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Port Royale 3
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Not Fully Understanding Trade Routes

Just looking for a little help from the "peanut gallery." I finished up the Trader Campaign yesterday, but kept on playing to continue up my little empire.

I currently have warehouses in Cayman, Port Royale, Port Au Prince, & Santiago. I am attempting to set up some sort of route, and I thought I had it, but the game keeps telling me certain towns are out of resources, of inter-trading between what town A makes and give it to town B.

Essentially, I want my convoy to take the metal made in Port Royale & drop it off in Cayman to help with production in my Blacksmith. I want to take the sugar made in Cayman and dropped off in Port Royale to help in making Rum. I want the cotton made in Port Royale to be dropped off in Port Au Prince to help w/ making textiles. And lastly, I want the lumber made in Santiago to be dropped off in Port Royale & Cayman to help in production.

Any tips? Preferrably, a walkthrough, but i'm not going to be picky.
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i found this
maybe it can help you
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Thanks for offering, but that didn't really help. That was more of a "getting started" guide, where he's going around buying up stuff. I'm trying to figure out how a convoy can pick up the goods from my warehouse in Town A and drop them off at the warehouse in Town B.
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select my strategy in trade route menu. select edit
change the icon at the top from town>convoy to store house> convoy
this will load the goods you want from your store house to your convoy in the destination city change the trade mode to convoy>storehouse
the thing i dont like about this game is that unlike in patrician i cant give my convoys orders to auto sell items that i pick up from my own warehouses in towns where i do not have warehouses. i have to set amounts and prices and i find that a lot of times i lose money this way

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When you have multiple cities going on the best that I've found is to have at least 1 convoy set to "sell and supply" and at least 1 convoy set to "procure raw materials" while only traveling between your cities.

First, "procure raw materials" will take any materials from your warehouses that may be needed at your various businesses along the route. That way, sugar stored in one place will be picked up and dropped off at a place that makes rum.

Secondly, "sell and supply" will take finished goods from your warehouse and sell them at the various stops along the route. This is good to know because when goods are sold in a city that doesn't produce that particular good it causes that cities prosperity to rise.

The important thing to remember is that once you have businesses up and running always hire a steward at your warehouse. Then, make sure all your options are checked. You want your steward to sell any and all overflow to the local market while also holding material that may be needed in your local businesses. Here's the really important part. Once you have businesses up and running, go to your steward and block the transfer of material to the market. For example, my city of Curacao makes lumber and bricks. Every ten days they'll make around 500 units of each. I make sure my steward won't transfer the first 500 of each to the market thus always having a supply on hand in my warehouse. This is helpful in that when my "procure raw materials" and "supply and sell" convoys arrive at that port they fill up on these items and eventually sell them along the route to my other cities. Just to add, once the warehouse hits the 500 number any extra after that is sold to the local market.
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