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Silent Hill HD Collection
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Old 02-10-2014, 03:54 AM   #1
The Big LT
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Question about the Creeper trap room

I'm about to go for my ten star run and was reading the comments posted on the 'Who Needs a Gun?' achievement, and someone mentioned that the Creeper trap room in the Historical Society can be used as a good place to farm kills by killing the constantly spawning Creepers in there, so I was just wondering if anyone knows if this is true or not, I personally have my doubts. Anyway, the only reason I ask is that it seems like a much easier way to get the required kills for a ten star ranking.

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Old 03-08-2014, 08:41 AM   #2
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No Idea what the "Creeper Trap Room" is i know that you can Spawn some Monsters by failing the Puzzle... is that what you're talking about??

Anyway... the way that worked for me twice is at the beginning i do Gun+Melee kills only and after the Hospital in Dark Silent Hill I just use the Gamefaq Maps for the Dark Silent Hill Streets and I picked up all the Items on the way and Shotgun Kill every Enemy .. never run short of kills doing this and i still ended up with a total playtime of 2hrs 37 Minutes.
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Old 10-16-2014, 08:49 AM   #3
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He is talking about the room where you find the spiral key, where your torch fades and you have to swap the battery over to see the keypad that allows you to escape.
I am building myself up to the 10* run and this seems like an ideal place to farm kills. When i did it on a previous run i solved the keypad puzzle then went back in and used the finishing stamp move for about 5 minutes. When i got to the end of the game my melee kills went through the roof to 156! On my next run through i have been shooting though it is hard to see if you are actually killing anything because the targetting seems a little off. But I will post back when I know for definite.

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Old 11-12-2014, 05:20 PM   #4
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Sorry to reply and not give a definitive answer, but I completed my ten star run and didn't use this room as a farming place for kills by melee or shooting. There seems to me to be a difference in what you can do depending on the difficulty. On normal or lower it was a good way to do melee (I never tried shooting).On Hard you just couldn't seem to stamp the little critters - they were either moving to fast or the targetting on this game was off.
On the ten star run I would play normally and keep a record as you go. There is a brilliant 10 star run on youtube by xAshe10x (hope he doesn't mind me referencing this!) as a complete playthrough. That is on

Although I didn't farm kills in this playthrough, i just scraped in above the requirements so there is not much room for error. I know I had to replay from my second save with a slightly different strategy just to nudge over the 75 for one of the two ko;;omg targets (melee or shooting - I can't remember).

Good luck in your ten star run - it is one of the hardest achievements I have ever got.
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