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Old 05-02-2012, 02:57 PM   #1
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Kn0ck Madn3ss's Gamercard
why am i not getting S+ rank???

So i did a mission on veteran by myself using the spectre and i collected enough intel and beat it before the time limit got the ammount of kills but yet did not recieve the S+ rank? What did i do wrong or do i need to do it with a partner?
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Did not die once i played it twice but still get s
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If your playing veteran you need to destroy the cameras I suggest doing S+ on professional it's easier to get
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H lAl T R E D
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The game is really temperamental about this. I was playing on Professional the other day, got all S's, and ended up with a final grade of S.

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Just did redemption on pro

116 kills(100)
0 Deaths (3)
16 items collected (16)
28 minutes (35)

128 kills
0 deaths
16 collected
25 mins


Seems very fussy sometimes, though on my 2nd go I stayed to kill more hunters

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I've only ever gotten one S+ on Veteran and that was on Expendable (fifth mission, Hunters + Tyrants at the end). Every other level I got all S's (with flying colors plus all cameras), just an S. One time I even got an A!

So I had to do everything on Professional, the S+'s will most certainly pop there. Now I do them with flying colors...meaning, I OVERDO the requirement. It says get 10 Data? I get 20+ (if possible), it says kill 150 enemies? Shoot for 200+. Always try to beat it by 10 or so minutes under the limit (it's easy to do when you get ahang of the gameplay).

And cameras, there are videos showing the location of all of them. Once you memorize them you'll be popping them every runthrough of a level.
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Madame Kennedy
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Basically what Punisher said above, you have to EXCEED the requirements, which makes it a little frustrating because then you're left to blindly judge what justifies an S+. I was actually just trying last night to work on my S+'s with the help of a friend, and I still only got an S on Corruption, most likely for not killing enough enemies. I was so worried about time that I focused on escaping rather than lingering and killing more zombies, and I ended up having over 3 minutes to spare. I killed maybe 115 enemies (75?? required). My friend suggested that it probably had to be at least 120. It got me really pissed off and we went back and tried again, but I was so mad that I ended up dying twice (once from Spec Op grenades and once from Lickers) and going 6 seconds over the limit.

Damn S+. e___e
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This achievement was rage inducing. Finishing a level in Professional in half of the time required for S+ without dying and while meeting all other S+ criteria can still result in S, S, S, S = S most of the time. It felt like the game was giving me the finger after a while. >_<

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is this hard?
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Old 11-13-2012, 12:40 PM   #10
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I got S+ in the first four levels and usually got A rank (even B in one level) for the time. You don't have to get S for all 4 parameters, but the total XP must exceed a specific value. So if there is a place with masses of spawning zombies you should spent the time and kill as many as possible. I play with Spectre, Samurai Edge and a sniper rifle. The sniper rifle is for soldiers only and I kill the rest with the pistol and pressing the LB button for some kind of auto aim. This mode is not very accurate but with Spectre's ability to locate items I manage to struggle from ammunition crate to crate.
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