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How to get 1k in 8hours

Its easy once you get used to the cramp of repeating the same button tap over and over again. That said here it is.

Play Normal up to Chapter 7. Complete all Alfheims and chests up to this point. Then equip saleens light. Hammer the y and build up your combo. Keep getting hit as much as possible to stay in witch time and take down the boss. On average you'll hit 1 million halos a go. Time the final stage of the boss with a backup Mega yellow lollipop just incase. Repeat 20 times. Bank minimum of 20 million.

Repeat Chapter 2 and do all phonebox cheats.

Buy all Special Techniques from Hells Gate along with a full inventory of lollipops, red hot shot, all weapons, and equipment.

Play from Chapter 8 and equip the Climax Bracelet, your favourite combo of weapons and a second bracelet of your choice (mine was saleens light) and follow the guide for alfheims and chests.

Complete Normal then breeze through hard knocking off the combo achievements and a misc ones (like the tentacles) and mark them down so you don't miss them in the chapter.

Infinate Climax mode is so easy by this time as you'll be maxed out on everything and always completely restock your inventory every level and with two runs already done you'll have a few good combos under your belt and mastered dodge offset and i found to be a lot more fun to combo with.

Few last tips.

Don't bother with the crows they count for 0 GS

Use up the red hot shot before the lollipop and make use of quick key for Mega Yellow

Replay chapter 14 on very easy and make use of the yellow pops on bosses. You only need platinum on both not pure. Plenty of vids on strategy on youtube.

Total Gametime - 7 hours 10 minutes
Total Halos Remaining - 13,243,770

Setup - Odette / Pilowtalk

Have fun
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