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XCOM: Enemy Unknown
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Post Questions about the game

Hi there.

I've been playing the game for about seven hours last night, caught four hours of sleep before my work - that's the shortest and best I can say about that game <: It's just more than I could have imagined, and is so addicting. I will see countless hours going into this masterpiece. Back to topic:

I've noticed that every Rookie I bring into my squad eventually turns into Assault. The only Heavy I've got is from the starting (Tutorial-)mission, the Sniper and Support came a mission after that, as well. From then on, practically every guy I led into battle turned into an Assault-troop.

My (more than one) questions are:
1) Could it be because I usually give them SCOPEs instead of Medkits?
2) Does their inventory affect what they are going to be?
3) How do I change the soldiers' gender? It sucks to have a salami-team.
4) Is there any point in wasting money recruiting new Rookies, when I have about 5 to 7 left from the beginning?
5) What's the point in 'letting soldiers go' via the headquarters? I just lose them, but what's my profit there?
6) Two or three countries are on the edge of panicking, while others remain pretty calm. I usually give those high-panic-countries highest priority, I can juggle this pretty well that way. I'm building two new satellites (adding those two basic ones up to four), but it takes so damn long (20 days). What will happen to the country, if I lose them because of panic? Is there any way I can especially help them, except for those randomly generated missions and satellites?

Didn't have enough time to find out all those things, because of my sleeping time and such, as you may think (; Thank you in advance.

Oh, you can use this thread as an offical question-and-answer-thread, of course.
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- troop class - random hire more till happy. the equipment and what you do with them has no bearing as far as I've noticed
- gender - cant change random hire more soldiers till happy
- troop size - I recommend having at least 14 soldiers (total) as max usable mission squad is 6 and some troops will get wounded and/or die
- panic reduction - you can do some council missions (random) or story missions to reduce panic world wide. I think successful terror missions(could be wrong here) reduce panic on that continent. Satellite over a country will gradually reduce panic (this is speculation) I think doing any mission in that country reduces panic but its random so satieties/story missions are the only reliable way. Havent worked this out myself yet
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