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Dec 03, 2008 Marble Blast Ultra ''Marble Fu'' Pack Now Available
Sep 30, 2008 Marble Blast Ultra Updated to 250; DLC Coming Soon?

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* Clueless *
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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

x360a would like to Credit
Roadmap Skepsis93
Guide Maka & Ghost 360 MAFIA
DLC Guide ezekiel 08

-Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 9 (160)
-Online: 6 (90)
-Approximate amount of time to 250: 8-12 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Missable Achievements: None!
-Glitched Achievements: 1 (Small, easily fixable)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats available
-Does difficulty affect achievements: Only one difficulty

This game is generally an easy 200, with the exception of the advanced levels. It is for this reason I gave the achievements a difficulty rating of 7/10.

While most of the achievements for this game are fairly simple, beating the advanced levels under par time can prove quite tricky for some people. The game is hampered by a very small glitch on the ’Blue Gem Hunt’ achievement. See the guide for full details on this.

Step 1: Complete Levels Under Par Time
Complete all levels in all difficulty areas (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) under par time (this will save you another playthrough) I would recommend starting from beginner and working your way up to advanced so you can get in some practice on the easier courses. Doing this will earn you 130.

Step 2: Multiplayer
Complete ‘Gem Collector’ (75 points in a multiplayer match), ‘First Place’ (come in first in a multiplayer match) and ‘Veteran Battler’ (2,000 total points in multiplayer). Check the guide for quick ways to do these. Doing this will earn you 40.

Step 3: Eggs
You’ll have to collect all 18 eggs hidden in various levels in the game. Check the Egg Walkthrough in the guide for full details of their locations. Doing this will earn you 30.
NOTE: That concludes th original 200.

Step 4: DLC
NOTE: This extra 50 comes with three downloadable map packs, two for 200 Microsoft points (Marble-Fu Expansion Pack DLC and Agoraphobia Expansion Pack DLC) and one free (Marble It Up! DLC pack).

Follow these mini steps for these achievements.

1) Host or Join a match on the ‘Marble It Up!’ map (free DLC) and collect a blue gem (10).

2) Get 40 gems in each of these 3 maps from the ’Marble-Fu’ DLC: Playground, Bowl
and Blast Club (20).

3) Collect 50 gems in the ‘Spires’ map from the Agoraphobia Expansion Pack DLC (20).

Doing this will earn you the full extra 50.

Please refer to the guide for tips and tricks for getting these achievements.

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* Clueless *
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Hollywood Beach, Florida
Posts: 1,779

Gamertag: Clueless 726

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Marble-fu Transcendent35
Finish all Advanced levels under par time.

Do all the adanced levels under par time. This is probably the most difficult achievement and will take the longest because a couple of the levels are difficult but once you get the hang of the marble you should be able to do it.

Adept's Badge25
Complete all Advanced Levels.

Finish all advanced levels. You can finish them in any time you like. This one may take a while.

Egg Basket25

Find all twenty easter eggs.

Easy Levels

Intermediate Levels

Advanced levels

Level 1 “Learning to Roll”:
Very easy to see… after you make all the small jumps up the “steps“ there is a ledge you will need to boost jump to (near the middle of the map). From there just roll along it and boost jump (or take the wood plank) across to the egg.

Level 3 “Introduction to gems”:
Go to the highest point you can roll to and there is a gem there. Right near it is a ledge you can boost jump to. There is a gyro copter there get it and move out of the spot where it was just a bit. Across from this gyro copter is a taller ledge you can get to with the gyro copter. Do these steps in order. Activate the gyro copter, move backward a bit to get the gyro copter again, then boost jump to the higher ledge. Wait for your “boost” to fill back up but while you wait, notice the very tall pillar across the way, the egg is on top of there. Once your boost is full… activate the gyro copter, boost jump, and guide it to the top of the pillar.

Level 9 “First Flight”:
On the second platform down, if you are looking straight at the goal from the start, it‘s on the left side of the platform, underneath it, under the glass block wall. (if you creep over there an rotate the camera you should find the little hole it’s in. If you can’t find it gyro copter down to the lower platform and turn around and look back at the one above you, you’ll see one side (now the left since you turned around) is hollow. The easiest way I have found is to be on the platform it’s above… roll right above it as close as you can get, drop off the edge and then activate your gyro copter, you should float in easily.

Level 17 “Ramp Matrix”:
Right above the goal. (The goal in this board is not the one at the top but the level below). Don’t collect the gems first as this will activate the goal. Get the super jump right near the goal, wait for your boost to fill up. Then jump, boost, and lastly activate the super jump, you’ll run right into it.

Level 20 “Upward Spiral”:
Right above the goal. When you get to the last super jump power up grab it and wait for it to respawn. When it respawns, roll over it again and stop on it. It won’t go away because you are holding one, but if you activate the one you have while right on top of the new one you will get a super DUPER jump. You should line up with the “roof” above the goal before you do this because that is where you want to get… it will take every bit of that jump to reach it and I even had to use my boost at the last second.

Level 21 “Mountaintop Retreat”:
After the first set of steps get to the corner on the flat area. Stop you ball on the “inside” corner and rotate the camera until you can see it far below you on a brown ledge. The best way is when you are on the platform above it back your marble into the “V” and back off the ledge, immediately pushing the stick back up toward the pillar it’s resting on. About halfway down if you use your boost it will give you the little extra “push” you need to make it as you are falling.

Level 22 “Urban Jungle”:
From the start, go down the right path (the left one goes up, the right one goes down) and grab the super jump power up. There are several big brown pillars on this map. Roll to an area that gets you the closest to the lowest pillar. You will need to use your jump, then super jump, then boost to reach the top of the lowest pillar. There is a gyro copter on top, get the gyro copter and jump safely back down to the blue surfaces. Next you need to get on the highest pillar off in the “corner” of the map (the one where you can see two time travels on it) and you do that by going over by it and finding the super jump, but don’t pick it up as it will replace your gyro copter. Back up and line up the super jump with the tallest pillar. Start rolling and activate the gyro copter on the ground (don’t jump yet). As soon as you roll over the super jump, use it. You’ll be flying up nice and high but you won’t make it to the top, you’ll smack right into the pillar. As soon as you smack into it use your boost to go a bit higher (if you use full boost here you may overshoot, half boost is just about perfect) and that should take you high enough to land on top. On top of that pillar there is yet another gyro copter, grab that. Now line up with the highest pillar from there and back all the way up to the edge. Wait for the gyro copter power up to respawn. Activate the gyro copter and roll through the respawned gyro copter (picking up another as you are using one), jump and then immediately boost to start flying toward the pillar… this is where the second gyro copter can come in handy if you don‘t quite make it and the first one is going to run out. This one you will also “bounce” off of initially but try to land on top, where the egg is. On these types of jumps and gyro copter landings, it helps greatly to push up on the right stick (with the default control scheme) to rotate the camera above you so you can see where to land. This is one of the tougher eggs to get so far, at least for me.

Level 32 “Obstacle Course“:
Make it down to the ice area but don’t go onto it. There is a ramp that leads down (on your right if your facing the goal), take that down and you will see six black trap door blocks. It’s under the middle set, the one farthest from you, just jump on it and let the trap door open and you’ll fall to it. You should see the egg floating under there before you jump if your in the right spot.

Level 33 “Fork in the Road”:
It is resting underneath the lowest part of the “U” shaped channel you can “ride” in. You should see it from anywhere on the map that gives you the vantage point to look under there. Up by the 3 time travel hourglasses there is a gyro copter. If you drop down 1 platform (the one with the time travel you just passed) and look from the corner you’ll see it. From there activate the gyro copter roll off (don’t jump) and while falling activate your boost, if done right you’ll fly right through it.

Level 35 “Black Diamond”:
Very high in the air. Most people say this is just done by bounding down the hill with “luck“ but here is a way to get it pretty easily. Go down most of the way until you see two branching paths and some green area below. Take the right blue path that doesn’t have any bumps or “pyramids” on it, it’s just a long ramp. Toward the end you need to line up in the middle which is easily done by lining up just to the right of the middle white line on the ground. Notice that this will all have to be done quickly as you need to use all the momentum from the top of the hill and can’t slow down at all. When you slide off the end you will (if lined up like I said) hit the “lip” of a blue inverted pyramid sending you flying like crazy in the air straight toward the egg. You may or may not have to boost depending on the distance. It may take you a few tries but I guarantee if you go down that hill and hit the lip like said, you’ll only be missing by an inch or two each time you do miss.

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Level 38 “Whirl”:
Go all the way up to the goal but if you turn around from the way you came you’ll see the top of the loop that brought you here. Wait until your boost is full and boost jump to the top side of that loop and roll (don’t jump) right down the center and you’ll hit it on the way down, just after you start to fall vertical.

Level 39 “Hop, Skip & a Jump”:
Very easy to see, just go to the gyro copter and rotate the camera up and to the right. Just line up with it between the pillars, activate the gyro copter, don‘t roll at all, jump and then use boost and head towards it. Only minimum boost works here, if your boost meter is full you’ll easily overshoot it. Around minimum is perfect. You have to pretty much fly right through the opening to get it though, it will take a few tries.

Level 43 “Ordeal”:
Just past the three things that try to push you off by moving side to side there is a gravity modifier switch. You have to go over the edge slightly to trip it, when you do there is some dark brown floor to your left. Go all the way across that and then look down. You’ll see two ledges drop down to the bottom one and then use the camera along the edges to find the egg that you must drop down to get.

Level 44 “Daedalus”:
It‘s at the very top under the goal. The easiest way is to have a gyro copter ready. Get right on the edge and activate the gyro copter. SLOWLY back off the edge while pushing forward toward the egg once you fall. Right when you “slip” under the ledge you need to use your boost to jump up and grab it.

Level 48 “Scaffold”:
It’s on a brown ledge right under the goal. Make sure you have boost and back off the edge right over it and when you “slip” under the ledge try to boost toward it.

Level 51 “Battlements”:
Go all the way to the goal. Get inside the “tower” that the goal is in. You can boost your way on top of the block that held the two fans to get a look at the egg if you want, but unlike some methods of jumping from there, my way is much easier. The “tower” is square and if you put the way you just cam in on your left then boost jump to the low ledge in front of you. There are three blocks here that make up this ledge, the egg is under the middle one, under the lip as you fall. Fully charge your boost and get right in the middle of the middle block and “back” off, as soon as you start to fall push forward (meaning into the wall) and as soon as you “slip” past the lip, fire your boost and you’ll grab the egg. If you go to the top of the fan block you can see where the egg is, and you can even try to jump from there. Either way, it’s not too hard.

Level 52 “Three Fold Maze” (

I’m going to just be general and say to get the gyro copter and come back to the start because by now you don’t need help with all of that. Once you get back to the start and you are facing the same way as when the level started (with the majority of the level in front of you) there is an angled surface above you slightly to the right (the surfaces that your marble “stick” to well). You need to jump then immediately activate the gyro copter while boost jumping and hit the angled surface to fly upward. Then try to fly straight across the map because the egg is at the end of the long, brown, wood type angled pillar that’s sticking away from you. It’s not flat on the tip, but is slightly angled and that is where it is.

Level 54 “Will o’ Wisp”:
Under the large platform the goal is on. There is a gyro copter hidden under one of the little ramps you roll around on where one passes over another. You need to take the gyro copter to the top and you’ll probably have to die once to at least see where the egg is located. (hint: aim camera up as you are falling). Once you know where it is go to the closest corner on the platform above it and activate the gyro copter and “back” off the ledge. Once you fall under the ledge (you should be pushing forward towards the egg) activate your boost and you’ll fly towards it. It may take a few tries but if you have your gyro copter at the last checkpoint, the re-tries won’t be too bad.

Level 58 “King of the Mountain”:
This one is a bit hard to explain but here it goes… travel up the “mountain” as you normally would until you come to an area with a gyro copter and 3 fans. In this area there is a ledge you can boost jump to (directly to the left, between two fans, if the goal was to your direct right). You need to either get the gyro copter and use it to get up there while grabbing another gyro copter or get the gyro copter and simply boost jump up, either way you need to be up there with the gyro copter. Once up on that area you need to start working your way around the mountain to your left, moving clockwise. You will have a series of small ledges and gaps you must use patience and boost jumps to navigate. Eventually you will get to a point where you can’t go any further around (this area you’ll be on is the two orange ramps with the brown flat area connecting them) from here, make sure your boost is charged and starting on the flat brown area, roll up the ramp while activating the gyro copter, then jump, and finally boost jump and you should float up to the top peak of the “mountain”. Land up there and you will have the egg… that’s #19, now on to the last one. (The hardest one is next, unless this one was it, depending on your skills)
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Level 59 “Natural Selection”:
In my opinion, the hardest one to get by far. It’s not hard to explain, but hard to accomplish… especially when the level itself is pretty tough, and there are no checkpoints, making each attempt from the beginning. Basically just maneuver this level like you normally would, which is a lot of timing and trial and error. Once you “race” the platform up to the top and jump back on it you have to jump off either left or right. Right has an extra step involved but is a bit easier. Try to follow me here… Jump off the moving platform to the right side and roll down these few “steps”. At the bottom there is a super jump. Get it and proceed to jump to the top of the structure you are standing next to (if you put the goal to your direct right, you’ll be facing the structure properly) Once on top, roll directly across and look down… there are steps on the other side with a gyro copter. Drop down and get it, but turn around facing the direction of the super jump, which is the direction you came from. Back up a bit and wait for the gyro copter to respawn, when it does you need to do the little trick like you have learned by now of activating it then running over the respawned one (keeping one in reserve) and then boost jumping back up top so you can go back to the side with the super jump. Drop down to the step with the super jump but DON’T pick it up. If you put the goal to your direct left you will see a VERY tall pillar off in front of you, the egg is on top of it. To get it, you should be familiar with this type of manuver… line up the pillar and the super jump, activate the gyro copter, roll over and immediately activate the super jump, and finally boost while you are on the way over there. You will need precise timing and boost for this one and rotating the camera above you will help a ton on this one… this is the last Easter Egg, and your patience is now gone. Congratulations!!!

Veteran Battler20
Collect 2,000 total points in multiplayer.

Go online and get 2,000 total points. Red gems give 1, yellow give 2 and blue give 5. To check how many total points you have go to the leaderboards and check the online leaderboards.

Marble-fu Master25
Finish all Intermediate levels under par time.

Simply complete all the intermediate levels(Blue) under the par time. This is quite easy. It is a par time if your time shows up as green and under the time that ou should take.

Journeyman's Badge15
Complete all Intermediate Levels.

Simply complete all intermediate levels. Doesn't matter how long it takes as long as they're done.

Gem Collector10
Get 75 points in a multiplayer match.

Get 75 points in ONE multiplayer match. This can be done legit or by yourself. Just start a game on "king of the Marble" by yourself with two slots(the least amount avalaible) Roll around by yourslef picking up all the gems. Let the game end and you will get the achievement.

First Place10
Get first place in a multiplayer match.

Simply place first in a multiplayer match. You can also do this legit or follow the rules of "Gem Collector" to get both achievements at once.

Egg Seeker5
Find any hidden easter egg.

Find one of the 20 easter egss hidden throughout the 60 levels. For the first one just start the first level, go up the "stairs" and turn to your left, jump up the platform and ride the skinny ledge to the egg. Roll Over it to get it.

Marble-fu Initiate15
Finish all Beginner levels under par time.

Do the Beginner levels under par time, they are the first 20 levels and they are very easy.

Apprentice's Badge10
Complete all Beginner Levels.

Complete all the beginner levels (Green) This can be done with any times, over par or under par.

Timely Marble5
Finish any level under par time.

VERY EASY, just complete any level of your choice under par time. This will probably be your first achievement.

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achievement guide, achievement roadmap

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