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Hit percentage valid???

So I arrive at a landed UFO mission, resistance is expected to be hard. I come up against 3 Mutons and 2 Floaters, 5 vs 5. I take out the 3 Mutons and 1 Floater. 1 Floater to go. My Support class soldier has 2 turns left and 82% to hit. Good number. But he misses... Wtf? 82% is good right? It's not 100% but hey... For fun I try to reload the last save, just before I took the 82% shot. He misses again... I think, ok... I reload. Again he misses... What are to ods that the soldier hits the 12% miss mark every time he shoots?

I reload and run a couple of squares, ending up 3-4 steps from the Floater, Hit percentage is up at 97% now, +82% from Aim and +15% from Distance.

Good number right?

Again, he misses... And I relaod, again and again and again... 9-10 times I relaod, every time he misses. At 97%!!!! It feels more like the shot is predetermined to hit or not, not counting hit percantage...

It's not until I run 2 squares from the Floater, getting a 100% hit without cover that I get him...

Does this even seem fair?

Sure, I mean he C-O-U-L-D miss with 97% accuracy like 9-10 times and just nail those last 3% 9 times in a row... Or? Can he? NO HE CANNOT!!! What's up with this game? That's just down right weird...
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Komrade Vasilevsky
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Shots are determined at the start of each turn, so reloading and making the same moves won't change anything. Reloading and making different choices (targets, positioning) might get you a more favorable outcome. Or reload a save from before the end of the previous turn to make the game decide its hits and misses differently.
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