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Exclamation Did i mess up ???

Alright i tried playing without a guide now im stuck.
So i looked at the gamepressure walkthrough.

Its saying when u get to Caldera II, later on you need to make a voodoo doll of Mauregato. This i didnt do, yet already visited the Archives of the High council.

It said go to the voodoo guy in the hotel and make a doll of him.
I went there and there isnt any dialouge of this.

So im asking, am i screwed right now on advancing in the "Find Garcia" quests?
I have an item, in which i can make a Wig though.

Ok so i guess wig makes the doll.
But i dont have the "Make Doll Skill"
I talked to all the tribe people on Sword Coast camp and none will teach me that skill.
I did all the quests in that village already, all she tells me is that voodoo magic guides the way.
So now im pretty sure ive F'd up somewhere. -_-
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If you chose to go with the voodoo instead of the inquisition on the sword coast then you have to press A on the voodoo altar and make the doll that way if you have all the ingredients, you may have to ask him if you can use it first, if he is using it.

There is a bald guy downstairs in that building that sells clothes, if you have a high enough thievery skill then you can steal Margerutos' wig from him.
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Mike Conno
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If you chose the Voodoo faction, it is still possible to finish that quest (Find Garcia) withoutusing a voodoo doll on Mauregato. You can finish it the same way you would if you chose the Inquisition.

And if you already made it inside the council, all you need to do is break in the archives (fight the guard) and read the parchment on the far left desk.

Be sure also to break in Mauregato's Office and get the eveidence for Azuro.
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Originally Posted by Mike Conno View Post
And if you already made it inside the council, all you need to do is break in the archives (fight the guard) and read the parchment on the far left desk.
You don't necessarily have to fight the guard, as if you have a high enough silver tongue skill you can talk to the Councilman in the center of the main hall (I forget his name) and convince him to let you in. I think you had to have your silver tongue at around 90, if I recall correctly (you can always buy clothes/jewelry to boost it higher, if necessary).
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