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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013
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Collectibles Guide

For all collectibles to count you must finish the level, you cannot just hit a checkpoint and then quit as it will not save. Collectibles look like deer skulls.
Please excuse my grammar

1. After you take out the wolf marksmens target (grey wolf) this one will be right in front of you on the path.
2. Just past the first one is a ditch to the left, jump down into this and go right to find this one.
3. Just after exiting ditch you got number 2, this will be on the left.


1. To the left after after you kill your first buffalo
2. Shortly after 1 you will go up some wooden steps. Turn right and will be at end of path.
3. After ranger hut with all the hyenas, you will walk over a long bridge. Once you drop down, this at the back of this area slightly to the right.

1. This is at start of level, walk to end of wooden walkway and this will be by a tree on the left, which is directly opposite the front of the house.
2. After your first kill (older elk), take the left path up an incline and then run and jump the gap, it will be on your left.
3. After the moose QTE, don't go after him straight away, instead turn around and look in the area he can from to find this one.

1. At level start, kill first impala marksmen target and then cross bridge and turn left, it will be inside small cave.
2. Shortly after first you will fall down and face a few leopards, drop down the next bit and you will come to a bit where you can go left and follow hunter sense or go right up a hill. GO RIGHT up the hill and it will be behind a bush at top of hill.
3. You will come across some alligators, after I killed my third one its on the left (partially hidden by grass) before you jump up little ledge.

1. You will enter a cave near the start of the level with baboons in it. Head forwards in cave and before turning right to exit, jump up 2 little ledges and it will be on your right.
2. When you are walking along by the river you will be attacked by baboons, cross over to left side and jump up 2 ledges and then turn around, you will have to jump over 3 gaps and then jump up a little ledge. Turn around after jumping up little ledge, jump up one more ledge and then over gap, it's by ammo & health.
3. This next one is quite hard to find as hidden in the grass. Shortly after 2 you will be going through cliff are with cheetahs attacking you, when you get to the end of the cliff area you will go up some steps and there will be a long brick wall to your left. Near the end of this wall on the left hidden in the grass is the last one of this level (you will get attacked by cheetahs in this area as well).

1. Near the start of the level you will enter a sawmill, keep to the right and when you exit, turnaround and it will be by the side of the sawmill.
2. After the gate with the fuse, you will have to go through another sawmill, after this you will come to 2 paths on a hill. Take the right path and it will be at the end of this path.
3. You will get attacked by a lot of wolves, at the far end of this area (before turning right to go up hill) is a fence, at the left end of this fence is the last one.

1. Near the start you will get attacked by lions, kill them then go up hill and jump gap, turn right after landing and its on ground bear wall.
2. Shortly after the first you will enter ruins, proceed down through ruins and then back up and on your right will be a hole you can drop down with this collectible in and health pack.
3. You will have a marksmen target of a lion, kill that and then keep to the right side and head straight and there will be a gap you can jump with this on the ground.

1. Near the star of the level you will come to a hut, just before this hut is a hidden path just off to the left, it is at the end of this path.
2. You will get bitten by a snake, after this start heading forwards and you will come across a wooden table, once there turn around and with your back to the table there will be a hole in the wall diagonally right from where you are. This one is through that hole.
3. (*VERY IMPORTANT* you must get this collectible before leaving cave area to the hut you can see, as the level finishes)
After you get number 2 you will have to choose left path and then will get attacked by lions followed by baboons, after killing baboons you will either be in a cave area or just before it. When in cave area just before the exit where you can see the hut out of it, there will be a bit on the right where you can jump up near a clump of grass, the last one is on the ledge area before exit.

1. You will get attacked by wolves near level start, after this it wants you to jump a gap to a snow covered rock, instead if you drop down and it will behind you to the left.
2. Shortly after number 1 you will be in area with different routes and getting attacked by leopards, stick to the right and when you start making your way the edge of a cliff there will a small book of to your right with a tree, it's by the bottom of this tree.
3. You will be protecting your brother from up high, as soon as you get down to the ice, instead of heading left to your brother, head straight and it will be on the ice up against the rock edge.

1. Near the start of the level you will be walking through some ruins until you come to a fork, take the right path up hill until it turns left, when it turns left, look to your right and it will be on top of a crate which is next to a wall.
2. You will come across your brother and get the objective to find another way round, you will then kill a lion. When you have killed that lion, keep walking until you get to health kit on the edge of a ledge (MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT JUMP DOWN OFF THIS LEDGE, UNTIL YOU HAVE COLLECTIBLE), turn around from health kit and jump up to a higher ledge and then again and it is on top of a crate.
3. You will come to gate that you have to blow open, turn around and there will be a cave off to the right, go through this cave, exiting at the top and turn left and again it will be on a crate.

1. After protecting your brother, you will exit a cave and slide down. Go past where the impalas were and this is on the cliff edge.
2. You will get marksmens target of a lion, shoot him and deal with lions. From where you first come into this area take your first right you can up a little hill and follow pathway around to little hole in the wall, if you go through this it's on the floor.
3. In same area as number 2 go to exit gate but don't go through it, instead turn to the right and go up little hill and go to the back of this hill area to find it on the floor.

1. At the start of the level you will slide down and wolves will attack, there is a rock to your right on the edge of the cliff, it has ammo and health by it. If you go to the far end of this rock by the edge of the cliff, you will see it attached to this rock.
2. In this same area by the exit, you have to jump up ice ledges to escape area, after jumping up second one it is your left before going right.
3. Very close to second one, as soon as you exit cave YOU MUST TURN IMMEDIATELY RIGHT and it's on the ground in a small nook on the right. If you didn't go right straight away then the bear knocks you off this area.

1. At level start you will walk up some steps, as soon as you jump down, turn right and it's on floor against wall.
2. After you shoot the marksmens target in the tree, you will start walking up some stairs with a broken wall on your right, when the broken wall ends, it will be against the wall, at the end of it.
3. The final one is in the open arena area, as soon as you enter the main lion will be blocking your exit and this will be in a small nook of to right of where the lion is.

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