90

Gamertag: Injectdisparity
I'm looking to boost ricochet, castle, majestic, crimson dlc, nearly all online achievements really!

I have 2 controllers and I'm willing to help you get any achievements/commendations in return.

GT: InjectDisparity
InjectDisparity is offline  
Old 09-12-2013, 06:54 PM   #2164
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 25

Currently online ready to boost with 4 controllers! Looking for castle dlc & champions dlc achievements. Add me SpAnKy1990
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Old 09-13-2013, 10:55 PM   #2165
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 12

Gamertag: Lopez164
guys i need all dlc achievements add me
Lopez164 is offline  
Old 09-14-2013, 06:37 PM   #2166
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 25

Currently trying to get a group together to do the achievements on the crimson maps! The last achievement i need is Bigfoot (the mantis stomps). I got 4 controllers and every map pack so in return i can help with any other achievement!

Add me on XBL: SpAnKy1990
SpAnKy1990 is offline  
Old 09-14-2013, 07:49 PM   #2167
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 25

we got 14 controllers ready to go and boost. we need YOU! with only 2 more controllers!! Add me on xbl: SpAnKy1990
SpAnKy1990 is offline  
Old 09-14-2013, 08:33 PM   #2168
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 25

My mic died in the proces but thnx for helping guys! Finally got the full 2000 gamerscore!
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Old 09-14-2013, 10:39 PM   #2169
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 12

Gamertag: Lopez164
am online with a total of 8 people ready to boost!!! add me lopez164
Lopez164 is offline  
Old 09-15-2013, 09:25 PM   #2170
Shakalu FIN
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 4

Gamertag: Shakalu FIN
I'm looking for a co-op partner.. I'm missing 3 levels in campaign, but I'm willing to do a whole playthrough if needed. I can solo the campaign on legendary quite easily so I'm not a rookie message me. GT: Shakalu FIN
Shakalu FIN is offline  
Old 09-16-2013, 05:07 AM   #2171
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 2

Gamertag: QuestKIX
Looking to get some Co-Op done send me a FR my gamertag is QuestKIX
QuestKIX is offline  
Old 09-16-2013, 08:59 PM   #2172
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 81

Gamertag: Dribble bag
Got all dlc need em all hit me up have extra controllers if needed. Gt dribble bag

All Achievements are 100% legit (apart from a few boosts here and there but we all do it!)
Dribblebag is offline  
Old 09-20-2013, 08:21 AM   #2173
Join Date: Jul 2012
Posts: 30

Gamertag: athrun talan
Couple of us are looking to do some boosting on Monday evening (probably around 8PM, GMT). We've each got three controllers, but if there's a few people wanting to join, that'd be great.

We're looking to get the following:

Didn't see it coming
Birds of Prey
Bullet Sponge
I See you!
Clever Girl
Flash of Light
Last Man Grinning
Pigs Can Fly
Callin' in the Big Guns
I Thrust At Thee
What is Yours is Also Mine
Dodge This
Hello Nurse!
That Won't Save You!
Ashes to Ashes
Beating Up The Beat
Sight Seeing
Outta My Way!

We both stopped playing for a while, so we're looking to catch up.

GT is Athrun Talan - FR or message me.

Last edited by athruntalan; 09-20-2013 at 08:44 AM. Reason: Added GT
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Old 09-20-2013, 05:54 PM   #2174
Lorelock's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Oklahoma
Posts: 28

Gamertag: Lorelock
Looking for a few people who'd be interested in helping out with the following:

"Bros to the Close"
"No One Left Behind"
"No Easy Way Out"

Message me on Live if interested.
I can try to help with things you need too.

GT: Lorelock
Lorelock is offline  
Old 09-21-2013, 01:11 AM   #2175
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 1

Gamertag: brettplaydead
Gotta get all DLC achievements.

Send me a FR so we can organize a time. Got 2 controllers, sometimes 3 if housemate not playing his XBox.

GT BrettPlayDead
BrettPlayDead is offline  
Old 09-21-2013, 07:41 AM   #2176
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 15

Gamertag: ppiiiaa
Looking for all DLC achievements (already have some Champions!)
I have 2 controllers and i can had one more guitar

I am avaliable from now on until sunday night.

GT: pmoinhos
ppiiaa is offline  
Old 09-21-2013, 09:58 PM   #2177
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 20

Gamertag: podeof
Im looking to get the DLC achievements, so if you want to tag up to get those done add me, i have 4 controllers

gamertag: Podeof
Podeof is offline  
Old 09-24-2013, 01:26 AM   #2178
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 1

Gamertag: RiZZLE 17
on right now! looking to boost for dlc cheevos!

Rizzle17 is offline  
Old 09-24-2013, 03:03 AM   #2179
Join Date: Sep 2013
Posts: 4

Dark Scotsman getting addin if you need someone
Susan673 is offline  
Old 09-24-2013, 05:44 AM   #2180
Bullitt24's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Sugar Grove, IL
Posts: 600

Gamertag: Bullitt24
Looking to boost anytime this week
Bullitt24 is offline  
Old 09-24-2013, 08:24 PM   #2181
A Punk Panther
A Punk Panther's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 13

Gamertag: SamTochelliDzn
Message SamTochelliDzn if you want to boost the multiplayer achievements.
A Punk Panther is offline  
Old 09-24-2013, 08:31 PM   #2182
ox0 Shad0w 0xo
ox0 Shad0w 0xo's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Posts: 86

Gamertag: ox0 Shad0w 0xo
Edit: Got everything done thanks!

XBL GT: ox0 Shad0w 0xo (the bigger 0 are zeros)

Last edited by ox0 Shad0w 0xo; 09-30-2013 at 09:27 PM. Reason: Completed.
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Old 09-27-2013, 09:39 PM   #2183
mange91's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Habo
Posts: 92

Gamertag: EpicMangeN
Looking to do som of the online achievements. I have all the dlc.

Add EpicMangeN
mange91 is offline  
Old 09-29-2013, 05:32 AM   #2184
cerberus xii
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 26

Gamertag: cerberus xii
I need several of the Champion Bundle achievements (I don't know which ones off the top of my head) but we should be able to get them all in a game or two.

I have four controllers and all DLC if you need help with something else.


gt: Cerberus XII
cerberus xii is offline  
Old 09-30-2013, 01:36 AM   #2185
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Amsterdam
Posts: 49

Gamertag: failboatz
I'm looking to complete the Majestic map pack achievements. Got all the DLCs and 4 controllers available. GT: Failboatz. Hit me up for a time/date.

Last edited by Failboatz; 10-12-2013 at 02:09 AM.
Failboatz is offline  
Old 10-02-2013, 05:27 PM   #2186
mandraxx's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: New Jersey
Posts: 14
Send a message via Yahoo to mandraxx

Gamertag: Mandraxx67
Caxie - I'd be happy to help you out. I still need to finish the campaigns on legendary and heroic to unlock the achievements.

My gamertag is mandraxx67. Feel free to message me or just pm me here. Thanks,

mandraxx is offline  
Old 10-02-2013, 08:10 PM   #2187
FearTheTurtle06's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: Baltimore, MD
Posts: 6

Gamertag: FearTheTurtle06
I too am looking for partners to boost the DLC achievements with. I also have to do the coop campaign if anyone is interested.

My gamertag is FearTheTurtle06
FearTheTurtle06 is offline  
Old 10-04-2013, 02:56 AM   #2188
xMANNY FRE5Hx's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Miami FL
Posts: 287

Gamertag: xMANNY FRE5Hx
Hi I'm looking to do all co op achievements. Hit me up if interested.

xMANNY FRE5Hx is offline  
Old 10-04-2013, 10:02 AM   #2189
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: USA
Posts: 301

Gamertag: the only IS
Need Champions Bundle and Castle DLC
only have 1 extra controller
Moving up to the XBOX ONE! Go BUCKS!!

rdskns170 is offline  
Old 10-04-2013, 04:17 PM   #2190
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 34

Gamertag: abj57
need champions bundle achievements. have 4 controllers will be home around 2-3pm pst and from there on. add and organize. and let me know in the msg

gt: abj57
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Closed Thread


achievement boosting, multiplayer boosting

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