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NHL 13
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Old 01-22-2013, 12:12 PM   #61
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 106

Gamertag: skin21rip
doing legend card for about 2 hours today starting t noon east need 1 more person at least cuz u need 4 ppl to register we will be alternating whos goalie wait till 18:00 left in 1st prd then goalie quites and stats go final add me if your intrested

gT:J Kennedy 81
finally got my wp7 time for some more hunting!
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Old 01-28-2013, 07:14 PM   #62
CanuckLefty's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: The Hammer
Posts: 513

Gamertag: canucklefty

Awards Showcase NBA Live 07 - 1000 People Online...Again
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
I need four or five HUT wins to get my team into the playoffs this month. Ideally, the wins would be from someone who already has the HUT playoff win, as I intend to trade this in next week (after getting the final achieve). I'm more than happy to help out with any other chieves as needed. Let me know.
Completed Retail: 116
Completed Arcade: 48
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Old 01-29-2013, 12:22 AM   #63
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 12

Gamertag: ToketasticNinja
Hey, very casual nhl 13 gamer looking to boost some achievements in the EASHL like:fear no man - 30 matches with no disconnection,EASHL playoffs - participate in a monthly playoff,lead by example- as capt or assist be named 1 of the top 3. I'd be willing to do some GM as well.

All my friends are hardcore in their games and won't make room for me on the team! Like I said I'm a very casual player. Do t care if I win or lose, just want to get these achievements out of the way. My mic is kinda crappy so if your willing to be patent and help me with the achievements ill return the favour as well. Look down my games played, if their is anything i may own and you want to boost achievements for just let me know!

XBl: ToketasticNinja
ToketasticNinja is offline  
Old 02-06-2013, 11:35 PM   #64
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 88

Gamertag: jedifrog21
Hi everybody, I'm looking to boost the GM connected stuff and HUT playoff win. Send me a message GT=jedifrog21. DO NOT just friend request me with no message as I'll decline
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Old 02-07-2013, 01:37 PM   #65
thenixhex311's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Irwin, PA
Posts: 449
Send a message via AIM to thenixhex311 Send a message via Yahoo to thenixhex311

Gamertag: thenixhex311

Awards Showcase Submit - Bronze
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
desperately looking to boost this stupid HUT achievement. Had two wins and got stuck against some asshat who not only pokechecked the whole game, but had to have easily spend 300k pucks on his roster.

blah. Anyways, down to one try left, lets boost this and we can swap next month!

gt- thenixhex311
It's NOT hard people, add your friggin' gamertag to your profile so someone looking to boost with you can EASILY send you a message just by one click. Not by having to C/P your gamertag. I can't be the only one peeved by this stuff!!

Mortal Kombat, Brain Challenge, Big Bumpin, Texas Hold 'em, GH:Van Halen, GH: Smash Hits, NHL 12, DJ Hero 1 & 2, Bulletstorm, Gears 3, and more!
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Old 02-10-2013, 09:03 PM   #66
Join Date: Sep 2011
Posts: 250

Gamertag: iron heyd
on right now with someone looking for 2 more people for legend card boosting msg me on xbox iron heyd
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Old 03-01-2013, 05:31 PM   #67
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 11

Gamertag: JC1318
Looking to complete the GM ones. 5 users, OTP, stanley cup. Send me a message or FR to JC1318.
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Old 03-02-2013, 07:07 PM   #68
Filter x360a
Filter x360a's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Edmonton, AB - Canada
Posts: 2,114

Gamertag: Filter x360a

Awards Showcase Road Map - Bronze   x360a Representer (Retired)   Donator - Level 2   NBA Live 07 - 1000 People Online...Again   GSL 8 Winners   Uno Rush Subscribers Tournament - Third Place   1,000 Posts   Achievement Guide - Bronze   Word of Mouth (Retired)   Submit - Bronze   Castle Crashers Subscribers Tourn. - Third Place
Total Awards: 11 (more» ...)
Anyone needing someone for the GM achievements, send me a msg on XBL and I'll join for sure!

Filter x360a


Thanks to Gackt for the awesome sig!

Please msg me on XBL first for boosting, I don't accept random friend requests
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Old 03-21-2013, 03:35 AM   #69
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: NH USA
Posts: 42

Gamertag: kylestyle777
Looking to setup groups for some of the achievements like eashl hut and gm boosting and whatnot. Message me if interested or if you have a group feel free to invite me as well.
GT: kylestyle777
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Old 03-30-2013, 07:27 PM   #70
Soulfire7785's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Holyoke, MA
Posts: 33
Send a message via AIM to Soulfire7785

Gamertag: Soulfire7785
Looking for any and all help with boosting. Hit me up Soulfire7785

Retail (1000/1000)

NHL 2K6 6/15/10
NBA 2K6 6/9/10
NHL 07 2/2/10
Madden 08 12/28/09
Fight Night Round 3 11/23/08
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Old 04-12-2013, 08:12 PM   #71
xDAx AWESOME's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Boston
Posts: 226
Send a message via AIM to xDAx AWESOME

Gamertag: xDAx AWESOME
I'm about to have the complete set for the Bruins. I have EVERYTHING but Chara. If anybody is willing to send him to me just so I can unlock it, I will send him right back. Please! I am not a scammer, I have been a long time participant and contributor on this site. You will get him right back. I'm hoping to do this tonight (Friday) any time after 8pm EST!
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Old 04-23-2013, 06:06 AM   #72
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 102

Gamertag: C4RM1N3 V
Looking for someone to play 30 Eashl games with. I don't care about winning. Just want that 105g. Send me a message on live. GT is I A3ON I. Thanks
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Old 05-02-2013, 06:10 PM   #73
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 2

Gamertag: JMBnet
Looking to do the following if possible for a few of them at least.

You are the champion my friend (Still haven't got this after 3 tries on my own)

Locked and Loaded
That's embarrassing

I also like to try to get the EASHL legend card too. Drop me a message, Gamertag is JMBnet
Cetra is offline  
Old 05-02-2013, 06:10 PM   #74
Join Date: Apr 2013
Posts: 2

Gamertag: JMBnet
I also have another person with me for the legend boosting as well if he's on

Last edited by Cetra; 05-02-2013 at 06:11 PM. Reason: forgot one more thing
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Old 05-07-2013, 02:22 AM   #75
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 4

I'm up for any boosting. Just send me a message in regards to what you want to do and I will do my best to help. Gamertag: TyCleary
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Old 05-07-2013, 02:37 PM   #76
Join Date: Feb 2012
Posts: 4

A quick note for those who want to get the Full Set achievement:

EA is offering double puck weekends for some time now.

If you play the featured offline over and over on a full weekend you can easily get 50-60k pucks just from that. You would get about 1100-1200 pucks per game (since the multiplier is 1.25), and if you win the featured offline tournament you get 2000 pucks. The tournament level is PRO so won't be that tough.

You can try to play the online featured aswell since it has a bigger reward for winning but won't be as easy as playing vs the CPU. Anyway 10 tournament wins will give you about 60k coins. You have 3 days to get those. You will probably loose about 6-7K on Bronze packs so you can get contracts but still you will get a lot of pucks. You can then start buying the players you need. Good luck. Worked for me so far and i enjoyed it.
UxoriousGinger8 is offline  
Old 05-08-2013, 12:03 AM   #77
TheGreenxRanger's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: Seattle, Washington
Posts: 116

Gamertag: TheGreenxRanger
i need help with legend card and savior. also looking for anyone who needs be a gm achievements or can help with them. my club team plays almost every night if you are looking for playing 30 games. also need to win a hut tournament. send me a message if you are interested or can help. thanks

gamertag - TheGreenxRanger
TheGreenxRanger is offline  
Old 05-15-2013, 01:58 AM   #78
JmOoRe92's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 5

Gamertag: ToKeN wHiTeYy
Looking for boosting partner
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Old 05-15-2013, 12:28 PM   #79
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Cary, NC
Posts: 23

Gamertag: JCW 60 MINI
I'm looking for the following two achievements;

Locked and Loaded
Score on a slapshot in Online Ranked Shootout (1)

That's Embarrassing
Score a goal on a goalie who is performing a desperation save in Online Ranked Shootout

Please message: JCW 60 MINI
JCW 60 MINI is offline  
Old 05-21-2013, 01:15 AM   #80
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 39

Gamertag: Seblefeu
Im willing to help with any achievement

Also, I really nead help with hut playoffs win, message me on Xbox if you want to boost

Gt: Seblefeu

Last edited by Seblefeu; 05-28-2013 at 01:46 AM.
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Old 05-28-2013, 01:33 AM   #81
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Cary, NC
Posts: 23

Gamertag: JCW 60 MINI
I'm looking for the Complete Set, and willing to trade right back.
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Old 06-01-2013, 08:33 AM   #82
Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 8

Gamertag: MeTaL3x55
I need help with a few online achievements, I want to try to finish the game before NHL 14 comes out. If anyone is willing to help me please shoot me a PM.

Complete Set - I will send the cards back as I just want the Achievement or if someone can trade me 2 cards for Litvinov I am 2 away from completing this on my own along with the Logo. I can let you know which cards I need.

Hut Playoff winner - Its not on yet but I desperately want this one done, I can help next month if you need it too.

Call In The Ringers
Real Competition

I also need help with these GM connected achievements, Message me if someone can invite me to their league and help me play 1 game so I can get these both.

Savior - I am not sure if these can be boosted but I am in need of this one with my friend.

Hopefully there is some kind people out here that can help me finish off these online achievements . I can help out with other online achievements in return, Thanks a ton of you can help me! And hopefully I can help you out too!
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Old 06-01-2013, 03:54 PM   #83
Majica8's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: West Midlands, UK
Posts: 1,141

Gamertag: Th3 Majica

Awards Showcase 1,000 Posts
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
I'm looking for someone in the UK who is in the HUT playoffs this month to help me win. Would be good if you already have that achievement, not because I wouldn't be willing to help next month but 1) I've got another friend who needs help and 2) I'm guessing I'd get put in the Pro playoffs next month anyway.

I'll give you all the pucks I win (currently on 0) as well as all my non-Blue Jackets players (4-5 85+ rated players I think)

I'm in UK, available most times though so just message me on here or Xbox (GT: Th3 Majica)

Also got a session up on TA for it, so whoever offers the help first will get priority.


MW2 - A's Creed - Pure - SC Conviction - CoD 4 - Lego Batman - Res Evil 5 - Trials - BFBC 2 - A's Creed 2 - Harm's Way - Crash Course - Alone in the Dark - Sniper GW - Kingdom for Keflings - World of Keflings - Deus Ex: HR - MW3 - Need for Speed: HP - Brink - Trials Evo - HAWX 2 - Mass Effect 3 - Op Flash DR - Minecraft - FEAR 3 - SSX - RSV2 - You're In The Movies - Halo Reach - Res Evil 6 - Dead Space 2 - Dead Space 3 - Dishonored - FarCry 3
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Old 06-06-2013, 02:19 AM   #84
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: canada
Posts: 28

Gamertag: screamsoft
I'm looking for help with the savior achievement (OT desperation save). Need at least 4 total to boost it and if you're already in a club, make sure we can use it or that you can afford to leave it for a few games thanks.

GT: screamsoft
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Old 06-08-2013, 06:44 PM   #85
TheGreenxRanger's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2011
Location: Seattle, Washington
Posts: 116

Gamertag: TheGreenxRanger
my club can help with the savior achievement since we all need it and I am looking for anybody who needs gm connected achievements. i need all of them still.

TheGreenxRanger is offline  
Old 06-14-2013, 05:11 AM   #86
Uncle Wernstrom
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 10

Gamertag: Uncle Wernstrom
I need help with most of the online achievements. I'm willing to help anyone else boost anything. Just send me a message and I'll play whatever.

GT: Uncle Wernstrom
Uncle Wernstrom is offline  
Old 07-08-2013, 08:03 PM   #87
Join Date: Feb 2013
Posts: 8

Gamertag: MeTaL3x55
I still need help getting the following online achievements including a team of 2 people so we can boost the Savior achievement.

Complete Set
Call In The Ringers
HUT Playoff Winner

Thanks I am willing to help with other achievements you may need as well!!

GT: MeTaL3x55
Metalex55 is offline  
Old 07-11-2013, 03:49 PM   #88
t han727
Join Date: Jul 2013
Posts: 4

Gamertag: t han727
looking for a club
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Old 07-19-2013, 08:27 PM   #89
Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Cary, NC
Posts: 23

Gamertag: JCW 60 MINI
I'm still looking for 2 ppl to help boost the legend card for the online pro. I have 1 friend available since you need at least 4.

I'd be looking to do this any weekday between 6:30 or 7PM and 10PM EST. Please message me if you are interested and have another person as well. I'm looking to do this ASAP.

JCW 60 MINI is offline  
Old 07-19-2013, 09:52 PM   #90
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 39

Gamertag: Seblefeu
Im THA friend !!!!
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